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Students should be required to take art classes in highschool

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Started: 11/19/2015 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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1.) The first round is for acceptance or for challenging/advancing new definitions.
2.) No new arguments in the last round.
3.) No trolls.
4.) Keep it frosty.


Art Classes - Drama, music, dance, visual arts, etc.


Hello, I accept your debate
Debate Round No. 1


I appreciate the swift acceptance.

As a senior student taking Arts & Humanities as a night class, I must set aside time each week to do the course online. This leads me to question why students are forced to take an art class in order to graduate.

Art classes should be optional, not required.

1.) Art is a wonderful thing. It brings happiness and passion to many. For this reason I do not disagree with it being taught in schools, but it should be up to the individual to decide whether or not take up their educational time with it.

One or two art classes will not benefit the average person after school.

1.) Not trying to be offensive, but art is relatively useless. The only people that benefit are the people that are naturally passionate or skilled and may go on to use art in their career. These people are the ones that would be likely to choose to take the classes as electives even if they were not forced to in order to graduate.

Art classes take up time that could be used for other educational purposes.

1.) Art takes up an entire period of class time that could be used for a choice elective. I would much rather take Spanish III (a class that would actually benefit me in my chosen career) than Arts & Humanities.

2.) Many art classes (such as, dance, drama, and band) require after-school attention. The time spent during this could be used for doing homework, working a job, or getting the necessary sleep.


Students need exposure

1.) Although you may not use art in your future life/career, nor is it everybody"s cup of tea, same as you may not need and or like other core required academics, it is helpful that students are at least exposed to the subject, for it may come up in future ventures.

Art is a form of communication

Your primary academic class for communication is English, in which you get four credits. But, art and design are also effective and alternative forms of communication, like for different forms of advertising. It is difficult to avoid using this skill in anyone"s life. Art is also is a form of relaxation and is exceptional when in practice.

Gives an alternative for forms of genius

This applies more to students who excel at art and gives the desired student better self-esteem and gives perfect-A students who excel at computing a challenge in the academic field.
Debate Round No. 2


I thank the contender for submitting his argument. On to my rebuttal.

Rebuttal: Students need exposure to art.

My opponent has made an argument that in order to be prepared for future confrontations with art you must be exposed to it in high school. This is not true.

1.) The introduction to the arts that they give in middle school would be enough to establish that there is indeed a thing called art and would teach any basics that they might need.

2.) A job or career that uses a form of art would, most likely, require a college art class, not a high school art class.

3.) If someone came up to you and said "Draw me a picture of a dog" or "Recite this dramatic piece of prose with emotion" would a single high school art class leave you any more prepared than plain ol' living? It hasn't done so for me, I still can't draw more than basic stick figures!

Rebuttal: Art is a form of communication.

I agree with my opponent on the fact that art is indeed a form of communication. It can, in my opinion, be one of the most emotional and expressive forms of communication. Also, just as my opponent says, art can be relaxing for the artist and, if the artist is good enough, for others.

These are both reasons why art should be an option for students, here's why it should not be a requirement.

1.) Art is not a practical means of communication in our everyday lives and careers. We will never go to a business conference and sing out our report or draw out a customer's order in a restaurant.

2.) Art, unless refined, can actually be the opposite of relaxing. I had to take a music class in middle school and I hated it, but as much as I hated it, my parents hated it even more. I was quite terrible with (if my memory serves me right) the flute and my parents encouraged, even begged, me to not practice it.

Rebuttal: Art gives an alternative for forms of genius.

As true as this may be..

1.) An artistic genius would have recognized their gift and willingly taken any art classes that they could.

2.) A academic genius looking for a challenge most likely has finished all required courses and has plenty of room for chosen electives such as art.

I look forward to the contender's rebuttal.


I thank my competitor for the rebuttal

Art is a wonderful thing and that's a main reason why it should be required I don't believe it is a waste of time, because even though if your career involves art and you do need that art course on college the high school class will give you a head start and may cause you to use less time & possibly less money.

I see the validity in your third statement, but I feel like the application of everyday encounters it would be beneficial in the sense of understanding what their conveying.

But leaving this as an optional class most students would choose to deny the class and it gives the opportunity for the students to become interested, It is not Required that you must be interested in that area. Maybe to discover a hidden talent that a student might pass up because they chose not to take the class.

It's true that it takes time after school to give full effort, but high school is the biggest part of your adolescent life, & it is out of my control of how much homework the American school system gives, and generally speaking, art classes don't give much homework other than practice.

I assume next is closing statement?
Debate Round No. 3


I thank the contender for going through the entire debate, always appreciated. The final round will be for the closing statements.

I hope that voters will see the reasoning in my main arguments.


1.) The student should be able to decide whether they take art or something else more suited to their liking.

Lack of use.

1.) Art is not used in everyday life or in most careers.

2.) A single high school art class will not do much good for someone lacking any inborn talent or passion.

Cuts into educational time.

1.) The student could take classes that would benefit their everyday life or their career.

2.) Time spent after school practicing could be instead used to do homework, study, work, or catch up on sleep.

And see the reasoning in my rebuttal.

Lack of depth.

1.) Simple middle school art classes are enough to give the cursory knowledge of the subject and to give the student an idea of if it is their "cup of tea".

2.) If a person was going into a career for art they would have to take college level art courses regardless of whether they took high school art courses or not.


1.) See "Lack of use".


1.) Unless you have talent, art can be bothersome for you and for others.


1.) Again, any student that wishes to take art, whether it be because they enjoy it or because they are looking for a challenge, is free to take it.

Vote Con!


Thank you to my contender for posting a worthwhile debate I felt like I could argue

I hope the voters will see my main arguments

If students don't Have to take it.

1.) They won't and may miss out on undiscovered passions

Need exposure

1.) To at least know what there just like many of your core classes imply

form of communication

1.) No matter what job you have you're going to have to use advertising which art can help you

Save time in college

1.) even if you're not planning on taking art in college taking a high school class will save time in college

Art classes generally only involve practice

1.) It's not required that you have interest in the art class (but I understand recorders suck)

It's a form of genius

1.) Students who excel at art and gives the desired student better self-esteem

2.) It also gives perfect-A students who excel at computing a challenge in the academic field.

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by wipefeetnmat 2 years ago
Would be fine by me, Dumy. I need the debates in order to vote.
Posted by Dumy15 2 years ago
This gonna be a good one I can tell. I would like to debate against one of you guys if you don't mind after this maybe? Anything you want to debate about.
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Reasons for voting decision: Most of the debate is nebulous, talking about how people might uncover some hidden talent or use it as some odd form of communication, but neither of these are particularly well impacted. If exposure is necessary, as Pro claims, I'm unclear on why middle school exposure is insufficient. Other points, particularly from Pro, are even less potent, since the desire to take a college course would insinuate a desire to opt into it in high school, and students who do quite well in school are likely to take it anyway. I vote based on opportunity costs. Con explains how art classes can be a distraction from other coursework, but more importantly preclude access to sleep or a job. That access seems clearly important to me, and Con doesn't provide any rebuttal. Frankly, I'd find it strange that a single class reduces these substantially, but Pro had to give that anlysis, and it didn't appear. Hence, I vote Con.