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Sword Art Online is a Good show

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Started: 11/23/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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My opponet was the one who wanted the debate so I'll leave the rules to them.

5 rounds.
72 hours.
10,000 characters.


Alright so I'll be using Round 1 to explain the finer points in which we will be debating.
Each round will consist of a different aspect in which the anime will be graded.
As one would assume, for every round Pro shall be focused on explaining the Pros of each aspect, and vice versa.
If there's anything you feel necessary to point out, feel free to do so. Otherwise, I will be jumping right in!

Round 2 : Critiquing the overall story and plot - Here, both parties will be explaining why the show is good in terms of developement, plot transition, and possibly the likeliness of plot twists

Round 3 : Character Developement - Express your opinion on the richness/diversity of characters, character developement, compatibility of traits, anything along those lines

Round 4 : Art/Music - self explanatory

Round 5 : Overall enjoyment - Was it appropriate in terms of providing entertainment? Does it fulfill the goal of attracting the intended audience members? Would you rewatch or recommend it to fellow acquaintances?
(This category may be a little biased, but voters can interpret as so)

Pretty simple concept. Pretty fun debate. And pretty much for pure amusement. I look forward to evaluating Pro's points, and thanks for accepting. Have fun.
Debate Round No. 1


If it is alright with my opponent, I would also like to use SAO II as it is still Sword Art Online.

Spoiler Alert! If you have yet to watch/ read SAO do not read this debate!

The overall development, plot transition, and likeliness of twist of the SAO has been/is excellent.


For the readers who have yet to read/watch SAO, I will provide some back story. The protagonist Kirigaya "Kirito" Kazuto's parents died when he was very young. So it was decided that he would be raised by his aunt. When he was ten he learned he was "adopted" because of a little research he did. (He was a smart boy, he built a computer in elementary.) When he confronted his aunt about it she told him the truth. After this happened he turned toward technology over people. One day he applied to be a beta tester for the NerveGear and Sword Art Online. He was accepted as one of the 1,000. Together they only got to floor 10.


It starts off with Kirito and his new friend Klein sitting on a hill watching the sunset talking. A force teleportation sent everyone to The Town of Beginnings where the game master and creator Kayaba announced that the fact no one can log out was in fact a feature of the game. (Plot twist) He also announced that if you die in game, you die IRL. Also if any one tries to remove the NerveGear IRL you will die. He than says everyone has a gift in their inventory. When everyone takes out the "gift", its a mirror, it turns them into what they look like IRL. He then says good luck and leaves. While everyone stood there shocked Kirito grabbed Klein and ran. Once at the edge of the town Klein stopped saying he had to go back for some friends. Kirito said okay and left him. All this happened in episode one.


As of transitions, they also did an excellent job. When in between boss fights they had great side stories that were actually well thought out. Such as the one where there were "murders" in towns. Kirito and Asuna had just arrived in town to see a man hung and pierced by a spear. They then do an investigation and realized that it was all a hoax set up by a broken guild to see who killed their leader. (Plot twist) It was actually the husband in game and IRL. Who tried to higher a PK clan to finish off the rest of the guild.

As of plot twists I have said a few up above but I will name others.

1.) While enjoying themselves after getting married and buying a house, Kirito and Asuna stumble upon a little girl in the woods. She says her name is Yui and doesn't remember anything to then fall asleep. Eventually she wakes up and asks if Asuna and Kirito are her parents and although they were hesitant at first they said yes.

2.) While Kirito and Asuna were battling a strong monster, dying against a strong monster, Yui walks out of the safety room and steps in front of Kirito and Asuna. Before they can say anything the monster tries to kill Yui but is blocked by the game (e.g.. Immortal Object). Yui then goes B.A on the monster pulls out a giant sword and kills it by touching it with the sword. She then reveals that she was a program for Aincrad that was to keep everyone sane but was blocked and told to not interact with anyone. By going against specific orders she has basically killed herself. She then opens up a keyboard and dies.

