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Surviving a Zombie APOCALYPSE

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Started: 12/4/2009 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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This debate will include three questions which you must answer and give a good description.

---there is one other survivor who will obey your beck and call
---zombies only come out at night
---UV rays hurt zombies
---The zombies are not slow stumbling morons, but rather fast running morons. . . . and zombie outfits don't trick them
---You can only carry a maximum of 3 guns/weapons
---any activity you do takes a minimum of 1 hr (I'm trusting you to be realistic)
---after 9:00pm the zombies emerge and no further preparations can be made
--- the zombies will hide once again at 8:00am
---don't forget the necesity for food
---finding a survivor is difficult (will take 3 hrs/survivor)
---You are in the united states

The questions:

1. What building would you stay in?
2. You only have 1 day to prepare for an endless wave of zombies . . . how would you spend your time (ie traps/barricades/searching for survivors/getting drunk)?
3. what weaponry will you outfit yourself and any other survivors with?

hope this will be a great debate, I will let my opponent take the first contention . .. . be sure to include lots of fantastically bloody elements. . . .

if you think of any givens to add, tell me and I will consider them


Good luck, have fun. I've waited far too long to compose my argument that I only have half an hour. Thus, I'll outline my location and general strategy and proceed from there.

I have chosen to start my escape from Boston. I suppose I'd start in a nice brick home, possibly with a small coniferous tree to decorate the pristine lawn in front. I'd probably start out with a Ford Ranger pickup. In the city, this isn't quite appropriate, but one may assume that I use it for yard work and recreation purposes.

And then, on the radio, I hear of a zombie resurrection that I had miraculously survived through the night, though many others did not. In fact, it's miraculous that this one radio reporter had survived. Sadly, the President did not.

Obviously, I now throw my toast and orange juice to the floor and rush around in a crazed panic. The first thing to muster would be my camouflaged military cap with warm ear flaps, a pair of workable jeans and a T-shirt (it's summer time). I would haul along a winter parka and a slicker. Steel toed boots are mandatory, but I would throw my pair of 'rubbers' into the back of the Ranger. A swiss army knife, a shovel, matches, a flashlight and a lantern are all obligatory. I would also throw a sleeping bag into the back of the truck, as well as a tent and an axe.

This would likely take an hour. Which means it's 9 O' Clock.

Next to find a survivor. Dear friends and family would be ideal, but they all live distances away. So, I pull the truck out into the damaged streets that are strewn with wreckage. From there, I would proceed to the US Coast Guard Base on 427 Commercial Street. This would likely take less than an hour, as the distance is not far and there is virtually no traffic, albeit the wreckage and a handful of dazed pedestrians stumbling around in shock and panic.

Once at the Coast Guard Base, which would be somewhat ravaged, I'd search around for various items. The three weapons I would choose are an M16A2 Rifle, M203 Grenade Launcher and a Coast Guard issue flamethrower.

Okay, so that's my plan, thus far. Perhaps it will allow my opponent a chance to identify his own initial plan and choice weapons. I don't think it would be ideal to negate eachother at this point. At this time, it may be about 10 in the morning, for me.
Debate Round No. 1


--------It is December 3, my birthday, and the day that the world ends. A zombie apocalypse suddenly starts at midnight, somehow I survived the first night. . . . call it my Irish luck (except I'm Greek). The zombies return to the ground at 8:00am and I know that I have only a small window of time to prepare for an endless army of the reanimated dead. My work is cut out for me, but thanks to my unnatural ability to come up with perfect plans on the spot I might just survive. . . .
------- I stare out the window with growing fear, my Home in Virginia Beach VA has been left untouched, however the rest of the houses in my neighborhood have been thoroughly destroyed. . . .wreckage and ruin is widespread, I can see no survivors. Making a few changes to the furniture in my house, I check on my canned food supply, decently well stocked. . .. . so I hurry into my garage, grab a sledge hammer, a rope, flashlight, and a cold beer out of the fridge. I also bring my two guns. One is an SX AR Winchester rifle, the other is a SX3 winchester shotgun. Finally I hit the road in my Toyota Sienna, this may not seem like the prime car choice, however after removing all the seats I have plenty of room.
----------This has taken 1 hour, and the time is now 9:00. I quickly set out and begin my search for a survivor. They are hard to find however, nearly everyone was killed by the initial infestation. The long search is not in vain however, I find a lone surviving young man (hes 25)
-----------12:00, we immediately set out to arrive at the local Walmart store. Due to specific regulations and laws Walmart is not allowed to carry guns, however ammunitions are in high supply. we find the keys to the ammunitions cases and the two of us completely eliminate their supplies. We also go to the yard supply isle and grab 6 5-gallon gasoline buckets. Also we grab some canned food (namely Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup).

