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Super-Walmart is the best establishment to set up a camp for a zombie apocalypse

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Started: 3/9/2015 Category: Entertainment
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As this is my first "debate" on this website I have chosen a simple, but fun topic. I have clearly made the claim that Super-Walmart would be the best establishment to set up camp at in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Setup: The Zombies are such as the Walkers in the Walking Dead opposed to World War Z or other lore. For an unexplainable reason you received word during Christmas day (so every shop/business is closed) that walkers would be coming Christmas Night to take over the town. You must choose a business and begin preparing knowing that everyone will be zombies by morning.

One round, state your case!

- The entrances of Wal-Marts have gates, which can be reinforced with the register's check stands, furniture from the salon, eyeglasses shop, and so forth; securing the two entrances.
- By securing the "Garden" section of Wal-Mart, you will have access to forklifts and the reach, allowing you to further secure the entrances with objects that would be otherwise too heavy to move.

***The Sports and Outdoors department*** can provide the following:
(a)paintball guns (for painting targets; allowing you to see walkers at night more clearly)
(b) guns and ammunition of a wide variety/knives, bows and arrow, (and knife sharpeners)/golf clubs/baseball bats/flashlights and so on.
(c) sporting armor/pads for protection against bites (football pads, shin guards, baseball helmets)
(d) exercise equipment for staying fit or using to blockade the entrance. (punching bags, treadmills, shake

***Clothing *** this department's provisions are apparent, offering clothing of a wide variety. In this category we can offer shaving razors, deodorant, soap and so on.

-Refrigerated Food that will spoil quickly will be available for as long as the backup generators (typically 3-4 in super-walmarts) allow. Beyond those food items; canned goods, drinks, bottled (and gallons) water and other essentials would be available.
-As most super-walmarts have a McDonalds, a generator from the Garden Department could be used with McDonalds grills and equipment (or the grills from the outdoors department) to cook food that needs preparation before eating.
-Canned foods will be easily accessible due to the pots/pans/can openers and other appliances offered. Some of this will be dependent on how you focus the power of the generators.

-The Health department will allow for aide to wounds, illness and other health related issues, while also having the left over prescriptions in stock.
-Creating a system for recycling water (with bottled water or left over water from the facility) will allow you to shower.

***Further Security***
- Using the baby-monitors that run off of rechargeable batteries, you can effectively have eyes and ears on the entrances while sleeping in the employee break room.
- When going on runs outside of the facility you could use home entertainment pieces (in this case; speakers) and speaker wires to create diversions off in the distance. Example; roll out speaker cable 500 + feet from the loading docks (in receiving), attach any type of speaker and when walkers are too high in count for comfort turn on the radio attached to that speaker for a few minutes to attract the walkers and lead them away.

***Other Perks***

-Access to the roofs for shooting practice/scoping (thanks to binoculars in the hunting department)
-Weapons can be found/made from the Gardening Department
-Entertainment; toys in the kids section, books, magazines, playing cards and so on.
-Comfort - using the bed, couch, chair selection you could be quite comfortable in your stay.
-Security office/backrooms/rafters for navigating through the store other than the main building.
-Lighters and flammable objects can be found to create flame throwers to burn bodies and so on.
-Bleach and mops to clean up the burnt bodies or any nasty mishaps
-potting soil, seeds, dirt and water to plant some vegetation for future food.
-Automotive section/garage for bringing in cars to fix/improve or to save for an escape.
-Entertainment section would most likely be useless unless you decided to use your generator on the electronics. (maybe a movie a day? Just one round of FIFA?)
-Photo-shop - so that you can make copies of your beautifully captured photos in the apocalypse
-When the power goes out; plenty of extra clothes, paper (school supplies), furniture, pop-culture posters, toys and so on to use for a fire. Also; lanterns are in the gardening department.
-School supplies for creating signs to place on the roof if you wish; ex. "S.O.S"
-Most wall-marts sell fish, so you could even have a pet, with the required pet food... they also have volley-balls.
-Dogfood, deer corn, and bird seed are available to throw from the roof therefore attracting prey for the walkers (deer/birds/raccoons)

And that is about as far as I'm taking this debate!

