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Swearing is a bad thing to do

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Started: 10/21/2014 Category: People
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Resolution: swearing is a bad thing to do. So-called bad words:

-bring out your inner negativity

-can affect/hurt others

-can affect/hurt yourself

-is a waste of time (for everyone)

-is a waste of breath

-brings a bad connotation to your name

-turns your personality in a bad direction

-changes your attitude in a bad way

-generally sounds bad, unless you sing it

-may ruin relationships

-is bad for kids to hear

-trains your brain to be impatient and vent anger wherever, whenever


Whoever opposes must step right up and accept this challenge! First round can be acceptance or not, Con may choose.



People need to have a way to show strong negative emotion. Swearing is just a means to do this. Although, if you overuse swear words, then people will learn to treat your anger with skepticism.
Debate Round No. 1


Swearing in public is any language that is offensive--profane or not.
I'm using the term "bad" to give you a general idea of what the resolution is, but the debate will not entirely be about this.
Here are the 5 main types of swearing put into specific categories:
1. Spiritual swearing, which makes fun of, mocks or inappropriately invokes a god or deity and, by extension, devalues a person's spiritual beliefs.

2. Societal swearing, which usually employs slurs that seek to devalue people based on their race, ethnic, physical, cultural, biological or community distinctions. People are devalued because of who they are in relation to others.

3. Species swearing involves calling someone or something by an animal name. People are devalued by being compared with animals.

4. Sexual swearing tends to be salacious and often employs the ubiquitous "f" word. The “f” word's utility can extend beyond sex. It can be used as a noun, verb, adjective or adverb. It is a versatile swear word. Some people hear it so often, they scarcely notice it at all. Nevertheless, pepper an argument with plenty of "f" words and we may soon stray from the rational path. (I'm reminded here of those standup comics who use the word to excess … so much so, I lose track of the actual joke. Do they use the word to excess as a compensating mechanism for a lack of talent? I often wonder.) In the end people are often shocked, embarrassed or devalued through some sort of association with the word's original sexual content.

5. Scatological swearing tends to be gross and preoccupied with excrement or excretion. People can be diverted from a rational argument or devalued by a disgusting metaphorical association.

Swearing is overused
Because my opponent said/admitted that swearing is basically self-destructive (ruins relationships, worsens personatlity and over-all attitude) if overused, I will attempt to prove that ALL swearing is overused: therefore a bad thing to do.

I'm sure you have heard at least once a little elementary school-aged child saying with their friends that something "sucks" or this is "crappy." Those are used so much it drives me bonkers. If you don't agree, say something. Mainly, swearing is used to release emotion and usually negative emotions. I argue that it is not a good way to do it, and I have and will be explaining why. Point is that profanity is the most common way to release the emotion of anger, a.k.a. scatological swearing. This further supports my argument that it is overused and bad for everyone.

The majority of folks/parents don't appreciate--or hate--the use of offensive language

If one person--anybody--talks profanely in front of a kid, that kid will never be able to erase that word from their mind and will more than likely reuse it in front of others. This is how the words spread. (See videos)

In fact, I only knew one kid in the 7th grade who didn't know the F-bomb or most of the other swear words, and she came from a rather protective family system. To the point, most parents, at the very least, dislike and don't appreciate their children to listen in on profane language.

Even so, there are some parents who swear so often that others are greatly annoyed or worse. In this case here, a mother was arrested for it.

It is worse for you and whoever you are associated with if you swear at all in public either way.

Lack of educated language / swearing devalues general language or even you

Typically speaking, swearing is involved in slurs of racial, sexual, or just plain offensive talk. We can admit that we often use this type of language due to lack of better words. This itself should attract our attention and make us want to quite swearing in public because we should know by now that our personalities our partially determined by the way we talk. The first time I see you I might, without consience, put you into categories. Swearing might devalue the way I think of you.


Swearing in private or public is bad. It is bad for you, in your attitude, and for those around you, their involvment in profanity and/or their perspective of you.

Swearing is a bad thing to do.



