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Sunglasses are superior to baseball hats on a sunny day

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Started: 7/11/2016 Category: Fashion
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Hi! I'm new to this site and I'd like to get the lay of the land by participating in a low-stakes, easy-going debate. That means sources aren't required but optional (I know that in actual debates sources are a must but who cares I just wanna have fun). That also means let me know if I'm doing something dumb.

So, I'd like to argue that sunglasses are superior to baseball hats on a sunny day. This takes into account eye-protection, face-protection, economical cost, etc. Basically, if it was super sunny outside and there was a stand selling baseball hats and sunglasses, which would you buy?

Ok I hope someone is interested in this, haha, but I'll lay out my first argument. Good luck to whoever may accept!


Sunglasses are superior to baseball hats for three reasons: sunglasses provide direct protection to the eyes, wearing a baseball hat on a sunny day is extremely hot, and sunglasses are easier to carry when not in use.

Sunglasses provide direct protection to the eyes. Sunglasses' main purpose is to shield the sun from the eyes, and are UV protected to prevent the sun from hurting your eyes. While baseball hats may shade your eyes, light can still reflect off bright surfaces and into your eyes, so baseball hats do not offer nearly as much eye protection. Sunglasses often reduce bright glares, providing better visibility on sunny days.

Sunglasses do not make your head hot like baseball caps. Sunglasses are light and rest on your eyes and suspend the lenses in front of your eyes via 2 thin wires or 2 plastic strips. Baseball hats on the other hand are essentially cotton hats that you wear on your head. Wearing such a garment on your head on a sunny (and hot) day is not worth the little sun protection your face will receive because the heat will not be worth it.

Sunglasses are easier to transport than baseball caps. Sunglasses are smaller and lighter and when not in use you can stick them in your breast pocket or tuck them into a bag or even hang them from your shirt collar. Meanwhile, hats are big and the only way you can carry them without wearing it is in your hand if you don't have a bag. If you DO have a bag, the hat will take up more space than sunglasses.

To recap, I have shown and proved that sunglasses offer more sun protection to the eyes, are less hot to wear, and are easier to transport. Therefore, sunglasses are better than baseball caps.


Welcome to the site, Pro. And good luck to you too. As you stated that this is a casual debate, and I am feeling kind of lazy, I am fine without using any sources for this one.

I feel that baseball hats are superior to sunglasses for three reasons:
-Baseball hats are generally cheaper
-One can express him/herself more with baseball hats
-Baseball hats provide protection to the whole face, rather than to only the eyes

Sunglasses can cost up to $150, while the more expensive baseball hats are around $30. That means that baseball hats will be superior for someone who cannot afford more expensive sunglasses.

One can put express themselves with baseball hats more easily than with sunglasses. I can make it easier to show people I am a St. Louis Cardinals fan by wearing a Cardinals baseball hat than by wearing red sunglasses.

As a person with fair skin, I get sunburned really easily and I hate putting on sunscreen every hour (I burn that easily). So, in order to have one fewer place to put on sunscreen, I wear a baseball hat to protect my whole face from the sun.

Yes, while sunglasses protect the eyes very well, they fail to protect the rest of the face, which could cause some serious skin cancer, which is the most prevalent type of cancer, and is preventable, by wearing baseball hats.

Baseball hats are indeed hot, but isn't it worth being hot for a couple of hours to protect yourself from the dangers of skin cancer and eye damage? Also, one wearing a baseball hat can take it off for a minute to wipe off any sweat on his/her face and can take it off to fan his/her head.

If one has a handbag or backpack, a baseball hat is no problem to transport. If transporting a baseball hat was such a problem, why do so many people wear them?

In conclusion, baseball hats are superior for the reasons shown. Thank you for debating this topic. Good luck with your next speech.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to rebut my opponent's points to begin.

Sunglasses are not more expensive than baseball hats. Sunglasses sell for as cheap as 10 USD and even 20 USD for polarized sunglasses. The sunglasses that cost upwards of 100 USD are almost always brand-name sunglasses worn for the brand, rather than the use. You can buy perfectly functional sunglasses for the same price that you can buy a baseball cap, or even less.

Baseball hats do cover more of the face, but as a downside they are much hotter. The opposition stated that it is worth taking the heat from wearing a baseball cap to receive the benefits of shielding your face from the sun. This is a subjective stance, and one could argue that the heat you feel is not worth the additional protection. Baseball cap brims only cover the forehead, eyes, and upper cheekbones. The bottom half of the face is left completely exposed. Baseball caps do not actually cover that much of your face, thus the heat you feel is not worth the minimal additional protection that you receive.

Yes, you can express yourself more with baseball caps, depending on the logo or whatever you wear on it, but when it comes to the shape of baseball caps, they are all relatively the same. You have flat brims, curved brims, snapbacks, etc, but they are all the basic shape. Sunglasses on the other hand come in all different shapes and sizes, so you can really find a unique pair that complements the contours of your face well, that can express yourself even better than a generic Cardinals baseball cap.

If one has a handbag, depending on the size, you may be able to fit into it the slim profile of a pair of sunglasses but not a baseball cap with its large bill. Sunglasses take up less space and are sleeker. Transporting baseball caps are not that big of a problem, thus why so many people wear them. I am not asserting that baseball caps are a giant nuisance to carry, merely that they are a bigger nuisance to carry than sunglasses.

I have successfully rebutted all of my opponent's points, and negated their rebuttals to my own points, therefore sunglasses are superior to baseball caps. Good luck with your next speech.
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