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Syrian Refugees: Should we help them?

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Started: 9/9/2015 Category: Society
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In this debate we will agrue whether or not we should be doing more to help the Syrian refugees in their time of need.

I believe they deserve as much help as we can give them as it is in no way their fault that they have found their selves in such a situation.

Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine your country is a war-torn wasteland. You would take your family and head for the hills. Those people, innocent people, have done nothing to start or contribute to this war. They are risking their lives to try and find security and in many cases it goes terribly wrong as people have died making their long and strenuous ordeals. For example, it was not that long ago when a young boy washed up on a beach in Turkey. Did he deserve that? Did he deserve to be dragged from his country because of something he had absolutely no control over? Did his loved ones deserve to lose him? NO! This shouldn't be happening but sadly, it is.

We should be aiding these innocent people to safety and providing them with (at least) the basic necessities when they arrive. Many countries, like Germany, are doing this but unfortunately many are simply turning them away.

In many areas, the refugees have gained an awful stigma and are treated with inequality. It's not fair but it's happening.


I accept this debate, and believe that countries in Europe should not have to deal with these refugees, and have nothing to do with them.

Do you truly believe that immigrating to Europe without and documentation and just sailing hoping to reach the shores of Europe in a tiny inflatable boat really safe for your family? I certainly would not take that chance, war is war, and in every war the citizens have done nothing to start it, and yet in many wars they stay and support there home country without thinking about moving away to a place that you might not even reach with your life.

Now about the boy washed up on turkey, yes that's tragic, but its the parents and loved ones fault that it happened in the first place! He was never dragged from his country, him and his family chose to leave which caused him to die the way he did. Its not anyone but the parents fault that happened to him, countries like Syria need there citizens to help against the threats like Isis. Not scared citizens who illegally migrate to Europe because of the bad conditions that Syria is in.

Even if they did choose to migrate, they should only go to places like Germany that is willing to help them, and not these small nations like Hungary who cant support the needs for them economically. Its right that the citizens of European country's to treat the migrants with disrespect, they are hurting there home country after all! Taking all of the legal citizens jobs and what not.
Debate Round No. 1


You can argue that is is, indeed, the fault of the parents and you point is of course a valid opinion but if you see the state of Syria you wouldn't stay. If this war was more widespread, then maybe they could stay and be safe but if you look at Syria it is becoming a crumbling, rubble-filled wasteland. Their homes have been destroyed and loved ones killed. They won't join the fight as they have no military training and most simply want to protect their families and if that means running then so be it.

Yes, it could causes issues having such an influx of non-documented immigrants but is human life not more important than a sheet of paper?


Yes Syria is in a bad state, however you have forgotten that the immigration if coming from other countries as well and not just Syria, its not a matter of protecting YOUR family, its a matter of protecting your country and the other families that live there as well. By immigrating to another country you abandoning your home country! You are abandoning the other families that live there, and yet people wonder why we cant stop ISIS, its because the people in countries like Syria wont stay and keep the country alive! Military training or not, a gun can kill ISIS so that's no excuse to leave. If they wanted to protect there family, then they should stay and fight not run away.
Yes in many ways it is. These countries in Europe don't have enough resources from all these surprise immigrants, and many of the countries just cant support them financially and its causing more trouble than its worth. Killing one to save many is good in my book. There is a reason why that sheet of paper was made in the first place.
Debate Round No. 2


Guns. Give them guns? You think that is the solution? Send an untrained man into combat against a terrorist group? If you believe that then, my friend, you need to sort through your thoughts.

You are right: that sheet of paper was created for a reason, no one can argue against that, however, I truly believe that life is greater than paper.

Do you think the kid in the following video, who lost his home and is scared constantly, should be given a gun?

Many countries have no difficulties in accepting the refugees and while some do it should be made a priority to help them wherever and whenever possible. I'm a Scottish man and I'd like to think that if something similar happened here-were we simply couldn't fight ourselves- we would be aided in escaping the country. I imagine Englishmen, Irishmen and Welshmen feel the same (and everyone else in Europe!). It must be difficult for them to leave, there's no denying that, your country is connected to you in unexplainable ways, but they have to do it to survive. Where else do they have?

When these people arrive at their destinations, in many cases, there is a stigma to them. They will be called rapists, perverts, thieves, low lifes and job thieves. Is that fair?

You can't choose your country. You can't choose war. You can choose life and if running is the only way then so be it but rules and regulations, when it comes to it, should mean nothing and innocents should be helped. Act first; sort out the paperwork later.


lolilluminatilol forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by lolilluminatilol 2 years ago
Sorry, i had some problems with my internet. I guess you will be taking this debate, thanks for a good debate though!
Posted by Stensson 2 years ago
I wonder if Syria accepted hordes of european war refugess into their own country.

Anyway, obviously we should help them but not by letting them to our countries where they live off welfare and cause havoc because of their radical religion. Deal with the cause, not the consequence.
Posted by Buttersnapple 2 years ago
Help them by destroying that who is threatening them, let them stay at temporary refugee centers until that issues in their country are stabilized.
Posted by dietorangesoda 2 years ago
i have mixed feelings i definitely sorry for the children and those who have been affected by this war but at the same time Europe has taken in Muslim refugees before and it has not worked well for them there's always a minority that creates havoc for the countries they go to and unfortunately due to the horrible and traumatizing things that have been going on in Syria many people have been radicalized and hardened so it could be a problem
Posted by tajshar2k 2 years ago
Definitely, we should help them. At the same time, we can't let everyone in, because that would put our national security at risk.
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