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Starcraft VS Command and Conquer

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Started: 12/11/2013 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First Round: Acceptance

Second Round: Argument

Third Round:

Con will attack the Starcraft series while defending the C&C Series

Pro will defend the Starcraft series while attacking the C&C Series


I thank thee for creating a debate as such.

Zira'vek kryor!
Debate Round No. 1


StarCraft first released in 1999 by Blizzard Entertainment

Faction Analysis

Had Three Completely Diverse Factions

~Zerg: Basically the people who burned C&C4 {WARNING} They will eat your face


~Terran: Because this game obviously needed humans

Okay but lets get serious here

While StarCraft is challenging the game's are very rewarding, and don't get me wrong the game's pretty expensive too but atleast you didn't get duped into buying an unfinished game *cough* C&C4 *cough*

In Starcraft you have the choice of playing one of three races

The Zerg

The Protoss

The Terran

In the game you always have to follow some sort of build, you can't be half assed otherwise it will end very fast


I forgot to mention that you need to be good at Micromanagement and Macromanagement so you should probably go practice on DotA 2 as Meepo

The Zerg
  • If you've got the numbers there's really nothing they can do
  • Burrowing can help
  • Creep helps
Messages Brought to you by [1]

[2] Im afraid its too long for this

Basic Units

Hatchery (Can be upgraded later on): Can Spawn Queens and Always Spawns Larvae (1 every 15 sec)
Larvae: Can be morphed into 2 Zerglings if Spawning pool is avaliable
Morph into- Drone, 2 Lings, Hydralisk, Roach, Swarm Host (if HotS), Ultralisk, Overlord, Mutualisk,
Corrupter, and Viper (again HotS)
Drone: Can morph into any structure can mine Minerals and Vespene gas (if a Extractor is built)
Zergling: Fast as hell...
Spawning Pool: Allows the spawnings for Zerglings
Overlords: Increase Supply

For more Information on the Zerg visit[3]

The Terran
  • Terran structures are the only structures to move anywhere with the lift off command.
  • Nukes.
  • Nukes!

Go check out:



Basic Units

Command Center: Create's SCV's can be upgraded later on
Supply Depot: Increases Supply
SCV: Creates any building can mine Minerals and Vespene Gas
Barracks: Nothing beats a classic
Marines: Ten Hut!

The Protoss
  • Shields
  • Psionics
  • Warp in (4-gate style)

Brought to you by:



Basic Units

Probe: Basically the same as a SCV and Drone although they only need to make the sphere for the building which doesn't even take a second and then can go back to harvesting whatever they were
Nexus: Creates Probes and Mothership Core
Pylon: Increases Supply
Zealot: Powerful Melee Warrior

Sources For Faction Analysis

I stated before that this game requires both Micromanagement and Macromanagement

Game Objectives

As the game itself might create complications the main objectives are fairly simple

1) Gather Minerals and Vespene Gas
2) Build Army
3) Kill Everything in sight
4) Win

Game Start

At this time you start with 6 workers and one base


Your army would likely be completed during this time and set out to destroy your enemy


Largest army is most likely to survive unless the other was strategically planned.

Sources for Gameplay


Command and Conquer:

StarCraft 2 HotS:
Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars:


SonicGhost forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


ScrinTech forfeited this round.


SonicGhost forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by SonicGhost 3 years ago
Haha, best of luck to you :D

(as they say in Starcraft GL HF )
Posted by ScrinTech 3 years ago
@SonicGhost: Personally I believe both are fun games but I can't speak of C&C 4...
Posted by SonicGhost 3 years ago
:D your welcome..... but I think that fans of each will just vote for that game D: So therefore this argument is going to turn out as biased as the audience.
Posted by ScrinTech 3 years ago
@SonicGhost: Thanks for accepting
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Reasons for voting decision: Con forfeited more, and pro's second round argument was never refuted.