3.) After Yui dies Kirito starts typing furiously on the keyboard while in tears. Asuna asks him what he is doing and he replies he is using Yui's GM status to try and save her. He does in fact "save" her by turning her into an inanimate object and storing her in his local NerveGear memory.

That is all for now because if I don't stop now I doubt I ever will.

Good luck to my opponent and may the best debater win.


For the sake of time conservation, my argument will be much broader compared to Pro's. My evaluation will be based on SAO's performance overall, so excuse my failure to point out specific cases. A few may be supplied for the sake of extended support for my claims, but otherwise, none will be provided.
S/N : I will not be using the same systematic format as Pro. I will not be addressing transition, development, and likelihood of plot twists into different distinctive categories. They'll be implied through my response.

There's a general consensus that I doubt much people would argue against : the fact that the premise of SAO is promising. By applying several themes adapted through online gaming (concept of guilds, health points, quests), the author introduces a superb idea that is extremely appealing to viewers. Because SAO is so attractive in terms of creativity, one would expect the execution to be masterful and capable of surpassing the standards that the public had set. Wrong. SAO is quite disappointing actually.

1. For one, SAO is doesn't meet any expectations for a complex or intricate plot. It lacks all the things that make any show essentially good. It claims to be a story of sacrifice and despair. A tale of alliances and betrayal. The struggle to retain humanity in front of impossible conditions.. But why in the world does it leave out all the essential components any good story needs?
There's no deep interpersonal or political conflict.
No psychology or moral dilemmas.
No analytical tactics or mind games.
No witty dialogue or response of any kind.
And that is the biggest problem with this show. It is bankrupt in substance. It's mostly just uninspired action and has glimpses of good combat here and there. In other words, there isn't much analysis or strategy involved. If my intention was to create a successful mainstream show that appeals to the masses, all I'd have to do is follow the linear plot that the author wrote for SAO.

2. Another part of SAO that really disturbs me is the romance. Don't misunderstand, romance is neither necessary or unnecessary in action shows but once again what really matters is how it is delivered. In SAO, the protagonist is blessed with a flawless partner known as Asuna. Asuna and Kirito are said to be the perfect pair and many applaud them for their undying love for each other. What I fail to comprehend though, is why was the romance needed in the first place? It doesn't contribute anything special or worthwhile to the plot and is apparently just there to please hormonal teenaged fangirls. What's worse however is that their romance is- because of a lack of a better term, bland. There's no chemistry between the two. It's very similar to the interaction between middle schoolers. The male confesses his eternal love for the opposite sex, and she responds by fidgeting and shouting "Baka!", only then to abuse him somehow physically. (Recall the scene in which Asuna falls on Kirito and he accidentally gropes her breasts.) In summary, the romance is childish and lacks any spice that would affect any sane person emotionally.

3. For anyone who watches anime or is involved in literature at all, you should be familiar with the term deus ex machina. If not, here's a definition.

de"us ex ma"chi"na- an unexpected power or event saving a seemingly hopeless situation, especially as a contrived plot device in a play or novel.

Deus ex machina is primarily prominent in the second half of the first season of SAO.
The protagonist literally doesn't do much but release a bunch of power ups that have no logical explanation as to where they originated from. It's a tad like the animes where "friendship and the power of will" can overcome any circumstances, even when you're 110% sure the opponent is more powerful.
My only explanation as to why the directors even allowed for this to be released is that, at this point they were merely too tired and decided to throw a bunch of crap to satisfy naive watchers. There's not much to explain about deus ex machina in SAO, for it's exactly what one would expect it to be.

There are a few other points that I could bring up, but because Pro didn't mention them, I will refrain from doing so.
Best of luck, looking forward to your response as always!
Debate Round No. 2


Okay let's try this again. I am sorry for the wait my arguments were deleted.

As of no deep story, you are wrong. To save time I will only give one or two examples.

