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Superman Can Destroy Any Superhero

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Started: 5/15/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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In this debate, I will be arguing that Superman is the best superhero in existence and can virtually destroy any other superhero.

Round 1 for acceptance only!


I accept the challenge. Is it only other superheroes, or are villains also accepted?
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you con for accepting my debate. Allow me to clarify where I had not before -- This is only a debate with superheroes. Preferably from Marvel or DC. They do not have to be major. You may use any you like.

Round 2 is for introducing your hero and giving a background.
Round 3 is for saying why they are better than the others hero.

Superman is also known as Clark Kent. He was raised by rural farmers after he landed on earth from his blown up planet, Krypton.

Clark is unlike any superhero. Not only is he practically invincible, but he is a humble, honest man with strong morals. I think that this makes someone a hero more than anyone else.

His one flaw is kryptonite. Get him with this, and he's done for. But Superman has super strength, the ability to fly, lasor vision, x-ray vision, super senses, and is an honest citizen that gets the job done not sloppily or messy unlike a lot of other heroes.

Superman really delivers things in the "American way" with liberty, justice, and due process. He is fair, merciful, and still packs a powerful punch.

I believe that Superman is not only the best superhero because of his powers, but because of his honest integrity.


(Before I begin, do you ever have problems with the text entry fields on this site? I get some lag in them where it skips words or characters sometimes. Operating with the Firefox client.)

Good points, pro. I at first saw your argument as something that measured only the might of the hero, yet I believe my option is still valid. I will be arguing that Marvel's Thor is a superior hero.

Thor is one of the Asgard, based off of the Norse mythological pantheon. Though he has had several alter-egos, the original is Dr. Donald Blake, an M.D who he combined with when sent to Earth by his father to learn humility.

While it's reasonable to classify Thor as a superhero, he's obviously much more. Thor is a god. The strongest of the Asgard, he is also immortal and capable of sensing objects moving in excess of the speed of light. Flight, control of Earth's elements, and a healing factor are also among his capabilities. When it is the case that his already immense strength and stamina are not enough, he can go into a berserker rage, increasing his strength and stamina tenfold. He even has a degree of reality bending powers, as he's been shown to be capable of time travel at various points in his publication history.

Thor is without flaw. As a god that has witnessed many millenniums, he is as wise as he is mighty. His only potential weakness is his reliance on his hammer Mjolnir. However, the fact that only he can pick the hammer up, and its enchantment to always return to him mitigates this weakness significantly.

While Superman delivers in American fashion, Thor operates on a much larger scope. Generally acting as a moral hero that is opposed to slaying his foes, he sometimes must betray his code. However, those that he shows no mercy to are enemies that Superman could not even fathom. While Superman primarily concerns himself with fighting a rich tycoon with aspirations of power, Thor fights the forces that would bring Ragnarok, the apocalypse, to the world. Unlike Superman, Thor does not always have the option to show mercy.

Thor is a hero that can teach us much. While Superman fights for the American way, Thor does not distinguish men based on borders. He is a champion that protects man from entities that no other hero can stand against. He is the child of the Earth mother, and therefore defends all that call Earth home. His divine nature and compassion for humanity therefore places him on a higher pedestal than Superman.
Debate Round No. 2


Con has made many valid and excellent points.

Both Superman and Thor have incredibly strength and invincibility. This does not mean that nothing can hurt them though. I'm glad we have established this.

Thor, although being a god, does not have superspeed. His ability to move quickly and swiftly is used for travel purposes only. This serves as a disadvantage. Superman on the other hand can use his flight and speed for travel and combat which is something Thor can not use to his advantage during a fight.

This is practically a fight of Thunder God vs. Super Alien. Both are immortal, yes. Reiterating, Superman can only be hurt by kryptonite. However, Thor's main and trustworthy tool is his hammer. If he loses this which he has been known to do, he is quickly rendered vulnerable. Superman's powers are all built within him. In one showdown with Lex Luthor, he picked up a mini-continent and threw it into space; this being an excellent example of his strength.

Another one of Thor's weaknesses is his familiarity with Earth. Superman has fought and lived on earth since he was a child. He is accustomed to love, the people, and how society works. This is all new to Thor when he arrives. Being able to adapt to his surroundings is a major flaw that must be taken into consideration. Superman has human values since he was raised by two of them. He is relatable and can serve as an excellent companion. Thor however is not as relatable due to his life in Asgard. All that can be related with him is his jobs and duties as a god.

While Lex Luthor has always been one of Superman's primary enemies, he posseses the ability to fight off anything, noting back to his powers. While Thor "defends all that call Earth home," Superman defends Earth that his is home.

Thor's hammer might be fast and break the speed of light, but Thor himself is not. Superman has the mobility and speed to quickly manuever around obstacles and defeat his enemies with swift precision. A hammer such as Thor's compared to his own speed would create a sloppy and destructive mess. Thor is just a "strong guy" without his hammer and Superman has beaten plenty of them in the past. Thor has a tendency to lose his cool and go all out on someone rendering him imparied and out of control, whereas Superman has the ability to control these faults due to his humbleness, concentration, and high morality.

