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Swimming is sea is better than swimming in the swimming pool.

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Started: 11/11/2013 Category: Sports
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Respect to the audience.This house believes that swimming in the swimming pool is better than swimming is sea,because it's safer plus it have less chemical than sea,because the chemical in pool is just only chorine and its use to take away the bacteria,but in the sea,lots of chemical in sea are come from that's why this house believes that swimming in the swimming pool is better than swimming is sea
Here is a link from a statement of "swimming pool is better than swimming is sea,because it's safer"


Are you from a different country and don't speak good English? If you are, I'm able to speak a couple different languages so please let me know.

Swimming is oceans is actually good for you.
Debate Round No. 1


Now you have give us 2 links for the proof.
The askville is a link for asking people's opinion, which is not an evidence to tell that swimming is oceans is actually good for you.
Let me tell you another statement why you should swim in a pool:
Imagine you swim in the ocean far away from the land,then you need a help. Not much or anyone can see you.They could see only a tiny spot of you . While you swim in a pool, everyone couls see you and help you super fast too!
So that's why this house believe that "swimming in the pool is better than swimming in the sea"

Extra:I am Thai, but type in english is better, because everyone can know what you are telling.

Good luck, pro


Thanks Con. His entire point is based on safety, He (I'm going to assume it's a he because of the profile picture) is saying that swimming in a pool is better because lifeguards can see you more easily.
1.There is not a guarantee of huge waves drowning a victim

2. Signs often say: Enter at your own risk. This mean you are responsible for your own self. If it does not say that, then a LifeGaurd would be there. It is the persons choice to go where he/ or she goes in the water. In the video, the victims obviously swam very far out. That was the choice that they made. Pools are often not that big or deep, meaning that the people swam out of the limits a pool would have. If they had stayed closer to shore, they could've still swam around and enjoyed themselves. The sea is not unsafe, but people do have the ability to make it

3. Pools are heated, and cold water swimming is good for you.
Debate Round No. 2


Thanks to Pro.Now the proof that you have give us is a link of the health benefit of swimming in the sea,but actually there are lots of disadvantage.
2.Lots of chemical

Now as you have tell that "It is the persons choice to go where he/ or she goes in the water" but at last what happen? lifeguard say "hey don't go that far" or kind of.Right? Some of a beach even have a punishment by pay.So the evidence of entering of your own risk is unproven evidence.

Your turn now Pro!


? I'm not sure if I understand your point nor if you understand mine...
I'm saying it is the persons choice to go as far as they want. If a lifeguard tells them to stop then that would mean the beach is safer. So it's either: The persons choice. Or: A lifeguard tells them to stop.
It is proven. If a sign literally says enter at your own risk when a lifeguard if not on duty, (Which my beach does) then it is obviously proven. You have not disproved anything. All you're saying is that a lifeguard could stop someone from swimming to far, which actually helps my point. If they go to far, the lifeguard will tell them to go in. If a lifeguard is not there, then it is the persons fault for drowning.

What "Chemicals" are you talking about? You do realize people actually put chlorine in the water of a swimming pool.
Debate Round No. 3


Thanomsak forfeited this round.


I win. I'd like to point out that my oponent was online 15 hours ago while he has just ran out of time as I type this.
Debate Round No. 4


Thanomsak forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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