-------------It is now 12:30 ( it only took 30 minutes at Walmart because there were two of us)We proceed to Dick's Sporting Goods and on the way we stop and. We again "raid" their ammunition supplies, but on the way we fill up our gasoline buckets. We tie the buckets onto the top of my car with the rope i brought along. We also grab two machetes, and a bipod for my SX-AR from Dick's.

------------it is now 1:30

Weaponry Specs:

I will now allow my opponent to continue his argument. . . . .


Cold beer is important. ; )


To continue my scenario, I'm currently at the US Coast Guard Base in Boston and it's 10 O' clock. The next thing to do would be to ravage its ammunition supplies and find boxes of untainted ammunition. Once accomplished, I would probably possess roughly 10,000 rounds of ammunition (in three and a half boxes) for the M16 and about forty grenades, plus a small tank of fuel for the flame thrower (enough to last forty minutes of constant use). The rifle ammunition would be loaded into the Ranger. The grenades would be loaded into the cab to conserve room.

While searching, I am fortunate to stumble upon a Coast Guard patrol boat that limps into harbour. Apparently, they had been docked and attacked, but the pilot and steersmen had gotten away, alive. Sadly, the steersman died of his wounds, leaving merely the pilot, a seasoned Coast Guard officer of the age 33. He is more than happy to accompany me in my quest to survive.

He knows the location of the oil stores with which the patrol craft are kept running. I pull my pickup next to the storage building only to find it ravaged and the officer (we'll call him Joe) picking through the oil drums, many of which are still intact. Together, we roll one out of the storage shed and toward the back of the pickup. Two planks of lumber suffice as a ramp and we roll the drum onto the back of my pickup. The oil drum is so heavy that it causes my poor Ranger to sag at the back, and it utilizes the rest of the available room, but it is essential. Together, the pilot and I hop into my Ford and hit the road. Several hours have passed and it's now 12:00.

Next, we drive for a few seconds before arriving at the Golden Goose convenience store, (which is also on commercial Street) where we grab several loaves of 'Wonder' brand white bread, a couple packets of ham and a few bags of Ripple potato chips (plain, as we don't wish to be dried out or feeling the need for excessive liquids with spiced chips), a couple cans of Puritans beef stew, a can opener, some bottles of Fruitopia and some bottles of water, plus some matches and cigarette lighters. This will all be free merchandise, since the owner was, sadly, eaten. He also won't mind if we use several bags to carry it with.

Once complete (this took all of fifteen minutes), we head to a mining rental place I know of on Gerard Street called 'Hertz's Equipment Rental'. It probably would take another fifteen minutes to get there, so it's now roughly 12:30. Once there, we pick out some miners' helmets with headlamps, two pickaxes, another shovel and two steel bars. We find a grinder at the place and grind the ends of the bars down to a fine edge, thus leaving us with deadly double edged staffs.

Then, we head back to Boston Harbour. Once there, we range along the beach in search of an average size fishing boat. It takes a very long time as most boats had already been utilized or sunk in the initial zombie resurrection. However, we find one fishing trawler that's about twenty metres long and contains a winch and nets, if required.

It's now 2:00. We load everything into the boat and leave my Ranger for the zombies. It's now 3:00. The pilot is capable of starting the trawler and piloting it, so we head from Boston and out to Boston Light on the outskirts of Boston Harbour, on Little Brewster Island. Finding the lighthouse and unloading takes another hour and three quarters. Thus, it's 4:45.

It is here that my partner and I plan to whither the night away. The only connection to Great Brewster Island is a sand bar, so we should be relatively safe, with some other defence tactics. If we aren't, we still have the Fishing trawler to make good an escape.

We plan on utilizing the oil drum to create a fire wall along the sandbar, knowing that zombie can't cross deep water.

I think that's all that needs to be divulged for now.

