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Star Wars vs. Star Trek

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Started: 6/30/2016 Category: Movies
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Basically I think Star Wars is better than Star Trek. Anybody wanna challenge me?


I accept.

Debate Round No. 1


Reasons why Star Wars is better:

1. Just TFA alone made more money than all Star Trek movies alone
2. Lightsabers > Guns because lightsaber are short,medium, and long range weapons
3. Han Solo is way more of a iconic character than any other Star Trek hero
4. Darth Vader is way more iconic than any other Star Trek villain
5. Millennium Falcon is more iconic than any Star Trek ship
6. Star Wars has a bigger fan base
7. Star Wars has way better and more video games
8. John Williams awesome score


To maintain some structure in this debate, I will use this round for opening arguments, and will refrain from refuting my opponent's R2 arguments until the 3rd round. This way we have equal opportunity to speak.

Firstly, my opponent does not specify what "better" means in the resolution. Better can mean anything in this case, and since my opponent doesn't specify, I will focus on a variety of different aspects.

Cultural Impact

Star Trek has had a huge cultural impact on America and the world. It impacted Hollywood and general culture. Lines such as "beam me up Scotty" and "Live Long and Prosper" are almost universally recognized. On top of that, the characters of Kirk and Spock are among the most beloved duos in American cinematic history, alongside those such as Frodo and Sam or Sherlock and Watson. In fact, when TOS first aired in the 60s, despite being a low budget show, it gathered a very dedicted following which protested when there were talks to cancel the show.

The show was also very culturally progressive for it's time. In the 60s, it featured a black female officer, a Russian pilot, and a Japanese pilot who's actor was also gay. Some stations in the South refused to air the show. It was and still is praised for being ahead of it's time.

The USS Enterprise is such an inconic ship that when NASA unveiled it's milestone Space Shuttle program, President Ford, after recieving petitions, actually had NASA change the name of the first shuttle to Enterprise. It is also featured on a collector's edition Star Trek 50th anniversary $20 coin issued by the Royal Canadian Mint.

Technological Impact
There have been many everyday technologies and not so common tech that has been inspired by Star Trek, I will list a few below with sources.

Transparent Alumina -

Also known as aluminum oxynitride, transparent alumina has many real world applications. I will list a few here.
  • Optoelectronics - Optoelectronic devices can source, detect, and control life.
  • Windows for laser communications

Cell Phones -

The idea of wireless communication from Star Trek came long before the first devices like these were invented. Real life versions of these devices were popularized many years later in the 90's by a company called Nextel. In later versions of Star Trek, these communicators turned into the Starfleet Insignia on the chest of the uniform. And a company called Vocera Communications has created a real life version of these as well, called the B2000 communication badge.

Ion Drives -

Ion drives have been successfully tested by NASA, and they will be a great asset in future space exploration. But this technology was already there in Star Trek, 30 years before this happened.

Google Earth -
Michael Jones, chief technologist of Google Earth, has cited the tricorder from Star Trek as one of the inspirations for Google Earth.

Larger Variety of Stories

Star Wars focusses on one main conflict between the Empire and the Republic. All films draw from that main conflict. Star Trek on the other hand has a large variety of stories in it's 5 TV series and 13 films. There's something for everyone really, as each TV and film series contains different characters and stories. The stories are also richer, they explore the human nature, I cite episodes such as "The Drumhead." This episodes features an Admiral, who is so convinced that there is a Romulan spy among the Enterprise, that she begins a witchunt, accusing one crewmember of being the spy, simply because his great grandfather was a Romulan. This episode explores that even in civilized societies, corruption can creep up, and it takes just a few incidences before it takes over the system. Many episodes in Star Trek explore ideals and humans in general, just like this one.

I'll wrap up my opening arguments with that. To maintain framework my opponent will attempt to refute these arguments in the next, final round, and I will do the same for his R2 opening arguments.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Midnight1131 1 year ago
2 weeks juggle pls fix this I'll sacrifice a goat if you do
Posted by Midnight1131 1 year ago
It's been 3 updates but it won't update. PLS JUGGLE.
Posted by Megatronimus_prime 1 year ago
I guess. maby not. But I like both series equally. However I don't entirely understand, is this about what is more popular or who made more money. Or is about creativity or storyline. My answer might change depending on what this debate is about.
Posted by Midnight1131 1 year ago
Not necessarily.
Posted by Megatronimus_prime 1 year ago
Well if Star Wars did make more money then technically more people watched it and liked it. that would make it better by default.
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