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Supreme Court Case: Mordecai And Rigby VS. The Blondes

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Started: 2/26/2014 Category: Funny
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"This is the court case Mordecai And Rigby VS. The Blondes from when Mordecai turned into Blondecai. The blondes are charging Mordecai and Rigby for Murder in the 1ST degree."Judge

"Your honor, me and my clients, Mordecai and Rigby, are here to prove that they had to kill the blondes so they could escape their lair. -cooldudebro

"Your honor, I am here to prove Mordecai and Rigby didn't have to kill the blondes and were doing so for revenge."- con

"Inreresting. Plaintiff, begin your opening arguments.-Judge

Witnesses for con:

Surviving blonde

Witnesses for cooldudebro:
Dispatch policeman Lopez


Awright! Leez do dis!

Your honor, my clients (Although survivors already charged for intended murder) had the opportunity to live. Mordecai and Rigby escaped from the danger of The Blondes, but decided to leave a bomb to kill and injure them anyway. The U.S. Constitution clearly states that you can only use self-defense when endangered. They could have escaped from the Blondes without blowing them up.
Debate Round No. 1


This round is for opening arguments and questioning your witnesses.

The defense would like to state their opening arguments.

Ladies and gentlemen, the defense is here to show you that Mordecai and Rigby had to kill the blondes as an act of justifiable homicide and self defense. In our case, you will hear four witnesses testify ing for the defense. It is your job to determine if Mordecai and Rigby performed justifiable homicide, or first degree murder.

The defense calls Mordecai to the stand.

"Mordecai gets sworn in and sits in the witness booth."

Mordecai, is it true you were, for a time refered to as Blondecai?

Yes, because of a bet Rigby cheated on. I had to dye my hair blonde. Rigby mocked me and called me Blondecai. It stuck and I went by that name untill the bet was over.

Is it true you were then invited to hang out with the blondes?

Yes. They were cool untill they tried to kill me and Rigby

How did they try to kill you and Rigby?

They hung Rigby over a boiling put of blonde dye, which, if Rigby was lowered in there, would have killed him. They tried to kill me when I helped Rigby escape. They shot laser beams at us and were going to kill us.

Why did you explode the blondes and their lair?

I knew that if Rigby and I didn't kill the blondes, they would keep coming after us. I broke their pact of a non blonde entering their lair.

What happened after that?

The blondes still tried to kill us in the elevator, but it closed just in time. Officer Lopez then called an ambulance to pick us up. Now I am in this courtroom today.

No further questions.

Great, does the defense have any more witnesses?

Yes your honor, we call Rigby to the stand.

"Rigby gets sworn in"

Rigby, is it tr...

Let me just stop you there. I have nothing to add to what Mordecai said. It was completely accurate.

Ooookkkaaayyyy Rigby, you may go.

The defense calls Pops to the stand!

"Pops gets sworn in"

Pops, how long have you known Mordecai and Rigby?

Ever since they started jilly gaging in the park!

Eerrr may you please refrase that for the court?

Ever since they started working for the park.

How would you view their character?

Mordecai and Rigby are good fellows. Sure, they can be lazy at their job, but they would not kill a person without being provoked!

Thank you. Pops, you may go.

The defense calls officer Lopez to the stand!

"Officer Lopez gets sworn in"

Officer Lopez, how do you know the defendants?

After rhe incidents with the blondes, I helped Mordecai and Rigby by calling an ambulance. I talked to the EMS people that were about to bring Mordecai and Rigby to the hospital.

What did they say?

They said one of them had a broken arm. They both had severe burns. They said only laser veams could make that burn.

No further questions

Does the defense have any other witnesses?

The defense rests.


Thank you your honor,

So this EMS doctor says they have a broken arm and severe burns? But these laser beams when used by Mordecai and Rigby for self defense did more then just severely burn the Blondes. So how is it possible that they have these burns while some of the Blondes have been killed by the lasers (The rest killed by the laser's self destruct and the last survivor)? This EMS doctor could have been bribed! And because there was video coverage on the Blonde's Lair, I see no lasers hitting Mordecai or Rigby or anything that could have caused a broken arm.

Another thing, Mordecai was outside with Rigby when he told him that he needed Rigby for a sacrifice (Found from the outside video coverage from a nearby 7/11). This was to scare Rigby for revenge, but, Mordecai was planning to save him all along, although he knew the Blondes would not like this. So why did Mordecai put his and Rigby's life in danger and then kill all of the Blondes? Why didn't he just not show up after being told he needed a sacrifice. He could've said "ok, I'll get someone" and then go home but not arrive at the initiation! But instead he picked the hard way and un-needly kill all of the Blondes. This seems like Planned Profesional First Degree Murder Charges for Mordecai to me.

Thank you your honor, that is all
Debate Round No. 2


" This EMS doctor could have been bribed! "

Objection! The defense is making a statment about this man's character while it is not in question with no evidence to back it up!

Objection sustained. May that be stricken from the record.