Cheers! Been fun, thus far.
Debate Round No. 2


Me and my faithful companion now have all of the bare necessities to survive, food, weapons, and a car. .. . however this isn't quite good enough. As we drive down the road enjoying our beer (yes we drink and drive), we notice a deserted police barricade. Among these police cars there are also occasional Army . Some poor souls must have attempted to survive the night by gathering together, however they were evidently overrun by the zombies. We quickly scavenge the site. Finding 2 M9s and a number of grenades, 50 to be exact. Ammunition for our m9s is in high supply because of a M-977 HEMT Tactical Truck (and a crate of grenades was found in the truck). We take 4 pairs of tactical night vision goggles from the truck. Unfortunately we find that the truck's wheels went flat due to a misfired bullet so taking it is out of the question. As we continued to drive however we see what appears to have been the result of a last ditch effort for some of the people to escape. Again! we are in luck, a military humvee (or HMMWV) is deserted and appears to be in working order. I come to learn that my friend is in the army and just recently arrived back from Iraq. One of the parts of his daily routine was to check that the humvees were in working condition and functioned properly. We top off the gas tank with our gas buckets, then proceed to swap our supplies into this new humvee. (the reason the people died was because the humvee was out of gas and judging from the tracks it would appear that they attempted to run from the zombies).


We realize that perhaps our M1114 UAH (see image here *) is the best place to survive for the night. So we drive to a gas station, fill up again, and set out in search of another survivor. Since theres two of us we manage to find one in 1.5 hours, and then find another in 1 hour (since theres three of us).


We stop at the local police station outfit our new friends with two more shotguns and a number of Kevlar vests (four to be exact). We then drive to sunrise ATVs.


Upon arriving we grab 4 razor full face helmets and 4 neck protectors. We also grab four walkie talkies and a GPS. We walk over to the nearby gas station, have a drink and then stock up our car with ALL of their thirst-quenching beverages (i.e water, Gatorade, ice teas) We also grab 8 five-hour energies so that we won't fall asleep.


We are completely outfitted. . . . .this is an overview of our items.

- M1114 UAH
- M249 5.56mm SAW (mounted gun)
- See more specs and picture here:


- Helmet
- Kevlar
- M9 -weapon-
- 5 fragmentation grenades
- 5 flash bang grenades
- SX3 Winchester shotgun -weapon-
- Pair of Storm boots (raided from destroyed convoy)
- machete -weapon-
- Walkie Talkie
- Neck protector


- standard police issue shotgun -weapon-
- M9 (he grabbed this and two clips of ammunition from the police station, I did not know at the time) -weapon-
- Neck protector
- Walkie Talkie
- Kevlar
- helmet


- standard police issue shotgun -weapon-
- helmet
- Kevlar
- sledge hammer -weapon-
- Walkie Talkie
- Neck Protector


- SX AR Rifle (with bi pod) -weapon-
- Storm boots
- 10 flash bang grenades
- 10 fragmentation grenades
- Kevlar
- Helmet
- Machete -weapon-
- Neck protector
- Walkie Talkie


- food
- water
- energy drinks
- ammunitions (shotguns have 200 rounds each) (Rifle has 500 rounds) (the M249 has a 300 round "box mag" with five extra to spare)
- flashlights
- night vision goggles


we begin our drive to Assateague, famous for its wild ponies, but that is besides the point. This island has only two bridges connecting it to the mainland. This is a perfect spot for four people to survive, pony meat is everywhere! We enter the island across the beach access road, using ten of our grenades, we detonate the bridge (after we cross of course). We drive up the beach access road and arive at the end of it.

--------------it is now 9:00 ----------------

Zombie apocalypse, the anger of God Almighty has descended upon us and the dead climb from their graves in an attempt to steal the very souls of the living. We must survive, as the human race always has. We must weather these difficult times, and I have the perfect plan (and a lot of luck).

final note: I would ask my opponent to outline exactly what items he has, that way there is no mistaking or forgetting. Thanks


I guess I misunderstood the meaning of the guidelines established at the beginning. When my opponent mentioned 'you', I assumed that meant the entire party. Instead, he meant that literally. :P I, myself, could only carry three weapons, and anybody else I find could also carry up to three. Oh well, I think that the seclusion of the spot I have found will require only minimal weapons, anyway.


