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Sunday Schools Should be Banned

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Started: 1/24/2016 Category: Religion
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I Believe Sunday Schools (Religious) Should be Banned and Shunned.

Round 1 is for acceptance and introduce yourself (not to debate)

My name is Ethan and i look forward to a civil debate :)


I believe that Sunday Schools should not be banned or shunned.

My name is Kit and I look forward to this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Hello Kit! thank you for excepting this debate! :)
Well I will begin.

I will start by stating my point simply, Sunday Schools are just another form of indoctrination.
At Sunday schools children are exposed to religious ideas and beliefs that their minds are not yet capable of defending against.
Children under the age of 11 have yet to reach a strong level of critical thinking skills and are therefore being completely wronged by being sent to a school that enforces a particular belief onto them.

Deep held beliefs are enforced upon to these children with many known Hypnotic techniques such as story telling and songs and generally exposure to true analysis of opposing thoughts/beliefs are blocked or even shammed. the result is a child internalizing a set of beliefs which can be incredibly hard to over come due to the psychological phenomena know as "cognitive dissonance" which is makes addressing deep held beliefs very difficult to do.

Regardless of the parents beliefs, They should NOT be sending their kids to be programmed in this way.
children should be helped to develop critical thinking skills, not have the snuffed away as they are sent to a (dare I say) "brainwashing camp".
It is wrong
It is immoral
and the whole idea of Sunday school or "childhood indoctrination" should be left in the ancient times.

I await your opening/rebuttal.


Of course Ethan!

Sunday Schools are completely optional, and obviously not required. Even though parents might like their children to be exposed the the religion from an early age, this does not necessarily mean that the child will strictly listen to and believe in the practices.

I experienced Sunday school first-hand, going to a Sunday school from age 5-9, however I am not religious in any way. Sunday school is less of a brainwashing technique and more of an exposition of the religion's culture. Most religions have this, whether it be part of the school curriculum of the country it originates from or a church group that continues until the teens.

Due to the short time of Sunday school (1-2 hours during one day of the week), children are still free to create their own thoughts. The only time brainwashing is present is when Sunday school takes place on other days of the week and the child's own ideas are quashed while they are being formed.

Despite some aspects of religion being bad, most religions offer good teachings. For example, the 10 commandments, "Honour thy father and thy mother"
"Thou shalt not kill"
"Thou shalt not steal"
are all doctrines that if were strictly followed, the world would be a lot better. If anything, the "brainwashing" is for the better.

Yes, the children are introduced to the Bible or other Holy Books with the books being "truth", however to the people who run the school and the parents of the children, it is truth. Most children don't grasp the concept of atheism or even god until a later age.

Children are free thinkers but also mimic the actions of those around them. You probably have some of your parents mannerisms. They didn't brainwash you to clear your throat before addressing somebody or to cover your mouth when you laugh, you simply did what you saw them doing when you were a child, and these actions became second nature.

While some may not follow a certain religion (or any for that matter), those who do believe should not be shunned as you state those who don't believe are.

Banning Sunday Schools would be immoral and unconstitutional. Part of worshipping is teaching the children of the family the truths of the religion. Not all parents have time to teach the children the stories from a several hundred page book.

I await your rebuttal.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for a rather well thought out rebuttal.

In relation to your first point, Yes Sunday schools are option but it will be the parents making decisions for the children in the end while they are at such a young age. I would say that the vast majority of people who come from a family background of religion and church DO grow up to be theists so on that point obviously something is causing this. now I'm not saying Sunday school is THE problem but I believe it is certainly a contributor and example of indoctrination.

I am personally unfamiliar with Sunday school having never attended myself though as a Hypnotist i know it dosnt take long for ideas to be planted, and one of the most powerful ways are stories/metaphors. And through a technique known as "seeding ideas" a relatively small idea can be built upon every week. add to that the law of successive approximations (Accepting 1 small thing makes it easier and easier to accept the next suggestion until you are accepting huge claims) i have no doubt that it will cultivate to have a profound impact on the child's perception when they do develop these critical thinking skills. And even in the children's school time they have the pledge of allegiance which mentions god, a perfect example of seeding ideas taking place.

