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THBT Now Is A Good Time To Be Young

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Started: 5/28/2013 Category: Technology
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I believe that now is not a good time to be young just because if you take a look at the current state of today's youth, the generation has take a turn for the worse. I say this because the children before used to go out and enjoy their lives and not worry of being abducted or assaulted. However, nowadays, parents don't let their child even leave the house because they are afraid of something bad happening to their children. Is this what you want Generation Y to be like? A bunch of cowards not even knowing how to defend themselves because they were so pampered by their parents? I presume your answer is no. Secondly, the state of the children in Africa in this decade is not that different from the state of the poverty-stricken people back in the 60's. You see, nothing has really improved compared to the olden days especially, in Africa. Now, of course the people of wealthy countries think that now is a good time to be young but, they don't consider the luck of the Africans. Most of them have been diagnosed with HIV or polio because they didn't have proper access to modern day vaccinations. How can you say that now is a great time to be young when these things are happening to today's youth? With that I rest my case.


You, sir, have just described the whole of history. Every generation considers itself morally superior to the last and infinitely greater than the next. Poverty, unfortunate as it is, is a constant that has pervaded every society since man first learned how to use bones as clubs. If I recall, it's adults who are so against vaccines because of false medical reports and church doctrines.

But we live in an age where youth have access to endless amounts of information, and aiding those in these countries, even in the most minute ways, is easier. Take Haiti, for example. Within an hour of the earthquake, people all over the world were using this technology to send money, food, and supplies to them despite knowing nobody there.

Same with pampering parents. Every generation has people like that. Just because you remember growing up in a time when you thought nobody did wrong doesn't mean bad things didn't still happen around you. It's far from utopia, but we aren't exactly lynching people.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro gave very logical counterarguments. It is true, the world as a whole is better off now than the last century.