Psychological/moral dilemmas.

There are many dilemmas throughout the show of SAO. One of many examples is a not very well know character Rosalia. For those of you who don't know/remember her she is the leader of the orange guild Titan's Hand. She obvioulsy has several psychological dilemmas as she lures people in on purpose to kill them.

Another example is a very well know character, Kayaba Akihiko, the creator of the death game Sword Art Online. One of his many moral dilemmas was wether or not he wants to end the game or keep it going. In ALO he also faced a moral decision, it was to either watch Kirito lie down defeated as Suguo, how do I put this, took advantage? Yeah as Sugou took advantage of Asuna. He didn't however and gave Kirito the power to defeat him by giving him his own login, Heathcliff, helping Kirito defeat Sugou.


Romance greatly advanced the plot of the story. An example is on Floor 74, the boss of this floor is The Gleam Eyes. If Kirito and Asuna weren't together at the time the boss more than likely wouldn't have been defeated. While in battle Kirito noticed everyone's* health dropping. So what did he do? He revealed a new sword technique, dual blades, and almost died by single-handedly defeating Gleam Eyes to protect the others.

*Asuna, Klein, Klein's Guild.

Deus ex machina

As of no logical explanation to power-ups, they were explained pretty well actually. Kirito only had one secret ability that he kept hidden for a long time, dual blades. If you pay attention to the dialouge of the battle with Heathcliff, Kayaba, you would've noticed he explained that Dual Blades were rewarded to the person with the best reaction time.

Now for my Arguments

The developement of the characters was pretty good but not the best.

One such example is Asuna. In the begging of the story she starts out as a person who was so afraid she didn't even leave her apartment for the first month. After that she became obbsesed with clearing the game, doing the best that she can to make up for all the lost time that she had/is going to have. After meeting Kirito she realized that she wasn't loosing life in the game, she was just living some where else.


Kirito starts out as a person who wanted to clear the game as well. As the show/game time passes he starts to realize there's more to the game than beating it. He is/was a loner for most of the game but towards the end he starts to open up to people, one such person being Asuna.


The diversity of characters was huge in SAO. There were "ladies men", loners, fun people, people set on clearing the game, people content with just living out there lives in the game, etc.


As far as compatability, most of the characters are compatible with each other. Most like to have fun, want to clear the game, and upgrade whatever skill they feel like would be either fun/good to have. There are exceptions to this however. These exceptions are the orange guilds, such as Titan's Hand and Laughing Coffin.

Groups like these find it entertaining to slay the players, killing them in real life.

I would like to apologize again that it took so long.


miraculous forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Well that's disappointing. I'm sure Con had perfectly good reasons on why she forfeited so I ask voters to disregard it if they would.

This is also is a biased topic but oh well.

Overall art and animations.

The overall art and animations of SAO were decent. I have seen better work and have done better work myself but it wasn't too bad.


The music was very fitting to the moments in the story. An example of this is in SAO II, Asuna, Kirito, and Yui decide to buy the house that they lived in during SAO. The song playing during that scene wen't perfect with the mood.

I can't think of anything else. So here you go.


miraculous forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Well that's sad, my opponent has left the site.

I shall continue anyway.

Overall enjoyment

As far as I am concerned the show was excellent in providing entertainment. There is action, romance, and rivalries. As of fulfilling its goal of attracting the intended audience members, there is no set age. I know 50 year olds and 12 year olds that watch the show and continue to watch the new episodes every Saturday. As far as rewatching it, I have and continue to re-watch the show. Recomendations are the same way, I have hooked many friends and family members on the show. Most of the time that is all they talk about.


miraculous forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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SOA..? For a minute I assumed you were referring to Sons of Anarchy lol.
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As soon as gun gale ended, the anime I saw was not SOA. Soa was an awesome action anime. I don't care about ALFhiem! I would rather watch a whole anime just being SOA, they ended it so quickly
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