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THBT English should be declared a universal/official language worldwide.

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Started: 6/17/2014 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Pro : It should be. Con : It should be not. First Round acceptance, Second Round Argument, Last Round Rebuttals.


I will accept the debate though I am less than thrilled with the way you have structured it.

Before the debate begins, it will benefit you to look at the following links as I will refrence them frequently in the main stage of our debate and it will save us both some time and effort if we are on the same page during the primary sequence. especially given this Debates parameters.

1. Lojban
- a designed language intended to be a global secondary language.

Official webpage :;
useful Secondary refrence :;

2. Esperanto
- A designed language this is more natural than Lojban.

Primary source:

USA Esperanto Association :;

A brief history of Esperanto :

I will refrence Esperanto more than Lojban, but it will help to be familiar with both.

Debate Round No. 1



English is already the Worldwide primary language Business, trade, and the internet are all now primarily in English. If the rest of the world is
to be able to adapt they have to instruct their
people in English, which is what they are already
doing. If a member from India goes to Europe and France, it
becomes difficult for them to communicate with
each other. So, if English would be the universal
language it would be easy to communicate. Speaking in English won't make you forget your country. The English Language won't rob you of your culture. You can still speak your own
language anytime. The only reason why we have
English as a universal language is for us to
communicate with each other. This does not
mean that French, Filipino, Chinese, Spanish, etc.
languages are less beautiful than English. Speaking in English won't mean you neglect your
own country. The following links shows it: [1]


1st. We agree there should be a universal language, we disagree that English should be that language.

Historically, the language of the most powerful economic powers has been regarded as a trade language. This was once Greek, than latin... Now English, but like Greek and Latin the global power base is moving away from Anglo-saxon dominated nations. This has all happened before in History.

=== Why English Langage is il-suited :

-English is only the 3rd most spoken language on the planet with Aprox. 360 million native speakers.
-English is a dificult language to learn with rules that are counter intuitive to most other languages.
-English is tied to the American/British Dominate history and culture.

=== Why Esperanto is supperior :

+Esperanto is designed to be culturally neutral
+Esperanto is easy to learn, its gramar is designed to be logical
+Esperanto is progressive, in the true spirit of global unity.

All-in-all English is not a good choice for a truly global language as convient as it would be for English speakers. The history of Anglo-Saxon domination is not easily seperated from the language and wont be readily accepted in a generation or two when English Speaking countries are no longer dominating the world.
Debate Round No. 2


nkosi forfeited this round.


For what ever reason, pro has forfeited this round of the debate, so to keep things even I will pass the closing round as well.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ChosenWolff 2 years ago
How? This will be a easy win for con
Posted by Malacoda 2 years ago
Just to clarify, are you saying that English should be made the official world language?
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Reasons for voting decision: PRO's final forfeit prevented him from refuting CON's arguments while CON was able to adequately refute PRO's. By negating the position of English needing to be the universal language, CON negated all of PRO's contentions. Arguments go to CON.