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Superman is the most powerful superhero in comics overall

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Started: 7/12/2015 Category: Movies
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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In comics overall and especially in movies I would argue their are other superheroes more powerful than Superman, and by this I mean would give him a challenge and overcome him in battle.


I cant wait to see your response:

Ok so in order to determine if superman is the most powerful superhero spread over all comics we must look to a certain criteria:

Super man while powerful is unable to coexist with Irradiated pieces of krypton, When in its presence, ANYONE can beat him up.

Applied Abilities: Super man a ton of abilities HOWEVER, his lack of intelligence disallows their use most circumstances, people are in danger, superman faces them head on rather then using his enhanced sight and laser vision to eliminate threats. Its Cannon that superman kills criminals to protect innocents, but superman is unable to actually protecting people without endangering them.

He gets a 4/10

ALT Heroes:

Aquaman: 8/10
  • Vulnerability
    • Aquaman has absolutely no weaknesses
  • Applied Abilities
    • Aquaman has the strength and durability of superman, is super intelligent, can phase through time, and lead soldiers from the ocean that can breath air but do not invade the land because aquaman has ordered them not to.
Hulk: 6.5/10
  • Vulnerability
    • The hulk cannot die, he is indistructable in hulk forum and Is the only Marvel survivor of ultron in the comics, He transforms right when Bruce would take damage.
  • Applied Abilities
    • The hulk smashes everything in his way all the time, this makes him inneffective yet powerful.
Silver Surfer: 10/10
  • Vulnerability
    • He is indistructable and filled with infinate power, this is why Thanos, the most powerful villan is his enemy, because silver surfer can challange him.
  • Applied Abilities
    • His powers include the ability to absorb and manipulate the universe’s ambient energy, navigate through space at hyperspeed, super human strength and endurance. He can also project energy in various forms for offensive and defensive purposes, as well as having the ability to see through time. His senses give him the ability to detect objects light years away and to perceive matter and energy, including life forms. He can also use his nearly indestructible board to attack and capture enemies. Did I mention he can phase through matter and cast illusions? The Silver Surfer can just do it all, he’s absolutely unstoppable.[1]

Superman is not nearly the most powerful, his moral compass hinders his ability to cleverly outsmart enemies and thus he is not the most powerful super hero.

Debate Round No. 1


debater14 forfeited this round.


No need to complete my thought on how superman is actually the most powerful due to his moral compass, FF Vote 4 Pro
Debate Round No. 2


Ok, so I was in Chicago and couldn't get to the argument in time, Let's get on with it.
1. You proved my point exactly.
2. I don't see how speaking on Superman's moral compass is going to make him the most powerful in comics, I mean if anything wouldn't that just make him weaker against opponents because he wouldn't go all out on account he might seriously hurt or kill them?
3. I can't wait for your response explaining how, I'm intrigued.


Glad to see u didnt abandon:

1) Ok so this is where I play in the argumentation, In round 1, I show that other heros are powerful However they are not guaranteed heros, let me show you:
  • Aquaman:
    • Aquaman is while powerful, not morally strait, this allows for him to be manipulated into causing disasters, at one point he assists in destroying a city because he throws a whale into a city.
    • This essentially shows he is not garunteed to be a 'Super Hero', Instead it is probable to state he may cause catastraphies making him a super villian.[1]
  • Hulk:
    • As stated the hulk is often manipulated into destroying innocents this means he may also be a super villian. [2]
  • Silver Surfer:
    • The Silver Serfers mentatlity of being a servant means he may also be a villian, He nearly kills several heroes because they stand in his way. Thus he also qualifies as a super villian.[3]
  • Superman:
    • Superman always stands with his moral compass this means he will always do what benifits the greater good. In some depictions he allows his father to die so he can save more people.
2) Supermans moral compass doesnt eliminate his ability to protect, in the new reboot he kills a child version of brainiac to save the world:

This means that Superman is the Most Powerful Super Individual who will always remain a hero, he doesnt bend to threats.

Thus Superman is the most powerful super hero.

3) Im glad your intriuged, I challange you to show me

Debate Round No. 3


Here I thought you had a valid argument.

1. You played with my words really trying to use the word superhero and mess with it when I originally just put that in their because that's what they are called.
2. No matter the casualties Aquaman is still a superhero because with war and battle their will be casualties, he fights for the greater good though and this makes him a superhero, he now can stand toe to toe with superman.
3. Even if we go your way, Superman can be taken over to, like you said with the Hulk. Superman is vulnerable to magic and red kryptonite turns him evil. This makes him just as much a risk.
4. About the part with the boy Braniac in Gods and Monsters, which I haven't seen yet, from what I understand this is an alternate universe Justice League that uses more brut force. Who knows if our Superman would have killed the boy Braniac or tried to help him. And this would just be a risk of Braniac killing more people.


1) Its important to differentiate the two, Deadpool while powerful, is not driven by a positive moral coumpass.

2) Aquaman destroying all human civilization because he is manipulated is not heroic, Aquaman is manipulated and loses his hand because his mobility is below that of supermans.

3) Red Kryptonite is not Cannon to the DC universe, its origins are in smallvile. This means in the actual DC universe, Superman will never encounter this kryptonite. Even if he did, It doesnt make him lose his abilities, and simply distancing himself from the material eliminates its effects, so this ficticious material would be less then temporary, thus not effecting his moral coumpass.

However in the comics this material isnt something that manipulates superman, it is something that removes his abilities for a short period of time, this means his moral compass is strait on.

4) If you watch this video, which is cannon, you will see braniac as a boy being killed by superman for the better good. His moral coumpass is not hindered.

