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Superhero Battle.

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Started: 11/25/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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**Yes I know this was copied of another persons debate but I thought it might be fun**

1) First round is acceptance and choosing your teams.

2) Your team may consist of 4 superheroes/villains

3) "Infinity Gauntlet" is not allowed.

4) We each start out with 5 credits. In the beginning of each round argument, you must write how many credits you have.

5) Credits are used to buy power-ups/items that may be used for one round:

-Fountain of youth: makes one of your superheros/villains unattackable for one round (2 credits)

-Acid: Take away one argument your opponent makes for one round. (5 credits)

(If my opponent has any more ideas for power-ups or items please say them in this round and I will consider them.)

6) Game-play is simple, debate why your heroes can beat your opponents heroes in a fight.

7) No "invincible" or god heroes/villains

8) Each hero you choose can have a special power but it will cost energy. In other words, if you use that power that hero is open to endless attack for that round.

9) You get to choose the power but it cannot take the form of the "power-ups" and cannot grant the player invincibility or "god" like powers

My heroes/villains

-Ghost Rider
-Iron Man
- Siris (Infinity Blade II)


I love hulk... But you said no character can be invincible so if we are discussing a non-invincible hulk I can think of a way to win.

My team:

-She-Hulk (I assume by superhero you for sure include superheroines)
-Jean Grey (same issue as with she-hulk)

Round one of attacks (starting with 5 credits):
  1. Superman flanks iron man, the moment iron man attempts to attack in any manner, superman uses intense speed and strength to one huge spurt of flight thrusting his fist right through iron man's powerful chest-logo. Essentially killing him.
  2. She-hulk will use She-hulk smash (on Hulk's head itself, by jumping onto it) to counter hulk the moment he smashes or tries to hit another player. Unlike hulk, her transformation is voluntary and she maintains 100% intellectual capability while doing so and thus can flank him, constantly hiding behind his line of vision the entire time.
  3. Juggernaut can smash ANYTHING at all in his way when running, and continuously (infinitely up to the speed of light) gains momentum as he runs. His purpose is to chase ghost rider constantly, if ghost rider ever dares to turn to face him, he will be smashed apart.
  4. I use 2 credits to give Jean Grey the fountain of youth. I will use her telekinetic powers to focus in on Siris and disintegrate him immediately as soon as she can.
Credits left: 3
Debate Round No. 1


1) Ok so none of your arguments in the first round count because I specifically said that first round is for ACCEPTANCE and for CHOOSING TEAMS. So you still have 5 credits left.

2) Super heroines are allowed

4) Voters, please neglect my partners round 1 attacks as they were against the rules. Although I do appreciate my partners eagerness. Thank You


HULK: Hulk gets angry and attempts to bash She-Hulk. The reason why Hulk will win is because he has a bigger body mass and goes into rage making him almost unstoppable. When Hulk goes into rage he feels almost no pain. She-Hulk on the other hand will feel pain and cannot react fast enough to Hulk's attack because it came so fast.

IRON MAN: Iron man blasts Superman will his hand laser, the equivalent to Superman's eye laser. But Iron man will win this battle of the fates because he has rocket boots and a computer in his helmet that can detect any weakness. Not to mention that when Iron man shoots his lasers and Superman counters with his lasers, it leaves a gap open for Iron man to launch his missiles therefore severely wounding Superman.

GHOST RIDER: Ghost rider powers his bike to full speed and races towards an obsidian wall. He quickly maneuvers out of the way at the last second. The Juggernaut however is not so lucky, he cannot stop and even though he does break the wall it temporarily stuns him. Just enough time for Ghost Rider to hit him with his whip and send the Juggernaut to the pits of hell.

SIRIS: I equip him with the Vile Set. The Vile armor and helmet prevent Jean from using her powers against him. Using the Infinity Blade Siris quickly and efficiently takes her down.

Credits Remaining: 5


Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST YOU BLOODY WAIT!

Jean grey would already have read the minds of the opponents before the fight and accordingly help her friends to be ready for the enemies' plans. She-Hulk wouldn't have let Hulk smash her because she is more agile and less clumsy than Hulk since she is fully intellectual and comprehensive of her surroundings and the plan while in hulk-form, male hulk has to be infuriatingly mad to be like that. Do you honestly think he will be able to resist a huge punching combo to his head full-force from she-hulk? You can't use the invincibility argument because of rule 7.

Jean Grey, in phoenix mode can disintegrate ANY MATERIAL with her mind. Vile set is only effective against telepathy not telekinesis. So she couldn't read Siris' mind but could disintegrate him. However, if she went into phoenix mode she'd probably disintegrate all other 7 fighters and since suicide (in the kamikaze sense of the word) is what I'd consider a b*tch move in a superhero battle I think I'd say we should keep her stable but still she can rip him to shreds by denting his armour inwards thus squashing his ribcage into his heart.

Just face it, for ghost rider to power his bike full speed he'd have to be at some distance from Juggernaut. Juggernaut can smash ANYTHING (EVEN DIAMOND OR JESUS' ERECT PENIS!) the moment he charges. If the bike has to accelerate, so can juggernaut and unless Ghost Rider's Bike, he accelerates at such a rate beyond laws of physics! SMASH! BOOM Ghost rider's bike breaks. Now a skinny skeleton against a ripped bodybuilding dude built to smash anything and everything up (Only weaker than all of the Hulks and stronger than the "Thing" when he is charging) is not a close match. Easily he would beat every bone in Ghost Rider's Body. His fire and chains are no match for a head butt with Juggernaut's armoured head (I assume that if you're permitted vile armour set I'm permitted Juggernaut's characteristic Helmet and wrist bands for protection and power).

Superman is practically non-explosive, even by a powerful missile, when he's near yellow sun. Unless you really think Iron man can be faster than someone who can practically fly at speed of light you are foolish. Superman would merely be faster than the missile and if it was heat seeking he would fly up and around iron man blowing iron man himself up. His laser beams could also help blow up multiple missiles coming at once leaving one to do the blowing-up iron man job. All it would take is him to get 1 metre form iron man he is strong enough to even bite through his armour into his neck and poke a hole in his neck to let blood empty through the (now pulse-less) artery.

Victory would be mine unless you seriously think your team would all attack before mine had a chance to make a plan. If this is the case you are being unrealistic and unfair since for yours to make a plan mine would have time too.
Debate Round No. 2


dlu2012 forfeited this round.


if you managed to kill she-hulk with hulk, Superman would incinerate his brain with his laser than rip his heart out wiht his bare hands (you stated no one is invincible for this match).

If you managed to blow up superman, jean grey need only activate phoenix and destroy everyone within a massive radius.

I win,
Debate Round No. 3


Whatevs, i dont care about this debate anymore
Debate Round No. 4


dlu2012 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by RationalMadman 5 years ago
You chose hulk :(
Posted by ishallannoyyo 5 years ago
The credit thing is bad. Just make it based on debating skill alone.
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