I can see your point. However, Mordecai had no way of knowing the blondes would try to kill Rigbt and him. He was trying to teach Rigby a lesson
Also, the security video in the blonde's lair is probably incomplete!

This round is for cross examining your witnesses. Last round is for questioning YOUR WITNESSES! I will let you use this round for questioning your witnesses; Benson, Skips, and surviving blonde.


Before questioning my witnesses, I would like to object again, for I feel that if the EMS doctor was bribed to support fake evidence for this court, the evidence should be ignored. And the Blonde's lair's footage has no sections that look to be cut out. Although this is possible, it is unlikely. And lastly on the video footage, what parts would it be missing that would be important to my argument? A part where they are hurt? Maybe, but at the end of the fight the footage shows no damage that could have been gained by the fight. And Mordecai did know the Blondes were going to kill Rigby;footage from outdoors show Mordecai grabbing Rigby and saying "In fact, I need to Blonde an outsider". He knew that he needed Rigby to be Blonded, resulting in his death. Also, Mordecai did not seem surprised one bit when he entered the Lair and saw the Blonde tub of Death according to the video coverage. I will now question a surviving Blonde

*Blonde gets sworn in*

Mr.Blonde, is it true that you told Mordecai that he needs a non-blonde to be Blonded?


And using the video evidence, we can confirm this. Is it also true that you left Mordecai alone outside after a exercise jog with Rigby before the Lair fight?

"Yes. He said he would come inside with us after he talked to Rigby"

Well, while Mordecai and Rigby were left alone, they could've escaped, but Mordecai decided not to! Pure stupidity or Murder. As I've already said, Mordecai could've escaped at many other times while he had the knowledge about the Initiation.

That would be all, Your Honor.
Debate Round No. 3


"In fact, I need to Blonde an outsider".

Mordecai could have thought they would have let them go.

"Mordecai did know the Blondes were going to kill Rigby"

(Mordecai bursts out in front of the courtroom.)

I had to! They knew where I lived. They would have kept coming after us!

Ladies and gentleman of the jury, to prove my client guilty, the plaintiff must prove three things.

1. Mordecai and Rigby killed the blondes

2. Mordecai and Rigby did not kill the blondes out of an act of self defense

3. Mordecai and Rigby killed the blondes for revenge.

If the plaintiff proved these three things to you, then you must vote for him. I suggest he has not proved it. Mordecai and Rigby killed the blondes as an act of self defense. Regardless, the blondes did try to kill my clients first before they tried to kill them. This would make it an act of self defense.

This is for closing statements. How much time do you want Mordecai and Rigby to serve if convicted?

Now, it is up to the Jurors (Voters) to determine whether Mordecai and Rigby are Guilty or Not Guilty.


This is true. The Blondes knew where they live, but couldn't they have called the police? Maybe S.W.A.T. could've helped, but instead Mordecai decided to do it alone. First of all, I would like to say that I believe Rigby should not be charged for murder, because in his position it was self-defense, but Mordecai knew better and this was obviously some kind of Murder or just Stupidity. And also, Mordecai did not seem one bit surprised when a Blonde says "You know what to do Mordecai, Blonde him to DEATH". He didn't freak out or go "What?!". He just stayed with a straight face.

1. It is in fact true Mordecai and Rigby killed the Blondes

2. Mordecai although killing out of self-defense, put himself in a position where he knew there would be conflict just to get revenge on Rigby. For example, it would be like threatening to kill someone, and once they start attacking you, you kill them. Technically that would be self defense for you and them, but you provoked them and threatened them. You started the fight.

3. I do not believe that I would have to prove they did this just out of revenge, but if they did not do it for self-defense, I would think they would be charged anyway. Mordecai put himself in a terrible situation. He says he had no other choice, but he really had so many opportunities other than almost killing Rigby and blowing up the Blondes. As I've said this before, Mordecai did a stupid decision to put himself in that place, or for some reason he wanted to kill the Blondes by himself.

I would like Mordecai to serve at least five years in low-security prison. Although he did preform a mass-genocide, I feel like I am not charging him for the murders (which would be way more years), but I feel like he's being charged more for his choice to not ask for help and try to escape and kill the Blondes alone.

Thank you. May the best Con win... Ur-uh I mean lawyer. Although you did make up some stuff from thin-air like the EMS doctor saying they have injuries, which was never shown on camera, you did pretty good.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by TheWoodOre 3 years ago
Racoon. But this might be true in the Regular Show world because there are a few animals living there.
Posted by Actionsspeak 3 years ago
Con wins, can't jail a bird and whatever rigby is.
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Reasons for voting decision: The single-man jury has reached a verdict. I find the defendant not guilty of first-degree murder. The defendant has many more witnesses who provided much more reasonable answers than the prosecution. I must give conduct in the courtroom to the defendants because the prosecution questioned a man for a crime who was not on trial. We had two scribes in the courtroom today, one for each side. The side of the prosecution did better at spelling and grammar. The final vote is 4-1, in favor of the defendant.