I believe religion and religious faith has a tremendous ability to stand in the way of scientific discovery, after all a faith based reality dose not ask questions (or at least significant scientific questions) as it promotes closed thinking based off what your book/superior has to say. Children are taught outdated principles such as no sex before marriage (outdated since we now know the significance of intercourse in bonding with and getting to know your S.O), in more extreme cases prejudice against gays and gay marriage. we cannot look to the ideal teachings of faith as in reality these ideals are not always held a candle to.

I am not suggesting we shun religious followers in general, that would be a misrepresentation of my argument, I believe we should shun parents who think that because they believe, they should indoctrinate their children from a young age to (not to sound crude) quite a ridiculous belief that goes against everything we know in science and has been historically responsible for creating divisions among people.

It is an obvious trend across the world that children believe what their taught to believe, i say it is wrong to teach children "facts" which are completely un-true, forcing upon them ideals that they may or may not have agreed to otherwise, threatening them (inadvertently perhaps) with the threat of hell and installing obedience based belief systems from a young age (which i will say adds to the current apathetic view that plagues America in particular today).

Children Should not be presented, purposely, with biased information from a young age In an attempt to teach them the "truth" about the bible or any other set of disputed (un-truthful) ideas.

See you in your closing statement :)


As I have previously stated, despite the parents choosing to send their children to Sunday School, children are still free thinkers and will continue to hold their own ideas and beliefs.

To stop the practice of religious ancestral continuation would be ludicrous. That would be infringing even more of American first amendment rights than the banning of sunday schools.

Religion must remain free, just as most guns must stay legal and all speech free. The original pilgrims escaped England in search of religious freedom. Just as muslims and jews wouldn't be happy if a christian president passed a law stating that Christmas must be celebrated, despite religion held. There is a separation of church and state, so the state shall not infringe on the church's rights, and vice versa.

All religions must be respected without hindering the rights of others. Only 22.8% (source: Pew Research Center) of US citizens are unaffiliated with any religion, which is a clear minority. Catholics are roughly 20% of the population, but it would be unconstitutional to pass a law mandating communion.

Good luck!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by snkcake666 2 years ago
Very well. As long as you have had previous encounters, then it is not considered Straw Man.
Posted by EthyWoo 2 years ago
I see Snkcake666, well unfortunately i have had other run ins with Vincent and i can tell you he is certainly not being sarcastic, i had a debate with him on one of his topics before this and he did nothing but act juvenile and self absorbed.

Go find it if you wish: How are atheists not solipsists. or something like that.
Posted by snkcake666 2 years ago
Well quite frankly, that was an assumption that the other individual was not sarcastic, which quite frankly, they appear to be. I would not necessarily call it a blatant Straw Man, but is bears close resemblance.
Posted by canis 2 years ago
Banning "Things" has never worked in the long run. Replacing things has.
Posted by EthyWoo 2 years ago
Really? where? Im kind of new to this whole formal debate thing so Im still trying to get my head around the fallacys.

Well TheVoiceOfTruth, anywhere they may be practised religiously I personally disapprove.
Posted by snkcake666 2 years ago
In a sense, you somewhat committed the Straw Man fallacy yourself.
Posted by The-Voice-of-Truth 2 years ago
What is the specific location of the ban you support? In the United States? Canada? The UK? Russia? India? The entire Earth?
Posted by EthyWoo 2 years ago
Don't straw man my argument,
Hate of freedom? what a remarkable piece of idiocy to say such a thing. you are yet to even understand my reasons for holding this view and your already making prepositions about why I hold it. how arrogant and supercilious.
It appears that thinking from another perspective is a recondite skill to you.
Feel I'm wrong? debate me.
Posted by ViceRegent 2 years ago
Man, I love it when tyrants are so open about their hate of freedom.
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