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THBT men should be the ones to pay monetarily when dating.

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Started: 2/11/2018 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 5 months ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe that there is no substantial or accurate reasons on why men should be paying entirely for the dating session. I simply do it since I advocate gender equality thus ruling out this stereotype in my philosophy.


First off, definitions for this debate:
Date: a romantic outing between a man and a woman, typically to get to know the partner more.
Pay: to bear the monetary cost.
Monetarily: with money.

With definitions taken care of, I have two main reasons as to why men ought to pay for dates.

1) Men are leaders, and leaders take responsibility

Over history, men have lead our world, whether Con likes it or not. Men have been sources of leadership in times of difficulty. This is not to say women cannot be leaders, in the same way where it is possible for there to be a very feminine man, yet Con would have to agree with me that this happens rarely. Men lead in the dating world as well. Dates are on the whole initiated by men, organized by men, and actually implemented by men. It then falls that the men are the ones leading the date, just as men were to lead, say, a dance.

To affirm my second statement, leaders take responsibility, I need to provide evidence that leaders take responsibility and that this can take form in who will bear the costs of some action. In any choice, there are consequences, benefits and costs. I am sure Con would agree here. It is those who make these choices in the individual sense that bear these costs. For example, if an individual does not pay his water bills, he will reap the benefits of having more money in the bank and bear the cost of not having running water for the next month. If an individual goes partying rather than studying, he will reap the benefits of social interaction and bear the cost of not studying on the next test. As we can see, the individual making the choices, or the one leading, is the one that bears the cost. As we have seen above, the man is leading the date, thereby the responsibility to pay for the bill falls upon his shoulders.

2) Even if men are not leaders, they still ought to pay for the date

I expect Con to argue that "women can also lead dates, therefore by your logic women should pay for those dates." First off, this argument assumes the minority of cases. It is unfair to argue this way, as we need to argue what happens on the whole, not only in cases that favor Con or Pro. But the second, and more alarming, reason this argument falls apart is because of the way men are charged to act. Seeing that men are inclined to lead, even if they are not the ones leading the date, they are still charged by their inclinations to pay for the date. As such, the one who leads the date in its individual context does in no way change the inclinations, and thereby the duty, of the man to foot the bill, or to lead. This is what most people call chivalry, Con. To deny a man his inclination is to oppress him, and thus, to not allow the man to foot the bill would be unnatural and unethical. I have not heard of women having such an urge, unless Con can inform me of it.

I have offered substantial and accurate reasons as to why men ought to foot the bill on dates. I hope to have a substantial and accurate discussion with Con.

Your round.
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Posted by David_Debates 5 months ago
Well then. I suppose he did not intend on actually finishing this debate.
Posted by Debate_Is_My_Middle_Name 5 months ago
or, you know, you could split the check
Posted by Amphia 5 months ago
Aish...this debate is something else...
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