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Steve Vs Mario Fight

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Started: 6/6/2016 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Steve would beat Mario in a fight, Rules: but first I would like to say we are not including hacks, mods, etc. This debate will be done with vanilla Minecraft and Mario. Also you can use the latest version of Mario. (Not Including Mario Cart). Lastly you can only use Mario's power ups NOT YOSHIE!!! Or any other allies. Refrain from spamming super star. Fairish fight.

One reason Steve would win is because he is super strong and can lift a great deal of weight while still running and jumping. He also has swords and bows.


I'll rebut arguments by Pro.

1) One reason Steve would win is because he is super strong and can lift a great deal of weight while still running and jumping.

Why is Steve "super strong?" It takes him ages to break a stone block, while Mario jumps and breaks bricks without breaking a sweat or even taking damage. In other words, Steve is powerless without his tools, while Mario doesn't need anything other than to jump and run to clear any of his stages.
Second, to the point of Steve's dexterity. Mario is the same. He can carry coins, mushrooms the size of him, gigantic flowers, and still run and jump with ease. They are equal on this level.

2) He also has swords and bows.

Mario can shoot ice and fire out of his hands with the respecting flowers, can ride the wind with his propeller power-up, can pass through walls with a Boo mushroom, can fly using a Bee mushroom, and countless other power-ups (1). Steve's incredibly limited array of weapons (bows, swords, and axes) shrivels in comparison to the vastly superior firepower that Mario has at his disposal.

In conclusion, Steve is no where near an equal to the raw combat abilities that Mario has. For this reason, Steve would get his a$$ kicked if he ever stepped up to Mario.

And to wrap things up, a brief freestyle.

Yo, it's a me, Mario, and you're in the wrong part of town
Your same boring old skin is gonna get taken 3 sizes down
Your games don't scare me, they're child's play
My game still makes adults go insane
Just look up dashiegames in your youtube browser
He's not playin' Minecraft, he tryin' to beat bowser
Just take it from me, your games get old quick
So back off, bro, or Yoshi'll make you his bi*ch!

Debate Round No. 1


Okay Steve may not be able to break bricks as fast as Mario but Steve can break just about anything with his fist without hurting himself. Obsidian,Wood,Rock,Solid Iron....etc. But Steve can lift a lot. Gold has the highest density out of the blocks in Minecraft with a density of 19.32 grams per cubic centimeter. Well a gold block in Minecraft is exactly a cubic meter. There are 1000 cubic centimeters in one cubic meter. So 19.32*1000 is 19320 kilograms. A gold block is not the heaviest item though. That ribbon goes to the Notch Apple. I like to call it a god Apple. It gives regen, resistance, fire immunity, uhh... I'll look up the other things later. Anyway back to the point. A God Apple takes 8 blocks of solid gold to make. And if you wanna add 2 extra pounds add the Apple. 19320*8 is 154560 kilograms or 170.5 tons. That's over the weight of a blue whale. That's just one God Apple though. The maximum items you can carry in Minecraft is 2304 items. This is due to the fact a stack is 64 items. There are 36 inventory slots so 64*36 is 2304. 2304*170.5 is 392832 tons. We can add slightly more weight to this due to golden armor. A full set of golden armor takes 2.7 gold blocks. A extra 43 tons. The grand total Steve can lift is 392832 tons. Now I don't about you but to me Mario can't lift this much.

Steve has other things other swords and bows. He has potions. A lot of kinds. Mario shoots fire He drinks a fire resistance potion. He also has enchanting. I don't think Mario is immune to fire. Steve cannot fly but he can glide with an Elytra.
One tactic he could use would be lava, Mario is not immune to lava even with the star power. Steve could just use a God Apple or a fire resistance potion. Overall it seems Mario has the upper hand for items and powers but Steve has more counter attacks and advantages.

Yo its Steve
I like cocoa beans
I also wear jeans
You are fat
Eating spaghetti all day long
Wow listen to this groovy song
Your just jealous I rule all the gaming platforms
I take you like a swarm

My epic rap (lol that was horrible)


A rebuttal:

1) Steve's lifting capabilities.
Mario can actually lift more than Steve. How? I'll explain.
In Super Mario World, if you beat the 7th Castle (Larry's castle), you will see a cutscene of Mario lifting and kicking the entire castle off screen.
One must then ask, "how heavy is this castle?" I don't want to bog you down with unessesary math (if you want to see it, check it out here:, so I'll give you the answer: 203,501,923,216 pounds, or 101,750,961.6 tons. Comparing this to Steve's lifting power (392,832 tons), it's clear that Mario can not only lift just as well as Steve, he can actually lift 101,358,130 more tons than that of Steve!

2) Steve has things other swords and bows.
You mention potions. Is there one to counter ice? Is there one to counter explosives? Is there one to counter... well, you know what I'm getting at. Steve's potions cannot counter everything, they can only counter about one or two of his abilities.

3) Steve cannot fly but he can glide with an Elytra.
He can only glide if he has the high ground, and, as you yourself pointed out, this is supposed to be a "fairsih fight." It certainly wouldn't be fair to have someone get the high ground over the other, right?

4) One tactic he could use would be lava, Mario is not immune to lava even with the star power.
One tactic Mario could use would be to jump over the lava, Mario can jump even without the star power. The point is lava moves incredibly slowly (1/30 m per tick, 20 ticks in a second, so ratio of movement would be 1 meter/1.5 seconds).

To conclude, Mario has more raw power to run, jump, and carry, as demonstrated in both of my rounds. He also has more firepower, something that Pro admits to. "Overall it seems Mario has the upper hand for items and powers..." I have also disproven his attemps to make Steve seem like a powerhouse by highlighting Mario's power.

And now, a freestyle.

Yo it's me again, boy, I'm back from the dead
Looks like you still be wearin' makeup on that head
I mean look at you, you just look so damn cheap
Your stupid shirt makes you look like you forgot how to eat
But if you step up to me, then you best be running
'Cause I'll be tearin' it up, yeah, I look so stuning
My graphics got a boost since I first came out
But your game still looks like a destroyed JPEG readout
So take it from me, I suggest that you forfiet
Or I'll pop a cap up your a$$, bag it, and then store it!
Debate Round No. 2


JoeMon150 forfeited this round.


It seems that my opponent is unable to answer my supa hot fire.

Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 3


JoeMon150 forfeited this round.


Annother forfiet. Hope all is well with Pro.
Debate Round No. 4


JoeMon150 forfeited this round.


David_Debates forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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