I look forward to the Con.


What a cool debate!

The biggest problem with the Super-Walmart is that it is hard to defend from bandits. Because we are in the Walking Dead universe, one must avoid staying in high risk locations. All the shops have long since been raided, hence they loot houses. Walmarts have multiple points of ingress, and the living and can be so much worse than the dead.

Assuming you hold off the attack, Walmart's have TONS of supplies, but I think you'll be disappointed in the selection. For starters, I shop for bullets quite frequently, and Walmarts tend to be in short supply. Even stocked, the selection of weapons and ammo you'd want to use (for zombies a hi-cap .22 rifle) are going to be limited.

As for food, Walmart has a seemingly unlimited amount, unless this apocalypse isn't over quickly. Our AMC friends think it would drag on and on, and that food supply won't be getting bigger. Given that Super Walmarts are in urban areas, hunting options will be limited. The problem with the gardening section is it's for house plants, not vegetables. Good luck finding seeds that produce something edible.

From a tactical prospective, the Walmart is a death trap. Given that there will be many zombified persons in the surrounding area, once you go in, there really isn't any going out. Those bandits I mentioned before are likely to bring or become our undead friends which will mean the store will be quickly surrounded. Even if you fortify the doors to withstand the horde strength of a thousand brain-hungry zombies, you're basically waiting until you run out of drinking water (likely the first to go) or food (distant second). Congrats, you just died at Walmart, which is the last phrase I want on my tombstone.

What you really want is a fort out in the wilderness. Someplace with an area for crops, tactically sound defensive positions, plenty of surrounding wildlife, and most importantly, seclusion. Basically, the prison was about as good as it gets (solid walls would have made it better). Just don't piss off a cyclops.
To survive long-term, your primary goal should be to avoid predators. Every encounter just adds to the probability of your demise. When a confrontation does occur, do what EVERY self-defense discipline teaches: RUN.

Day 1:
If you're at Walmart, grab heavy duty backpacks. You'll need food, so grab butter (best weight to calorie ratio). You'll want some water-holding objects. The problem here is water weighs a lot so it's essential to have continuous access. Get a .22 rifle (Ruger 10/22 or SW MP22). The ammo is very portable, so get plenty. There are other items to get: knives, medkits, rope, tools, blankets....whatever you can carry EASILY.

You have a great headstart. Leave for the boonies and never come back.
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by Poe-vahkiin 3 years ago
I would go to the one place the dead can never reach me. The living room.
Posted by logicinlife 3 years ago
Axelthane, I figured somebody would get that reference!
Posted by Axelthane 3 years ago
"They also have volleyballs..." OMG
Posted by logicinlife 3 years ago
PotatoLord, I actually have decided Home Depot is my second choice because of the reasons you mention. Especially because of the generators, though. I decided Wal-Mart was #1 because what you needed was in the first location, canceling out a chance to get eaten while looking for food. In the hypothetical, I decided I'd rather have my main camp in a location with necessities and if need be I could find a home depot and make runs for wood, weapons, tools and so on. While Wal-mart's tools are limited, you have some things to work with including desks and so forth for recycled wood.
Posted by PotatoLord115 3 years ago
I would say home depo, they are normally next to a store with food. The store has a large supply of weaponry, and items to reinforce the area you decide to make a stand. Then the racks that the tools and items are on have a scaffolding above that you can walk along, that would be a perfect vantage point with a nail gun, against zombie and people alike, out of sight, and above so even if seen its a hassle to get to you and you can use wood beams to move to different ones.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con makes a good point in that there would be many people trying to raid your store, but if secured quickly and efficiently, you are set quite well in this situation.