Superman is essentaily a god who is morally sound, there is no other individual who has a moral compass that is as good as supermans.

You still have yet to show how any other hero matches the same moral compass as superman, and thus is more powerful.
Debate Round No. 4


Oh my god this is ridiculous , you have went off the track of the debate, GET OFF THE MORAL COMPASS ALREADY. I originally stated that Superman is not the most powerful Superhero in comics and movies, and could be beaten by others. Now your gonna tell me since Superman has the best moral compass that means no others are superheroes, that's ridiculous. Because if you look and anyone else does , that's all you have been trying to say. Is that no other can be qualified as a superhero because they don't have a pure moral compass and as strong a one as Superman. So you say therefore Superman is the strongest SUPERHERO their is, because you don't think no one else qualifies as a superhero, thats so ridiculous though, a moral compass is not the only thing that defines a superhero. Besides other beings have a moral compass to, so to argue about how strong Superman's is to try and prove a invaild point is petty, good luck in round 5 , you'll need it.


ahh its good to back at my desk:


Superman is the most powerful super being who will always be a super hero:
We know that superman is one of the most powerful characters in comics, however my opponent hasn't provided anyone who is more powerful then him, The examples I Provided are not heros and thus cause catastrophe for no reason, not following a moral compass as stringent as superman, intern showing they are not heros.

Red Kryptonite:
Once again the ability for red kryptonite to manipulate superman is not from the comics, it is from smallville, and the resolution states comics. Even in movies we don't see this red kryptonite manipulating superman, its only in a non cannon tv show.

In the comics red Kryptonite simply neutralizes superman's powers, this means his moral compass doesn't fluctuate in the comics.

No individual more powerful then him has been shown to always stick to their moral compass like superman:
As stated in previous rounds Superman always sticks to his moral compass, this means that superman will always be considered a superhero, while others, as stated above, fluctuate making them more super villains then superheros because of their destructive tendencies.

Why you vote Pro:
You vote Pro because Pro is the only person to provide you with examples of alternate individuals then shown how these individuals are not necessarily guaranteed to be superheros. Because they are not guaranteed to be superheros we cannot weight them as such. This means that superman is the most powerful superhero in comics overall. My opponent provides no rebuttal.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by debater14 2 years ago
I'm not ragin bro but it's just you didn't even make the correct argument really , I mean with what your saying the debate should of been, "What makes a superhero", or, Superman is the only superhero, that itself is ridiculous though, I mean you're really saying the only thing that makes a Superhero is their moral compass. And yea I know your thinking - well out of the people I mentioned like aquaman , hulk, and silver surfer Superman is the only hero. Aquaman is a superhero though, just cuz he did 1 bad thing, i'm pretty sure a lot of superheros have. Plus that little thing about him destroying the city, i'd have to read the comic cuz tht little bit barely explained anything, but i'm sure he wouldn't do it just to show he's powerful. Plus you forgot to mention other heroes such as Martian Manhunter and Captain atom, and others that would be a match for superman. Course I forgot to mention them to cuz i was busy trying to point out that all u did in the debate was pick apart what it is to be a superhero. Also I dont know how u got the vote for spelling and grammer , u had stuff spelled wrong and out of order. All this isn't ragin btw , just trying to get a point through
Posted by Preston 2 years ago
Also the debate is over, u should have used that source IN ROUND, plus read those examples. most just complain about superman not getting places fast enough.
Posted by Preston 2 years ago
Ur just ragin man, i was clever and pulled it off :p
Posted by debater14 2 years ago
You've got to be kidding me. Preston actually got votes. He didn't even make the correct argument.
Posted by Preston 2 years ago
Aquaman is both hero and villian, but the fact he can flux mean we can concider him a hero, like i said deadpool is a super individual but we dont conciser him a hero because he doesnt have a moral compass.

Aquaman killed hundreds showing off his powers, you saw my comic clip.

And I showed he was the strongest super hero, you didnt show any other alternatives to the ones i did. This means I defended my case and showed he was the strongest super hero. Your mistake was allowing me to post arguments first, thats why you should have me say I accept, so you get your case in first. Or be aff to the resolution "Superman is not the strongest hero in all comics."

Ultimately you didnt really impact the debate at all, you didnt contribute and my gambit paid off, I showed superman was the most powerful superhero because no other individual qualifies as a superhero and retains equal or greater strength. If you want a redo, feel free to challenge.
Posted by debater14 2 years ago
Are you kidding me , I knew thats what you were trying to say, that Superman is the only superhero out of the ones you mention because of his moral compass. So Aquaman isn't a superhero ? wooow. That's why he is part of the Justice League. And your really saying that the only thing that makes a person a superhero is their moral compass? wooow again. I'm not sure everyone will agree with you on that. The thing that makes a Superhero is what they are fighting for, Aquaman he fights for good. My original argument wasn't about any of this though, it was meant to argue is Superman is the most powerful or not based on others abilities and such. You went the cheap route trying to define and pick apart the word Superhero. TSK TSK. Not to mention you forgot to talk about Martian Manhunter and Captain Atom. I was gonna bring them into it but the debate got so off topic. I'm pretty sure the people know who to vote for though. THIS GUY ! - Con
Posted by Preston 2 years ago
@lol101 there see, bloated superman, no rebutall to my observation of superheros and I show superman is the only superhero of the people I provided, there were no other examples thus I win ;0
Posted by Preston 2 years ago
no im not... we have quite a few rounds, im going to bloat superman, besides it looks like FF
Posted by lol101 2 years ago
@Preston You are arguing for the wrong side. Since you did so, you might lose the debate.
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