Many if your points I do not disagree with. Swearing which is offensive or devalues others is indeed a bad thing. Although, in your definitions you defined swearing as "Swearing in public is any language that is offensive--profane or not.". Now, when I hear the word "Swearing", I think of "cussing" and many of the "4-Lettered words". I think that if children are taught an understanding of swear words at a young enough age, they can learn to use them properly. I don't disagree that swear words are overused, they definitely are in today's society, but I do not see the harm in using them to express strong negative emotions, when everyone around you understands that you are not trying to hurt or attack any of them.
Debate Round No. 2


Because swearing is offensive, we should not do it. It would make us a hypocrite if we then say we live in love because you are thinking negatively if you swear.

Con admits that swearing is overused. That means I have proved my point because, as I said in the previous round: "Because my opponent said/admitted that swearing is basically self-destructive (ruins relationships, worsens personatlity and over-all attitude) if overused, I will attempt to prove that ALL swearing is overused: therefore a bad thing to do."

I will say that it is sometimes the easiest and most efficient way to express strong negative emotions, but this does not change the fact that it is offensive and harmful 99% of the time. I still argue that it is not a good thing to do in any way. My opponent did not refute my videos or my arguments, and did not exactly create an argument himself.

Conclusion: swearing is a bad thing to do on any occasion.

Thank you.


Like I said, my point is that swearing is not always a bad thing. If it were changed and not used as often, then it's use would be much greater. I don't think that swearing is good all the time, or believe that it should be totally removed. Also, what is your problem with swearing without offending anyone, or using it to express strong emotions appropriately? That is what I want to hear.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by JasperFrancisShickadance 2 years ago
I kind of made this debate playing Devil's Advocate. I do believe swearing is "a bad thing to do" in real life. But in an online rap battle it's a different story because we all know we don't mean it to be offensive at heart...!
Posted by RevNge 2 years ago
LOL, you swear in rap, don't you? XD
Posted by RatofDoom2 2 years ago
My opinion is that swearing is fine to do if used in the correct context.

For example, if it used to express anger or disbelief over a large crisis/revelation (for example, crashing your car) would be totally acceptable. Only when it is used to express on a smaller scale is it unnecessary - having a small fight with a family member should not call for over-excessive cuss words.

Discriminative cussing is always crossing the line. You should never discriminate someone through an expression of anger. It is always wrong. Whatever the case.
Posted by JasperFrancisShickadance 2 years ago
cussing in general is racist. No matter what, it's offensive.
Posted by awesomediscussuion 2 years ago
im all for cussing as long as its not racist
Posted by YonansUmo 2 years ago
What (if any) evidence do you have to support your outlandish claims against the use of arbitrary antonyms? The idea that an utterance could somehow change who you are a person as if it were some magical incantation and the idea that it could ruin a relationship are ridiculous. Saying it is a waste of time is simply an error, seeing as it is after all an antonym and in some cases carries fewer syllables than the alternative. I think the root of the issue is that you're a "sensitive sally" who doesn't like "mean words". If your feelings are bruised by someones choice of non-abusive vernacular, than you need to grow thicker skin or else life is going to be very difficult for you.
Posted by Atmas 2 years ago
Cussing is a powerful way to express emotions, there are no words in the English language that possess such force. Cuss words are also just words that have been given bad meaning, they're not inherently bad. They're also a shortening of possible ways to tell others how a person feels without resorting to long winded sentences. Saying, "Damn it!" Is a much quicker way of displaying frustration than saying, "I am so frustrated by this!" Con is correct in pointing out that overuse of them will degrade their effectiveness, but that only matters if the person cussing even cares what people think. I cuss quite often, despite my vast vocabulary, because it helps me relieve the stress I'm feeling and let's my anger come out in words instead of actions.
Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
Jesus did say, " by your words are you justified and by your words are you condemned".Cuss words are very broad based. " That just makes me sick". is cussing. Anything that speaks the curse on you is cussing.

"Swearing" just shows a lack of communication skills. A good communicator does not have to resort to profanity to get his point across.When I was growing up I didn't here the "F" bomb till I was 9. Now I here young parents say that in front of their kids. I want to get a bar of soap and wash their mouths out.
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