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Spiders are the creepiest creatures on earth.

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Started: 3/13/2014 Category: Entertainment
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Note: this is a one round debate so plan accordingly.

Definition of creepy: "causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease."

I'll list my own logical reasons as to why spiders are the creepiest creature on earth.

1) spiders have eight legs, over a dozen eyes, and hide in places that usually go unnoticed until they are almost touching you.

2) spiders are everywhere. There are some other nasty, creepy creatures on earth but at least they don't regularly come into contact with us like spiders do. By having regular contact with spiders it increases the creepiness factor.

3) spiders can be poisonous. The black widow spider and brown recluse are among the most poisonous spiders in the world and they can be commonly found in houses in the western United States. The black widow has the potential to kill a young baby, sickly elderly person, or anyone with a deficient immune system.

4) spider eggs that hatch are simply terrifying. Nearly hundreds of mini spiders emerge around the mothership spider and move twice as fast in seemingly random directions.

5) spiders leave webs that are sometimes nearly invisible so you accidentally walk into them. When you walk through a spider web you immediately get the hebee jebees because you suspect a spider is probably crawling around on it.

6) spiders sometimes spin their helpless prey up in a cocoon before turning their guts to liquid and eat them alive (or dead).

7) sometimes spider species usually tear each other apart mating. This a very creepy practice.

"The male redback, while copulating, "somersaults" and twists his abdomen directly onto the fangs of his mate. Approximately 65% of males are consumed at this stage."

So in conclusion:

They look nasty, they are everywhere, they will most likely be hidden in areas around you, some are poisonous and have the potential to kill, baby spider eggs distill fear in anyone witnessing them because there's nearly hundreds and the move fast and in random directions, spiders leave webs that are sometimes almost invisible and people that walk through them get creeped out, spiders cocoon their prey before eating their guts out, and some spider species more likely than not kill each other right after reproducing.

Yeah, spiders are the creepiest creature on earth for all these reasons combined.


I will start with rebudle's

1. It really doesn't matter how many legs or eyes they have. It all depends on the general size of the spider. Which are usaly smaller than your finger nail.

2. I have seen exactaly 2 spiders so far this year. And they were both in my basement. And who gives a sit when you run into one. Stomp that shi.

3. Very few are poison releated. Even if they are most will at best give you a rash. And who cars if there poison related.
Stomp that shi.

4. Most of them eat each other. Making the survival rate low. And who cares see a nest. Stomp that shi.

5. They may be then, but if there is light then you can easily see it. Plus the web traps other bugs that CAN be harmful to you like the misquotes that actually come after you. So there little helpers. But if your like me, swat that shi.

6. That's not scary. The scientificaly fascinating . They can't do it to us so who cares. Plus the only one who's scared is the one who's about to be liquified. So spider go ahead. Suck dat shi.

7. First of all not true. The FEMALE ( a.k.a the bith) eats the male. Which is probobly protein for the baby's ( I base that on common knowledge and a possibility) with the exemption of the spider you described

Ok, the creepiest animal on earth is obviously the dinosaur that spires ink at yo face and eats you. Technically it's on earth ( as a fossil)

But if you don't except that it would a chimpanzee.

I know it's not common to see around your house. But when it does (which it will) your gonna get screwed.

1. You see a spider on the wall stomp it. But as it is most likely dark you think it's a spider on the wall then BAM. You just kicked a chimp in the face. It's not going to go APE shi on you and probably rip yyour face off. It's happend before

2. If you see a spider dangling in front of your face swat that shi.
But if you realize it's a chimpanzee watching you in your sleep ( be honest, it's happend to all of us) you just bith slapped a chimp. He's gonna rip your face off, then rub his fences in your exposed flesh. With a creepy as smile on his face the entire time. And after all of that you better have insurance because all those skin transplants are gonna cost you like 10 thousand is expensive these days.
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by Benshapiro 3 years ago
My new phrase for everything is gonna be "stomp that sh*t" Lol
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