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Suburbs are better than the country

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Started: 11/9/2008 Category: Society
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Suburbs are absolutely better than the country due to the fact that socially your skills are tested and strengthened because of the population the suburbs have. In the country there are not many people or places. How do you learn about the different ways there are to life and managing it without other experiences? The suburbs give ample opportunity to experience different jobs and careers, unlike the country where there are minimal things to do. Also, raising children. In the country again there are not that many places or people to interact with, yes a lot of small towns have that "southern hospitality" and good nature, but children need to experience the good, the bad and the ugly, to truly understand how to handle it. Being social is a good thing to encounter in a child's life. the suburbs have more schools, social events, and after school activities such as sports and Dance. So whith this being said, I do believe the suburbs are much better than the country.


I would have to disagree. Country i believe would be a better place than any to raise a family.
1st: In the country there is a lot less violence
2nd: alot less murder
3rd: little to no gangs
4th: A LOT less polution
The enviroment is alot healthier for growing up in. I disagree on the life management stuff too. In the country you have a better look on responsibility, seeing as your wroking 24/7. whether it be around the house or yard/ barn or at your work. the country offers the same oppurtunities if not more than the suburbs do. As pertaining to social skills: What makes are social skills less appliant in the country rather than the suburbs? believe it or not they do have public schools in the country, andd socially active jobs just like in the suburbs. Most homes in the country also have farms. So when she says their are minimal things to do, i think she is sorely mistaken. Anybody who has ever owned or worked on a farm knows what i mean. Your constintly working, milking cows, fixing tractors, feeding animals, loading hay, etc. And to what she said about experience the good bad and the ugly, If there was an oppurtunity to raise my child with just the good, why not take it? most city born kids know alot of thigns they shouldn't know ubtil high school, where as the majority of country kids learn through experiential learning rather than diatiey. So with this being said, I beleive a country is a much better place to grow a healthy family in and urge you to vote like-wise.
Debate Round No. 1


I have both lived in the country and the suburbs as well as the city. In order to teach your children right from wrong they need to be able to see and possibly experience the wrong and again know how to challenge it and resolve it. I believe a child's personality shouldn't be based off of one thing, it should be developed by many people, places and things. If a child is only involved in the country life, not many people, jobs, or places, how will he/she build up a personality based on the interests they like. Give them opportunity to decide who they are instead of basically making that decision for them. Also I do understand that farming has many different jobs that are involved, but regardless they all revolve around farming, where is the retail and sales, hospitality? Different jobs also means different kinds of people, and many of which may not be bad, just different.


Unfortunately there is wrong located all over the world, even in the country. But it is alot lesser definitely than the suburbs. And i am sure my opponent can testify that because she has lived in both. But now my opponent has said that we need to learn from right from wrong and know how to deal with it. What wouldn't someone in the country know that was wrong that people in the suburbs would? There doesn't need to be a gang shooting every week to prove to the individual that there is bad in the world. So does having someone in this enviroment help them or change them? Unfortunatley it's the latter. This has been proven my increased violence and theft etc. so by depriving them of these things are we helping them or not granting them fair oppurtunity as my opponent has said? And what type of ojb it is shouldn't matter seeing as their is an equal oppurtunity to provide for your family is what should matter. Where life in the suburbs is a great place to learn and grow, the country is even better.
Suburbs: Has there entire back yard
Country: Entire horizon
Suburbs: 65 ft wide swimming pool
Country: A creek that has no end
Suburbs: Cars thats destinations are limited
Country: Horses that can freely roam in any part of land
Suburbs: Expensive porch lights
Country: The fullness of the moon and stars
I again would like to urge you to live in the counntry rather than suburban life seeing as it would be the perfect enviroment for any family.
Debate Round No. 2


MidgetMarie forfeited this round.


she forfeits therefor i hld all of my previous made arguments. thanks.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by fo-shizzle0855 8 years ago
i come from the suburbs but i have lived in the country for a couple years at one point
Posted by Harlan 8 years ago
Where do you come from?
Posted by fireimp_237 8 years ago
Not to be biased or anything but stereotypes and preconceived notions do have some kind of truth behind and every stereotype I've heard on this is "Good old country boy" and "Stuck up city punk"....
So I lied, its a little biased. But people don't look for that "pure country livin'" for no reason.... Plus us country folk are proud of where we come from...
Posted by Harlan 8 years ago
"Suburbs: Expensive porch lights
Country: The fullness of the moon and stars"

That is not very well thought through. I may not be an astronomist,... but I know you can see the moon and stars in the suburbs. (I definitely respect the point you're making, though. You just presented weird.)
Posted by bthr004 8 years ago
I C ignorance is world wide.
Posted by I-am-a-panda 8 years ago
Eggleston is right. I'm Irish and live in what you would call a 'suburb'. you are seen as better off if you live in the city. most people from the country are farmers, and are in some ways looked down upon.
Posted by brian_eggleston 8 years ago
Hey Lolli.

Maybe you already know this, but living in the "suburbs" is a different concept in the US to what it is in the UK and Ireland. There is no social stigma attached to suburban life over there as not many people live in the city centres. Furthermore, the countryside is seen as more of a working agricultural environment than a desirable and picturesque place to live.

By the way, if your fox hunting debate is still around tomorrow morning, I'll take it. In the meantime I'm off to the pub.

Posted by lolli 8 years ago
wait this is suburbs versus country life? ... not much of a difference despite scenery...
Posted by lolli 8 years ago
linked to this debate is the debate discussing at what age people should start learning about "the good, the bad, and the ugly". i personally think that children shouldn't be worried about murderers or the busy city life - they should be children. in the cities, children are often over-protected because they are more dangerous places. they are far too young to be learning the bad lessons in life, and should instead be learning morales - like as "fo-shizzle0855" has made reference to, learning to be hard workers, and also developing their personalities.
Posted by bthr004 8 years ago
Us country folk do to do alotta book learnin,... n i gots lots of friends to.

Do suburbs teach ignorance???
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