So in conclusion - Superman has superior powers, a relatable background, a home to defend, not someone else's home to defend, and the stamina to take down Thor swiftly.
I concede that he is not a god, and Thor is superior in this way, but that does not mean Thor is completely invulnerable and Superman could take quick care of this.

Thank you to my opponent for a good debate. Good luck with your votes!


Looking forward to the vote. Pro has defended his argument very well.

Thor's godly heritage largely invalidates Superman's speed advantage. Even if he succeeds in bashing Thor around a good bit, it will only activate Thor's berserker mentality, which makes his strength and stamina become truly divine. He effectively becomes the Hulk, if the Hulk could survive being thrown in space. While I feel that Thor is superior to Superman in hand to hand combat, I think that we can both agree that the heroes in question are immensely powerful and it would be a close fight, with either fighter having an equal chance to emerge victorious.

As for Mjolnir, while Thor does lose it on occasion, in a general combat setting the hammer always returns to his hand when he tosses it. Keep in mind that most stories involving Thor losing his hammer revolve around an antagonistic god, since it takes a deity to pick up Mjolnir. Since Superman isn't a god and doesn't have access to any kind of magic to cancel out the enchantments placed upon Mjolnir, I think we can rule out Thor losing his hammer.

This brings me to my next point: Magic. Superman is weak to a handful of things, Kryptonite being the most well known. However, he's also weak to red solar energy and magic. While Thor doesn't have access to the former, he's well equipped with the latter. His hammer is magic, and he's shown to have an entire arsenal of enchantments, charms, and spells given to him by Odin. This is what gives Thor the edge over Superman. While he doesn't have Kryptonite, he has something that Superman has been shown to be just as weak to.

When it comes to relatability(is that a word?) to the reader, I still must side with Thor, but on a much deeper level. Superman rises to prominence as an adult, already having learned how to exist in our world. Thor has a much different experience. He comes to Earth and is overwhelmed with ignorance. Is this not so relatable? Remember being a child, coming of age and learning about the world? Such is the scenario for Thor. He is emerging from ignorance to enlightenment in the affairs of man. Despite his divinity, he always has more to learn. While Superman is perfect in all areas, it's this downfall that makes Thor more relatable. Especially when you consider that down the road he ends up being a founding member of The Avengers, showing compassion for those he may not completely understand, but still feels compassion for and wishes to protect. I would also like to point out that many of his comics detail his fight to defend Asgard, which means he has a home to defend as well.

As earlier stated, Superman does not have the power to fight off foes wielding Kryptonite, red solar energy, or magic. While the latter two are a bit more obscure, the first is obtainable through wealth. Superman can be defeated by the wealthy, which is exactly how Luthor stands a chance against him. Thor, on the other hand, has no such weakness to be exploited, unless his foe has the alliance of a god. This is a bit more challenging than getting ones hands on a rare element.

I would like to reiterate that Thor isn't a "strong guy". He's a god. The more you beat him up, the tougher he gets. Not only that, but he wields magic that Superman has no defense against. While Superman's speed presents a challenge for Thor, it doesn't counter out all of Thor's advantages, primarily due to his ability to become berserk, which makes him essentially immune to harm. Humbleness is appropriate for Superman, because he simply isn't strong enough to go toe to toe with the god of storms.

In closing, Thor has powers roughly equal to Superman, but his magic gives him a clear advantage over Superman. He is relatable in the human experience of learning to merge into the world we all know, and he too has a home to defend. While Superman has stamina in abundance, so too does Thor.
This clash of the titans is an excellent pairing. However, Thor has a mystical offense that Superman is completely weak to. As such, Thor is the clear victor.

Thank you for putting forth your argument, pro. Good luck to you as well!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by jameswalters 5 years ago
hulk (marvel), thor (marvel), batman (has a kryptonite gun), anybody with magic, the all in one from marvel. There are plenty of people who can beat superman.
Posted by KingDebater 5 years ago
Does it have to be a well-known super hero?
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Vote Placed by Skrone 5 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Refuted all of pros points while not all of his were
Vote Placed by SaintMichael741 5 years ago
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Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: Close one...I think that con gets the edge because of his mention of Superman's weakness to magic. Although Superman is a better hero in terms of story, I don't think Superman could beat Thor (it would be a long battle either way). I give credit to both con and pro for great writing and conduct.
Vote Placed by Napoleon_Dynamite_915 5 years ago
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Total points awarded:30 
Reasons for voting decision: Even though it hurts to say that Superman is better, Con could have chosen from so many other, much better, superheroes. Thor isn't even a superhero, he is a Norse God. Con could have used so many other superheroes such as the Hulk, Batman, or even the Green Lantern.