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Spiderman could kill Batman in a gladiator fight.

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Started: 11/27/2013 Category: Entertainment
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Well now that our other debate is out of the way, I'd like to debate a resolution I'd been pondering over for a while.

By Gladiator fight I mean, neither person has any foreknowledge of their opponent. They only have the weapons they can carry on them, while still being able to fight normally.

1st round acceptance.


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


I'm going to start on a large scale and work the details in next round.

1. Strength/Durability

Spider-man can lift approximately 10 tons. This is 20 times the limit that Batman has been able to lift. So for every 20 punches Batman deals to Spiderman, it would feel the same as if Spiderman had punched Batman once. Spidey is also Superhumanly durable, he's been thrown through, and had many a skyscraper collapse on him and he get's back up (A, B ).

2. Spider sense

"Spider-Sense is one of Spider-Man's most unique and prominent powers. The power itself originates as a tingling feeling at the base of his skull.
Spider-Sense presents a psychological awareness of Spider-Man's surroundings. It allows Spider-Man to detect danger. The greater the danger or how close the danger is increases the tingling sensation. It also allows Spider-Man to navigate when unable to see or disoriented. It also helps Spider-Man fire his webshooters without having to concentrate every time he does so, greatly helping his ability to swing through the city. Spider-Sense is almost precognitive in nature and Spider-Man sometimes acts before realizing it.

Thanks to his Spider-Sense Spider-Man can typically dodge physical attacks, laser blasts, and even explosions. Spider-Man has also been known to use his ability to find hidden objects such as passageways. When Spider-Man fought The Spot he used his Spider-Sense to figure out which portal would allow him to hurt the Spot. It also warns Spider-Man when someone is watching him when he is about to change into either Spider-Man or back into Peter Parker." ( C )


"Spiderman possesses speed that is far superior to any human being. His speed, combined with his spider sense has allowed him to dodge gun fire at point blank ranges. Spider-Man has the ability to maintain his equilibrium on any surface that he can stick to. For example, he can balance on one finger on a high wire, or stand upright on a wall, his body parallel to the ground. Additionally, he is able to flex his body like a contortionist, assuming postures that would be impossible or harmful for most normal humans. His tendons and connective tissues are at least twice as elastic as the average human being's." ( D )



1. Strength/Durability

It does not make sense that Spidey's strength levels would determine the pack of a punch. His strength levels determine how much he can lift or how much he can push. POWER is a different thing. Power is how hard you can punch. Spider-Man doesn't really have that much power, whereas Batman has trained for years with ninjas, and some of the best fighters in the world.
For durability, Batman has a lot of armor all over his suit.

2. Spider Sense

Though Spidey does have this advantage, Batman has a larger advantage: stealth. Batman could just easily zip away from the fight and hide somewhere. Spider-Man would go looking for him, then BOOM! You're tackled, and a man in a bat suit is beating you!

3. Speed/Agilty

Spider-Man does have superhuman factors in this area, but Batman was trained to use an opponent's speed to their disadvantage. Back when Batman was trained by Ra's al Ghul, not only did he learn stealth, he learned about timing, reflexes, advantages, and many others. Batman is almost guaranteed to be able to easily evade any of Spider-Man's moves, and then strike back with a hard hit.
Debate Round No. 2


1. Hold on a sec, what you say doesn't make much sense. If I can lift 10 tons, then that means the muscles in my arms have developed much more than someone who can only lift 1000 pounds. If my 10 ton muscles are more developed then the 1000 lbs. guy, then It's self explanatory that the guy who can lift 10 tons can hit 20 times harder because his muscles are 20 times more developed. On the subject of training, Spiderman has developed his own martial art known as the way of the spider which combines elements from his training with Captain America and other martial arts from Shang-Chi. It also utilises his spider sense to counter any blow from an attacker whilst allowing him for the perfect counter strike. ( E )

I highly doubt Batman's armour can protect him from the sheer weight of a skyscraper collapsing on him.

2. I'm not sure you completely understand spider sense. Let try to explain it a little more simply, spider sense gives spider man omnipotent awareness of his surroundings, so unless your name is Venom or Carnage, it is Impossible to sneak up on spiderman.

3. Again, The way of the spider and his spider sense pretty much renders stealth and the majority of conventional martial arts useless.



1. Just because you have a lot of strength does not mean you can pack a punch. Imagine a really buff guy coming up to you and punching you in the face, lightly. You see, a buff man can punch any way possible. It depends on the swing (power) on how hard the punch is.

I thought this was a gladiator fight. Lol, where'd the skyscrapers come from?

2. I know exactly what spider sense is. However there is a flaw in your argument. The Spider-Sense gives him awareness, but not speed. Meaning that Spidey can know what's coming, but not have enough time to evade it. And Batman was trained and he specializes in being quick with his attacks.

3. Batman is a master of many artforms and styles of Kung-Fu, Karate, and many other martial arts.

4. Last but certainly not least, Batman has beaten Superman. Twice. (At least to my knowledge). So let's do a little math.
Batman > Superman
Superman > Spider-Man
Batman > Spider-Man and Spider-Man < Batman
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by STALIN 3 years ago
Hmm.. Interesting debate. Very interesting.
Posted by Gohan12345 3 years ago
I agree with juris if it was a gladiator fight
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