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State mandated administration of childhood vaccinations is justified.

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Started: 6/22/2012 Category: Health
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First some framework

Start with Definitions
Since the topic doesn’t specify the US specifically, we assume that

State should refer to any government in the world


Net benefits/harms
Since vaccines can harm the world, we would like to provide this standard

With that said, we have a few main arguments.

1. Terrible side affects.

Vaccines cause TERRIBLE side affects.

This includes (CDC)
  • Pneumonia
  • Tiredness
  • Fussiness
  • Non-Stop Crying
  • Vomiting
  • Seizure
  • Fainting
And much more
According to TIME magazine, some 12/47 countries that used the H1N1 Flu vaccine reported spikes in narcolepsy cases. WHO’s Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety said that it agreed with Finnish authorities that there was a “strong association” between the vaccination, the genetic makeup of the patients, and the narcolepsy cases. As you can see, vaccines cause a huge number of cases of illness and side effects - TIME

Ask the parents of autistic children whether they believe childhood vaccines can cause autism, and the answer will probably be yes. They have heard of too many cases of babies who were perfectly normal until they got their measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) shot and then, within weeks--if not days--started throwing tantrums, losing language skills and generally tuning out.

2. The vaccine industry is bad

The vaccine industry over vaccinates us. This is the only way they make money sicne they charge for vaccines. We are vaccinated on things we don’t need to be vaccinated on. The Guardian reports: Professor Maria Zambon, a virologist and head of the Health Protection Agency's Influenza Laboratory said
"Within the last century we have had four major flu epidemics, along with HIV and Sars. Major pandemics sweep the world every century, and it is inevitable that at least one will occur in the future.” The Telegraph reports: We now give our children 25 different vaccines, in various combinations, before the age of 15 months. We are in danger of becoming dependent on immunisation, rather than on our immune systems, for our future health. This may appeal to vaccine manufacturers, which operate in an increasingly profitable market, but should concern the rest of us. As you can see, the vaccine industry is thus making billions of dollars. If they gave everyone a cure to all the sicknesses in the world, the vaccine industry won’t continually make money. They are sucking government funds dry while making the world dependent on immunisation.

3. Economic Harm

Vaccines can cause harms to the economy.

One example is that it ruins some doctors.

The American Academy of Pediatrics came up with estimates for indirect expenses, concluding they range from about 17 percent to 28 percent of the purchase price of vaccines. So at least 17 percent should tacked onto the purchase price for doctors to have a shot at breaking even, the group concluded.

By that measure, 47 percent of immunizations are money-losers, the athenahealth data show. If the 28 percent figure for indirect costs is used to calculate break even, then it's an even grimmer picture: 79 percent of vaccination payments fall short.

4. (if time) International Community

Since state represents any government in the world, this contention will talk about the international community. In the international community, we know that places like UK are just like the US, vaccination wise

However, think about the poor countries, which consists of most of the world. Many of the countries there don’t have clean and steralized vaccine needles. Taking these vaccines would mean death! Why should this be state mandated!

The people giving them are untrained! In some cases, like in the Middle East, the government hate the people, and try to poison and kill them with vaccines! The vaccines are like a weapon!


u say that vaccines can cause autism but this has been proved to be false and here's a point for you witch parent do you think would be the happier the parent that doesn't believe in the propaganda of jabs causing health problems of the parent who's child is blinded by measles or worse because they did believe it ?
Debate Round No. 1


Good Luck

First off, I would like to remind my opponent of the topic- State Mandated administration of childhood vaccinations is justified.

We are argueing on the fact whether or not childhood vaccinations should be mandated or not. Not whether vaccines are good or bad. We want the parent to have a choice instead of it being mandated. This could go against religion, and beliefs. If parents want to believe that the vaccine causees autism, let them, as they must have a choice.

Your first argument is the autism claim is false.
My response is that since I have evidence that vaccines cause autism while you have no evidence proving me wrong. Thus that stands.

Your second argument is that people will be blinded by measles because they didn't get the vaccine. Again, look at the topic and again I will state that the parents will have choices.
Second, If almost everyone in the US takes the vaccine, and if one person doesn't because of beliefs/religion, then he/she will not get the disease since every one around he/she will be sterile.

For all these resasons, please vote con


sedgwick1991 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent has no evidence and since I have proved that his arguments are blocked and mine are not. Since my arguments are standing and his are not, the con should win this debate


sedgwick1991 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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