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TTC fares should not be increased

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Started: 10/23/2012 Category: Economics
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I will be arguing for the resolution that TTC fares should be increased.

I await Con's opening arguments.
Debate Round No. 1


I think it shouldn't just because many students use bus as their only transportation and it might cause some concerns.


Just to clarify to viewers who do not live in the Toronto area. The TTC stands for Toronto Transit Commision and is a public transit company that provides bussing to people in the Toronto area.

They have recently increased the fares of their tickets.


Con provides a weak case. She says that students rely on public transport to get around. While I agree that is the case, we must also keep in mind of the bus driver.

The reason TTC increased their prices is due to inflation, due to the fact that the cost of living has increased. TTC must increase the wages of TTC workers to accomodate this. As such, they need to get their money from else where, and that comes from increases in the TTC fare. This is the same reason the minimum wage in Canada has increased from $8 to $10 in the past few years.

Now we must realize that many things increase in price. Gas prices for example. Food. Housing. This is due to inflation. The natural incerase of prices over time. Usually, people see a pay raise to accomodate for this.

There are many ways Students can get around - car pool, walking, biking, and it is not only the TTC. We see that CON's argument does not stand.

In conclusion, TTC has to increase the fares of their tickets, because the cost of living has increased. If they do not, they will go out of business, as they have increased expenses (due to wage increase).
Debate Round No. 2


just to clarify to all the viewers that this debate has started for a civics presentation and the results of voting will be used towards it and this is just MY personal opinion and thanks to @Hardcore.Pwnography for all the information provided.
side note: It has been mentioned on some reliable sources that the prices might increase Again and that is why I chose this as my civics presentation topic.


As I mentioned MANY students use TTC and yes they are many other ways for students to get around but as results of an interview 11/15 use TTC as their only transportation.
As you mentioned price of almost everything has raised but I think the increase of bus fares again might face some approvals... not that those will matter to TTC anyways. The public will use TTC even if it increases more.

And thanks again for sharing your opinion and proving great information.



1. CON provides no sources to back up her arguments. "11/15 use the TTC?".

2. I'm not quite sure what CON is trying to say with her second point. "As you mentioned price of almost everything has raised but I think the increase of bus fares again might face some approvals". CON seems to agree here that fare increases is necessary.


In conclusion, CON does not provide any reasons why the TTC fare increase is a bad thing. She first says that alot of people rely on the TTC for transportation, then agrees with me when I say there are alternate methods of transportation, and that the TTC is not a required means of transportation. Then she goes on to say that the public will use the TTC anyways, regardless of fare hikes. This contradicts her previous point.

CON provides no reasons why the TTC fare hike is a bad thing.

I have stated that it is necessary to combat inflation, as the cost of living has increased. This This argument remains unrefuted.

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Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Con didn't give any reasons as to why increase of fares would be a bad thing.