List of Items:

Available Vehicles:

Fishing Trawler

Ford Ranger pickup truck



2 Pickaxes

2 Pulaski axes

2 steel bars with finely honed edges (double edged steel staffs)

M16A2 Rifle with 10,000 rounds of ammunition

M203 Grenade Launcher and Fourty Grenades

Flame thrower and sufficient fuel for fourty consecutive minutes

Remington Model 870 Pump Action Shotgun Possessed by former lighthouse keeper, along with 1,000 rounds of ammunition

2 P229 .40 Calibre Coast Guard issue pistols (the Coast Guard pilot possessed his service pistol and also confiscated the recently deceased crewman's. He's been carrying them about along with seven clips of ammunition)

Fishing nets


Matches, cigarette lighters and a drum of oil.

Food, juice, water and can opener.

Blankets and sleeping bags

Warm clothes, steel toed boots

kerosene lantern and electric lantern


Swiss Army knife

200 yards of rope

kitchen implements and various lighthouse tools. Even a bed etc.


All right, so as I had previously mentioned, we dock our Trawler at Boston Light on Great Brewster Island. We begin unloading only to find that, surprisingly, the lighthouse keeper, though relatively elderly, and his wife (both about 56 years of age), managed to escape the Zombie resurrection by barricading themselves into the lighthouse. They are superstitious souls and believed the world had been ending upon this night. Hence, their reason for being prepared. They have full stores of food and drink in the cellar of their home.

They don't help us with the unloading, but the old man relates his life story to us while we do the work, and his wife cooks us a warm meal. It is, upon our relation of recent events, astonishing to know that the old man purchased a Remington Pump Action Shotgun for duck hunting just a few years ago.

We both are jubilant at the news of an extra weapon, not to mention the fact that the chap possesses a Pulaski axe and several hammers and shovels (namely a sledge hammer is of importance).

As it's 4:45, we wolf our food down and begin to pour oil along a strip from side to side of the sandbar, from the drum. This drains half of the drum, leaving us with another hald left in case we need to make another fire wall.

Then, we dig a long trench through the sandbar (only thing linking the rocky peninsula to the mainland). We make the trench four feet deep and two feet wide all the way across the narrow sandbar. The lighthouse Keeper (Mr. Crowley) gives us a hand for half an hour before building a narrow lumber bridge so that we are capable of easily crossing to the oil line.

We're done by 6:00. At this time, we dig various deep holes, throwing the dirt onto tarps Mr. Crowley provided, and throw the nets over top. The zombies won't be able to tell netting from firm ground and will fall into the holes. Then, we can simply haul the tarps of dirt back over the holes, effectively burying each zombie.

I'm running out of time, I'm afraid, so I won't be able to continue in this post.

As you go first, I'll then declare that we plan to create the fire wall along the oil slick and use the armaments to shoot the necks and cerebellums of the zombies that manage to pass through the fire and fall into the trench. Very few will live to get past that trench. those that do will face short spurts from the glamethrower, manned by my courageous Pilot friend.

Thanks. Stay classy and good ideas. :D
Debate Round No. 3


gr33k_fr33k5 forfeited this round.


1stLordofTheVenerability forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by gr33k_fr33k5 7 years ago
hey! we forfeited the last rounds so that the debate could continue HERE!!! . . .. .

it will continue after the holidays, sorry about the mix-up
Posted by ournamestoolong 7 years ago
This could go either way, depending on the abilities the zombies have.
Posted by Arcanist 7 years ago
You know, hiding on an island sounds like the best plan, unless zombies like to swim through large amounts of water...which isn't possible for them... Or how about hiding on a plateau? Or something elevated or isolated... Or the penthouse sweet of Taipei 101... that's what i would do. =)
Posted by wonderwoman 7 years ago
yes but in Resident Evil the movies the zombies clearly climb up stairs
Posted by Koopin 7 years ago
lol, this is so funny
Posted by 1stLordofTheVenerability 7 years ago
Can you guarantee that? A video game is a pitiful source.
Posted by Data 7 years ago
We all know from the first Resident Evil video game, you can simply go up stairs to avoid being attacked by a zombie.
Posted by feverish 7 years ago
Plus 1.
Posted by 1stLordofTheVenerability 7 years ago
This is great!
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