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Students should be allowed to wear hats in school.

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Started: 10/14/2013 Category: Education
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Students (like myself) SHOULD be allowed to wear hats in school facilities and buildings during instruction time. This is the 21st century, I believe fashion is ever changing and that if I want to accessorize my outfit I should be not only allowed to do so but encouraged. Headwear is stylish and fun, and could be the perfect addition to anyone's clothing choices. No one's style choices and creativity should be suppressed. People often use the argument: "wearing hats indoors is disrespectful", well that is an opinion and if one person has the opinion that wearing the color orange on the second Thursday of each month if on an odd numbered day is disrespectful does that mean it shouldn't be allowed? No. That is just one person's opinion. And then the argument: "hats could be distracting to the other students", is often given. Well, so is the wearing of bright neon colors, but highlighter orange pants are not banned in my student handbook. I could also be distracted by my teacher's attractiveness but she was still hired. Why? Because she is still a great teacher. I could be distracted by what is happening outside in English class, but does that mean it should be illegal for fire trucks to blast their sirens when they go past the busy road in front of my high school? No. Because that is just stupid. Life has many distractions, but banning them will not solve all of these problems. After that the argument: "hats could hide weapons and drugs", is made, and to this I say, oh please. Give me a break! So could a purse! Or a bookbag! Or your pants! Does this mean we should ban purses and make girls carry their tampons, pads, and other personal items? No. Should we ban bookbags and make students carry their books, binders, notebooks, folders, and pencils to and from class to class and to and from home to school? No. Should we ban pants? No. As you can see these arguments are made by personal opinions and outdated beliefs. No one should be deprived of their choice of headwear!



Now, let me first state my personal opinion on this issue: I agree with you that the arguments "hats can hide drugs and other weapons" is ridiculous. I also agree that the whole "distraction" excuse is dumb as well. However, there is one main reason why students cannot wear head gear inside of schools:

Head gear makes it much harder to identify students on security recordings. If a student who is wearing a hat does something that is considered unlawful within a school zone, and he/she has a hat on, it can make it extremely difficult to find out who that students is using security recordings.

This reason makes sense to me; I believe that it is justified. I mean, if you consider other garments of clothing - shirts, pants, shoes, etc. - none of these obscure a student's face from the view of security cameras. The simple point of this rule is for protection.

Now, how does this benefit the school as a whole? Let's say that a student wearing a hat - or hood - steals a girl's purse in the vicinity of a security camera. That student's face may be extremely recognizable if he/she did not have on head gear.

Your claims that hats are a way of self-expression may sound cool, but there are other ways of expressing yourself. You could wear a cool jacket, or perhaps some cool shoes. I'm just throwing out examples. You get the picture.

The problem with allowing students to wear hats is a controversial one, but it a policy that is designed to better school safety. It is a policy that aims to make sure every student is safe, and that every student is recognizable on security recordings. Self-expression may be great, but you need to ask yourself which is more important: safety or self-expression? This may be the 20th century, but security remains crucial to our schools; wearing hats will obscure this security.
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Posted by RegectedSoul 7 months ago
I have read through what both of you have stated, and personally believe that students should be able to wear hats/hoods, as long as they don't obscure an onlookers view of their face. Prohibiting students from wearing hats in the halls and only allowing them to wear them in classrooms, as to be able to easily know who they are, could also prove useful, but also annoying to some students as they would have to carry them from class to class. Knowing this, simply being able to wear non-revealing hoods could be a nice change.
Posted by Bluekirby 2 years ago
What about hair it can cover a childs face
Posted by jvava 3 years ago
You're welcome!

I know that some schools don't have as many problems as others, but I beleive that it is in the best interest of all educational facilites if we keep all students 100% safe. Wearing hats seems innocent - but I don't want to take a risk and somebody get hurt.

I understand your argument, but I will stick with mine. It makes more sense to me. Let the voters decide who won this debate.

Good luck with your future debates!
Posted by ScottRFriedman 3 years ago
Thank you for debating with me! I would just like to say I understand your opinion however at my school the things that you have described rarely if ever happened or would happen. And I also feel that the pros would outweigh the cons in this one. I am a hat wearer and I have to say, I really look good in hats. I mean I agree with every other rule in my student handbook but this one just doesn't make sense to me. I think the wearing of headwear is a fun non violent or distractive way for a student to be creative with his look. And my school is weird because technically I could wear a hat if it was for a religious purpose, so I have considered starting a religion called the Hatophiares. We will be worshipping the hat god.
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Vote Placed by Adam2 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: While both had good points, con had a better argument, talking about the efficiency and fairness of laws.
Vote Placed by Eliter 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro had better reasons to wear a hat to school then Con.
Vote Placed by imabench 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: cons entire argument for why hats shouldnt be allowed in school is that a kid who might commit a crime might not be able to be identified due to his face being concealed, and he actually conceded a bulk of pro's arguments that hats arent distractions or used for nefarious purposes either..... Con might have been able to swing the debate his way if he gave proof that a lot of kids get away with crimes entirely because of wearing hats, which im guessing isnt the case. Arguments to the pro, but a 1 round debate isnt really a debate and this could have been a lot better, so ill give conduuct to the con on that one