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TCU is better than A+M in being the best positioned to win the National Championship

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Started: 2/2/2016 Category: Sports
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TCU is uniquely positioned to win the playoff next year. With the recent approval of the conferences to allow for a Big 12 Champion, there will actually be a champion and not a tie. SEC play is very's odds on a quaterbackless A+M team will be unable to win the division. TCU still has Kavonte Turpin and a strong defense that is incredibly experienced. In the end, the frog is better.


The University of Texas A&M, voted happiest campus in the United States, does have a strong chance at winning the national championship before TCU. we will be picking up Oklahoma Senior Trevor Knight for the 2016-2017 season. he is a seasoned quarterback with a dead eye pass and legs that can run for miles. with the top freshmen Christian Kirk in the receiver position along with 6'7 seals-jones, knight will have many five star receivers to hit. with Myles Garret the lead sacker in the SEC good!
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Reasons for voting decision: At the end of the day if con talked about how TCU doesn't have a good quarterback Con would have won