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Star Trek vs Star Wars

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Started: 7/8/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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To keep the debate topic short I made it simply Star Trek vs Star Wars, long version we will be debating is... In a total war scenario, who will win between the United Federation of Planets and their allies vs the Galactic Empire.

Pro argues in favor of a Federation victory, Con argues in favor of a victory for the Empire.

I don't feel like I need to define the warring powers.

Total War: A war that is unrestricted in terms of the weapons used, the territory or combatants involved, or the objectives pursued, especially one in which the laws of war are disregarded.


Hey this is my acceptance round. I'm new to this site and it's form of debate so I'd like to stretch my legs a bit here.

I think the Empire was designed to fight total wars against national foes, as it took a rebel guerrilla force to dismantle it. A nation like the Federation would not be able to last against the empire due to the empire's vast resources and security oriented culture, the war would simply be suited to the empire's best strengths for the inevitable win.

Looking forward to debating with you,
- Carson
Debate Round No. 1


I'm also relatively new to this site as well.

I believe that the United Federation of Planets and their allies would defeat the Empire in a total war scenario.

The UFP (United Federation of Planets) and the allies, possess a significantly greater level of technology, better tacticians, better strategist, a more advanced industrial capacity,better defenses, better weapons, cloaking devices, scanners, significantly greater ranges, home field advantage, and a unified front.

This war takes place 30 years after Star Trek: Nemesis and 30 years after Star Wars Episode 6, basically beginning of Episode 7. Haha... The Galactic Empire is obviously the aggressor, obviously. Being that the Empire is the warmongering conqueror, the Federation is the peaceful explorer. Agreed?


Hahah I definitely agree that the Empire is the aggresso. That being said however, initiating a war is not without the necessary preparations and planning for one, giving the empire the immediate advantage.

Your reasons for the Federation's advantages are unwarranted. Most are actually not true. (technology, tacticians and strategists, industrial capacity, defenses, weapons, and ranges.) Most of those are for the same reason; number of planets controlled/territories.

The Federation's territory contains 150 worlds ( while the Empire's territory contains 70 some million ( With more land and populace the Empire holds every one of those advantages as their own. This means more workers, more soldiers, more ships, more people likely to be bestowed a towering intellect for strategy and tactics, researchers and technological advancement over time. As for ranges, the Empire created a long range planetary detonator and called it the Death Star. Do not be fooled by the aesthetics of the movie, the laser spanned a far greater distance than any Federation device could achieve. As well an imperial star destroyer well out performs a standard federation exploration ship in nearly every way, especially firepower. I site common knowledge from viewing both ship's capabilities.

The Federation may be better explorers, but this is total war.
Debate Round No. 2


Territory: The UFP has 183 member worlds [1], counting the number of colonies it would jump to around 700 [2], with over 7,000 affiliates [1]. Certainly a small number compared to the 70 some million. This here comes a great advantage to the UFP. Every single one of those planets are loyal, has top of the line technology, infrastructure, resources, & wish to remain apart of the Federation. For the Empire however, the Empire constantly fights a war to reconquer rebellious worlds [3]. Apart from the guerrilla war that they are fighting to subdue, a great deal of their colonies are weak & poor & therefore will pose little threat or strategic importance to their war effort. See the movies & you can see that. Another disadvantage for the Empire is the fact that a great deal of people dislikes the tyrannical leadership & knowing of a freedom loving power that sees all races as equals will be a shinning beacon of hope & will only increase pressure on the home front. The Empire controls their empire through force & imposes their will on their colonies. For this reason the majority of the Empire's military force will have to remain in the territory to defend it not just from the rebellion, from UFP incursions, & to impose their will on the many subjects still under their control.

Industrial Capacity: With the Replicator, it negates the Empire's 'advantage' of more workers. The Replicator can produce food, water, cloths, weapons, & all the components of starships and shuttlecraft [4]. The UFP with a million workers can easily accomplish what it would take the Empire 10s of millions to do. The Empire must wait long periods of time for crops, the UFP can get all the food and water that they need with just a press of a button. This would be freeing up countless people to wage the massive war in space.

Experience, tactics, & tech: Holodeck technology provides advantageous training that the Empire could never dream of. The technology giving UFP ability to receive untold level of combat experience [5]. The Empire does lack experience in this field, they have had little experience in major ship-ship action compared to that the UFP has had. Speaking of ranges, the Deathstar may have a a range advantage but the flaws in which the rebellion found & exploited is equally or even more likely to be found and exploited by the UFP. Down to ship to ship combat it is heavily in UFP advantage [6]. In terms of raw speed the Empire has an advantage their hyperdrive can get them to point a to b faster like a drag racer. UFP is like the F-22, fast, super maneuverable, accurate, & top tier radar and scanners. UFP scanners can detect things lightyears away, 10 lightyear radius [7].

Allies: In the face of a new extremely aggressive player, the UFP will call on past allies. Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Ferengi ect. As has happened in past occasions [8], [9]. With the addition to these allies the number of worlds would jump 2-3x. UFP forces would ally with the rebellion and supply rebels with vast number of resources to help wreak havoc on the Empire's home front.

Outcome of the war: In the face of overwhelming force, the Empire's forces would get decimated as they head towards their target, as they reach their target, & as they retreat from their target before they have sufficient time to complete their objective. Romualn & Klingon forces would ambush the Empire's forces.. All throughout the war, It'd be a turkey shoot. Once the Empire is completely knocked out and abandons their offensives, the UFP & their allies would go on the offensive. Bringing with them the same devastating power which was used to crush the invaders forces. They'd reach their enemy's home turf and a long fight would be fought as the UFP provides massive support to the rebellion. After a very long war, the Empire would be crushed & overthrown & the Republic would take power. They would most likely be talks to join the UFP & which case they would most likely be admitted.

[1] Go to location & size.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Ragnar 1 year ago
I see it going similar to the opening to Episode I, due to the Federation's great love of diplomacy.
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