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Suicide is not necessarily inherently wrong.

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Started: 7/7/2016 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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1. This is a philosophical discourse.
2. Keep it clean please, no inappropriate language or spamming.
3. We will set a scenario and try to remain on the case.
4. We will not discuss every single possibility.

Pro: The action of a person committing suicide, or the possession of the will to commit suicide is not necessarily inherently wrong.


Suicide is wrong becouse you are hurting your friends your family and yourself.I guess you may not have friends or family but even then its still wrong becouse you could have had friends and family and you are taking this chance away.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting this challenge. I'd like to start off by addressing the concept of right or wrong, which are moral concepts that are differentiated through culture, religion, and life experiences as well as personal opinion. As such, it varies by person. The idea that an action or thought is wrong is purely subjective, regardless of whether the majority agrees or disagrees with that notion.

Suicidal tendencies are not feelings that come easily. Rather, they are more often than not a result of continuous torment from intolerable amounts of physical, emotional, and/or mental suffering, usually a combination of them too. It is only natural to desire an end -- a solution, to rid oneself from such overwhelming exposure to such disheartening stimuli. When suicidal thoughts drift in, it can be expected that the agony at that point exceeds the will to survive. Consider this, a human is brought to the point at which he would willingly prefer death over life, just to end the source of their torment: life.

Morally speaking, you claim that is unjust for the people around the victim for them (the victim) to commit suicide. That seems rather unjust to the victim themself, the person actually suffering real-time. From your statement, I can only infer that you mean to claim that committing suicide is selfish (= wrong), but why must someone needlessly suffer, disadvantage themselves, and even go against their own, true and justfied will to appease other people?

Can you really hold the value of the potential emotional trauma of a several people equal to the real and existing trauma experienced by the victim? Even if you could, is it really wrong to want to end pain and permanently rid the possibility of suffering?
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Posted by mbyx9jk2 2 years ago
I would have enjoyed this debate - its an interesting topic and its a shame that the con went down the route it did
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