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Starbucks Red Cup

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Started: 11/14/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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A new argument has come to light recently about Starbucks. Apparently the all red cup is offending certain people. First let me say I am 100% Christian. One argument is that they removed Christmas from the cup because they hate Jesus...............Like what. First of all if they hate Jesus it's none of your business, it's called freedom of religion. Christians hate it when people try to press their religions on them, so don't do it back, there are so many people that go to Starbucks of different races and religions. Do you ever think if they get offended with all the Christmas stuff on the cups. What if they put something Muslim or Jewish on the cups. How would you feel about that. Also I thought Christmas was about celebrating Jesus' birth, not decorations on a cup. And if they put something red on anything around Christmas time, that usually already symbolizes Christmas to me.
Another argument from people is that it represents satan and one lady even took a sip of her coffee and it burnt her tongue which "proves" it's satanic. What?! I red is satanic why do we keep it as a christmas color. Oh my lord I'm wearing red right now, I must be satan. Like red is a color for Christmas. And then with that lady, it's's going to be hot. If you do not have that type of common sense then something is terribly wrong with you.
And finally, I watched a video on Facebook where the guy "tricked" Starbucks employees to writing Merry Christmas on his cup. First of all you didn't "trick" them, it is part of their job to write what you say your name is. AND THEY DON'T HAVE TO WRITE MERRY CHRISTMAS ON IT FOR IT TO BE CHRISTMAS. IT'S RED IT ALREADY HAS CHRISTMAS ON IT. Also what are you like two, you are a grown freaking man, start acting like it.
Starbucks is just trying not to offend anybody by putting Christmas stuff on it, not everybody celebrates Christmas. You are not the only ones in the world Christians. But honestly at the end of the day, you are just going to throw the dang cup away, so what does it really matter???


Okay. So let me first start off by saying that it is entirely clear in a society that respects private property that Starbucks has a right to do almost whatever it wants with its cups.

My critique is not that Starbucks shouldn"t have this right, but that this right was exercised in poor taste.

Specifically, I believe so because Christmas in America is as much a commercial holiday, and thus secularized, as it is a religious one. If we grant, for a moment, that this is the case, it is easy to see how Starbucks" removal of its Christmas paraphernalia from its cups inadvertently targets the secular holiday that is Christmas in America as much as the religious holiday.

It is this targeting, however benign, of secular American culture that I find most troublesome. And it is hardly a problem just because I find it troubling.

I argue that if the American public revises too much of its established traditions it will both lack the means to establish new ones and be unable to preserve the existing linkages among us that impel us to a common understanding of ourselves as Americans.

In other words, greater common identity is forged in Santa-- whether you are Muslim, Buddhist, Animist or Christian-- than in the milquetoast color of red. When something can mean anything, it means precisely nothing.

This is, at any rate, my charitable rendering of an argument against Starbucks' decision. :)
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Posted by Peepette 2 years ago
Red is a color, a seasonal color. A color is incapable of offending. When leaves turn red on a tree, is there a group up in arms in offense? Are we to ban the use of pastels during the Easter season? Is it sexist to paint a baby boy's room blue or girl's pink? Absolute and utter ridiculousness. *sigh*
Posted by SPYDIR 2 years ago
i don't see the point of this debate. The pro spent her entire time making ad hominem arguments about people who were offended... I don't know who to vote for, because there was no clear cut topic. I can't find who won.
Posted by CapnKy 2 years ago

It is ridiculous how some people take a neutral stance as a personal attack. If "being under attack" means that other people have the right to pursue beliefs that differ from your own (or even neutral!), then yes, Christians are being attacked and it's about time!

Of course, this is only to the small portion of Christians who are throwing a fit because they are not getting their way. Most Christians are sensible people, who won't see a red cup as an attack on Jesus Christ.
Posted by Sciguy 2 years ago
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