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THBT coffee should be banned.

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Started: 7/16/2013 Category: Health
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The first round will only be for acceptance of the debate.
The second round will witness the first two arguments from both the sides.
The third round will witness rebuttals and the third argument from both the sides.
The fourth round will break down to main clash points.
The last round will be a concluding paragraph or two from each side.

I will be arguing why coffee should be banned (pro).

Please maintain conduct and good luck.


Dear Go-GG,
I accept this challenge and the rules set hereby. My position in this debate does not completely reflect my personal stance on the issue.
May the best side win.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for accepting. I look forward to a great debate and wish you best of luck.

Criteria: If I can prove that banning coffee will be for the best of the society, I will win this debate.
Ban: "to prohibit especially by legal means" (Merriam Webster).

A) Coffee causes psychological effects.

Coffee is quite addicting, regular coffee drinkers have started to say that coffee is there morning boost and without coffee they wouldn't have enough energy to do any activities or continue their daily routine. Example, teachers come to school in a gloomy way and get harsh on the students. " In an interview, Roland Griffiths, a professor in the departments of psychiatry and neuroscience at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, said that people who take minimum 100mg of caffeine per day can acquire a physical dependence that would trigger withdrawal symptoms that include headaches, muscle pain and stiffness, lethargy, nausea, vomiting, depressed mood, and marked irritability." ( ) Most of the coffee drinkers have started to drink more than 3 cups of coffee per day which is causing to have have these symptoms. People have started to get really lazy, just laying in bed unless and until someone hands them coffee If someone is having a bad day they think that coffee could change there mood by cheering them up but they never think how much it is affecting their body.

B) Coffee causes health problems.

Just like I said in the last paragraph coffee is causing a lot of health problems which is harmful for the society. Since coffee includes too much caffeine which is a drug., might also cause any type of coronary heart disease. At the same time as coffee raises your blood pressure, it also increases the risk of Osteoporosis (" is a disease of bones that leads to an increased risk of fracture.") Moreover, coffee also has a negative effect on their blood vessel tone and function.. Coffee is really harmful for their society and their health. These were some of the reasons why coffee is making a change in the society and to stop this, coffee should be banned.


I hereby state that all the arguments presented do not necessarily dictate my personal opinion on the issue.

I accept the criteria.

I will start off by rebutting the arguments made by Pro and then present my first two arguments.

"A) Coffee causes psychological effects."

Yes, coffee might be addicting, but so are so many other things in this era, namely, video games soft drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. Additionally, pro is forgetting the point that most of these addictions are a choice of people rather than a forced alternative. The people have the choice and resources to get rid of these addictions and escape from the side effect.

Also, the laziness, the sudden mood changes, and the unwillingness to work are due a dependence on a certain material, which I already stated is not the only one in today's world. If, we start banning these materials, we will only end up removing all the fun and entertainment the 21st century offers.

"B) Coffe causes health problems."

Again, all these issues are things that many coffe consumers are aware off and they still keep drinking. Also, Pro only pays attention to the addicts who might be victim to extremes like Osteoporosis and forgets the casual coffee drinks who enjoy its pleasures very occassionaly.

My Case:
I am sorry. Due to time restrictions I will provide my case in the next round.

Debate Round No. 2


I do agree that people should get their own choice but these choices are turning into addictions which are causing to health problems. And of course there are ways to stop this "choice" but once your addicted to coffee you won't even think about abandoning it from our life.

If coffee is banned then there wouldn't be any choice of taking the wrong thing for your health. Coffee has been used in daily life, also people drinking coffee 3 times a day,which might even be pleasuring them , but that is really really hurtful for your health meanwhile it is fun.

My Case: Sorry, same here, I did do a little research but forgot to put it down and there were only a few minutes to write my side, I will make sure to prove my self better in the next round.


At one point, Pro says that coffee should be banned and on the other she agrees about giving people the choice. Pro is concerned about the “health problems” caused by drinking coffee, but forgets that these health problems are a consequence that the coffee addicts sign up for. The information evolution has advanced so much that many of the coffee addicts are aware of the risks they can face by drinking coffee. Yet again, Pro only thinks about the addicts and not about the casual coffee drinkers.

Pro is also trying to remove all the “choice[s] of taking the wrong thing for your health”. She is trying to create a world where people won’t be harmed from any of the things they eat. Let me tell you, Pro, that banning coffee will not be enough. You will have to eliminate most of the spicy food due to its effect on liver, eliminate soft drinks that impose a risk of diabetes (, get rid of chocolate products due to tooth decay risk (, and remove mostly all the food products that rule our consumer markets.

Here is my case (Sorry for the delay):

1) I am not all bad

Banning coffee will not only take away the benefits provided by the product, but also have a very negative effect on factors controlled by coffee.

Coffee offers benefits such as a refreshing taste and power that wakes many people up from their beds. It helps people stay awake in times of dullness and brings activeness in people’s life. While Pro sees these as a negative sign, I believe that these are the things that keep many of our systems working efficiently. Just banning coffee will make many of the people who rely on this product to lose that initial boost of the day or that awakening in the laziest times. Coffee is also a great product that is used as a hot beverage during the winters. It helps keep the cold away and brings hot and steamy sensations inside the cold body.

However, losing this is not the only risk that banning coffee brings. Developing economies control 90% of coffee production and this production serves as “a source of livelihoods for millions of smallholders and farm workers worldwide” ( Banning coffee would result in all these people getting tremendously effected. Many developing nations have a large portion of their economy being run by coffe production and the halting of this production will lead to great economic downfall in those economies. Additionally, all those small farmers will then have to look for other jobs in this unemployment heavy world.

I do not believe that Pro will be willing to place these families in the hands of dearth.

2) Just a sip

Pro has paid a lot of attention to those who abuse this product and get in a daily addiction, but has forgotten about the people who just grab coffee occasionally for a casual drink. Many of us just like to grab a coffee once in a while for a change. If Pro also wants to take this product away from us because it might be harmful for us, then Pro will be taking away all our rights from us. Today, she will take this away and then tomorrow our video games, then our movies, then our soft drinks, our chocolate, and all the other things that we consume in pleasure.

3) And Jill came tumbling after

It will be a chain of events that will lead to a nightmare. The dominos will all fall one after the other, taking away our rights and privileges. If the state starts controlling things that effect our health, they will start going in more and more. There will soon be a time when we will not be able to consume anything that even has a slight effect on our health. The truth is that there does not exist any consumable product in this world that will not effect us negatively in one way or another. One ban will lead to further bans. We will just be tumbling down the hill.

If one wishes to ignore all the benefits of coffee and all the negatives that will be caused after its removal, not even have access to a sip of coffee, and give away their liberties of choice they may cast a vote in Pro’s favor.

Which I will not urge one to do.

Debate Round No. 3


Go-GG forfeited this round.


AmNotWhatYouThink forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Go-GG forfeited this round.


AmNotWhatYouThink forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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