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Superhero Rap Battle

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Started: 5/29/2011 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hello challengers and viewers out there. I am proud to host a debate in the category of rap. In this battle the opponent and I will choose a superhero to rap for/about using facts, puns, and rhymes. The point is to entertain and laugh at such a contest.

I choose Superman as my superhero and will now begin.


So I was born then I flew
to your home planet to find you.

Once I landed, I grew and grew.
My destiny and my cause are true.

I could go out of sight, faster than light,
and I can go beyond any distance or height.

You could never reach me but I see you alright.
It's obvious you'll lose this rap battle tonight.


Good luck with yours, I can't wait to see what how this is countered. Good luck to you. (The raps will most-likely grow in size as the debate continues.)


It's Odyssey, coming to the game
were here to kill rappers in the fame

Every time we can rap tonight on a flight
This club or shelter would ever fight

We just rapping about you, sting on you
Take it to another level to rap about your shoe

We stand the chance from the north bay
This is 16 mile way, what you gonna say?
Debate Round No. 1


Excellent, you're my new goal.
My X-Ray vision sees through your soul.

I don't need money to put bread in my bowl.
Your rhymes are bad and your raps are dull.

You were a king but had to go to war.
You couldn't find your way back and you were poor.

When you finally returned your pride was sore.
You can't rap with superman anymore.


Yeah, Check this out, this might be dope, here we go

I'm a superman that makes a lot of money
You can go out with a man name Bailey, that's a honey

I'm a king of hip-hop, your not, your just a gangster
Have you eat potatoes chip, your a fat mother******

My raps isn't dull, I'm a Chicago Bull
I kick Hornet's a** that I give you null

Your a skeleton with the ugly a** zombie
16 mile is at California, Here comes Odyssey
Debate Round No. 2


Yo I'm here. From the skies I dive.
I was busy killing villains and saving lives.

No need to thank me forget the high-fives.
There's always evil like you waiting in their hives.

Why don't you give up, why don't know you're through?
It'd take a split second for me to find you.

I'd take you down with ease and put you beneath my shoe.
I'll cut you up and make my favorite dish, Odysseus Stew.


oh yeah, This is Odyssey, you not going nowhere, here we go

your the rapper you broken the car like Chris Brown
your the little a** 4 foot kid got hit by football like Charlie Brown

Go write some rap, Go have a job at the Barbershop
Does your mom tell you about killing villains while distracting the cop?

I'll cut you up and make my favorite dish is Agnostic Sandwich
and your ex-girlfriend says "This food is trash can B****!"

I will never give me up like Elton John of the best singer
do you want to give you up or not? That's why your not the rapper

Your the single rapper just like treated like a fool
Did you just go to union high school. That's a private school

oh my god, I wish you want to smoke with me
Cause I love you, as I suicide you baby

I'm saving lives for the people, you go the bad word shoe
You say the word to go to hell like snoop dog just got pissing you

Rocking to LA, Rocking to the Bay Area
Odyssey 16 mile inches of penis goes inside your vagina
Debate Round No. 3


You rhyme, you spit, you play as hard as you can.
Does using big words and curses make you feel like a big man?

You know I'm about to change your plans.
Try -3 miles not 16. All it took was a X-ray scan.

You're weak, small, and I beat them all.
You stop in your tracks when you hear the call

of a true legend, a hero. I'm brave and stand tall.
When I'm done with you, you won't be able to crawl.

Just try touching me. I'm even too fast for light.
I could fly forever, all day and all night.

If you took a swing at me you'd break something alright.
When you cross paths with me, hope it won't start a fight.



Your lights are blinding, your girls don't like drinking
you can drink alcohol from the HIV cracking

I'm 5 foot 9 inches tall, so I'll f**k you all
you started fighting, I'll put you down in the AK-47 Juvenile Hall

you took and swing the ball and break the baseball in the home run, f**k your world, f**k your world
you can't fly forever until you die and bury your grave till I turn your angel, f**k your world, f**k your world

I'm a true legend, hero, and brave like MC Hammer
you didn't graduate middle school from the diploma grammar

I'll break -3 + 19 to the mile of California
It means 16 to the comeback from the diploma

I'll break your nuts, neck, and your shin too
Oklahoma City is all about sorenos from the color Blue

Come and see me, until you f**k with me
9/11 disaster might hit you by Tsunami

You just f**kin arguing me as a Jay Tee
8 + 8 = 16 mile white-a** is open for the Odyssey
Debate Round No. 4


Good game my friend, but it's about to end.
When it's over you'll have no balls to lend.

Let's keep it at -3. You know you can't extend.
How about -∞ yards? That's the data I'm going to send.

Your rap is finished. It's reached its peak.
You're all out of breath. You can barely speak.

You know you can't get up because your weak.
There's no holes in superman to leak.

You've got no kryptonite, so why have you tried?
Stay on the ground wheezing. All your rhymes died.

Superman will always be on the good side.
I fed you your bottle whenever you cried.

I leave the choice of victory of this battle to the world.
It has trusted me all the way to my hair in front that curled.

I've loved the people being happy and how the young twirled.
Let the grand flag of The United States Of America be unfurled.


Oh! your the only one rapper that i pressed the mute button
You can't rap that s**t all over, you got the a**-cotton

Today is the end of the world for 2012! Why are you sleeping?
did you just smoke n drank tonight before your nose is bleeding

Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!
This is world war III, I called it Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

Oh my god! your nose is bleeding, your not reading
Your to blind to read this s**t. Please no cheating

We cal this no kryptonite, This is the fight
Go grab your color pencil and you need to write

I'm from Mexico, you can die in the United States
your the American cheese from the tectonic plates

I can't forget about US. Were the Mexicans
You can't play soccer, that's for the Africans

Are you black and shame of the Americans?
That's why were still 16 mile Napa California is the represent for the Mexicans
Debate Round No. 5
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