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Students should be allowed to grade their teachers.

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Started: 4/9/2015 Category: Education
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I definitely think that us students should be able to grade their teachers.

I find that this should be an annual or bi-yearly practice. I believe that over years, teachers could alter their teaching styles, maybe for better, or worse.

I think it is fair that, teachers who mark their students daily, through ability, understanding, and control, students should be able to do the same.

Students are marked, and judged everyday based on ability, and effort. With a lot on the line, their marks. So teachers should give the option of being marked either anonymous or otherwise. So they could improve their teaching ethics.

True, teachers have already been through school, but non other than students to judge how well of a job their educator has done.


I will try to keep my points short and to the point, as I'm sure you are probably bogged down with homework right now.

Schools are inspected by Ofsted, at least in the U.K., and it is true the reports describe the quality of teaching as a whole rather than focus on individual teachers, but this is because there is not a particular teaching style which is favoured [1]

The fairest way is to ensure you receive a good education, and this is made possible by being taught in different ways which can challenge and inspire you, it's why you will usually have a new teacher every year.

When an adult inspects the quality of teaching it allows students to continue learning. If students could grade their teacher after one year - the time when you will probably have a new teacher, their suggestions may not represent what the next students want.

You say you are judged, however teachers don't give you homework in order to access your understanding (why you won't find a leader board in their closet). They mark your work, give corrections, and if you still don't understand it is your responsibility to seek help. If students could grade their teacher some students might choose to criticize their teacher instead of seeking help.

Teachers do from my experience give their class anonymous feedback forms to fill in, which removes any need for students to grade teachers.


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