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TTT: Smoking is Overall, Cool.

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Started: 9/12/2014 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is for The Troll Tournament, found here: taking a puff out of a cigarette. It does not necessarily have to be just one puff, a few puffs, 100 puffs, are all smoking.I will not define anything else in the resolution, and neither will my opponent, because my opponent must only use round one for acceptance.My opponent must troll in this debate.It is fun debating unbeatables, I hope I have a good debate with this one.


I do accept. Bring it.
Debate Round No. 1


Smoking is not cool at all.
To begin with, what's exactly cool? You'd say 20 Celsius is relatively cool, right? What about 30 Celsius? Not too bad, right? It could be said as "cool" to an extent, but staying in an environment like that could harm your body. But...this is not the case. Smoking....can....


(Wait for it)
"During a puff, the coal temperature reaches 800°C to 900°C".....[1]
Whoa. 30 Celsius was already a stretch, but 800 to 900 Celsius? No way that is "cool" man.

Now, my second argument.
Smoking does not make movies R, merely PG-13.
Have you guys seen the movie Saving Mr. Banks? And why is that movie PG-13? Good question. That's because they smoke. Now, why is just PG-13 bad? Well, all the masterpieces are rated R, unfortunately.
Boyhood, the amazing appraised modern masterpiece?

Rated R.

Godfather, the acclaimed "best film of all time" by many? [2]


Pulp Fiction, yet another old-time masterpiece.... is.... rated....

And for my final argument....

Smoking isn't even sci-fi.
Science fiction has been admired and known as the epitome of coolness throughout the world, from 2001: A Space Odyssey, to WALL-E, and even the mighty INCEPTION. But it smoking science fiction?

Studies suggest smoking is actually romantic tragedy. Think about it. You kiss the cigarette every day and wish to be with it throughout your life. But it is never happy or easy for you. The cigarette is a mute, struggling to express its feelings. It is also a priest, so it can never get pregnant or even get it on with you. Furthermore, you parents disprove of your affair with this mute priest, and seperate you as long as they possibly can. Finally, PDA with the cigarette is prohibited. The public just don't like how disgusting it looks.

Onto you, Malacoda.



Smoking is way cool. Just like Jesus. Just look at this:

C1: Jesus is cool
C2: Jesus liked to relax while smoking cigarettes
C3: Cigarettes are cool

I know, I know, most people have a problem with contention one. I understand. We can't take things like that for granted. Need proof? Just watch the video. Bam! I have fulfilled my side of the BoP. However, I will continue just because I can.

I will now prove that all of the movies my opponent brought forward are actually masterpieces because of smoking.

First Movie: BAM!

"Before writing a scene in which Mason arrives home at midnight drunk and high, Linklater says he asked, "R01;"You guys are riding around. Do you think you have a beer?" He says, "Well, I kind of prefer marijuana." I"m like, "Okay, maybe they"re smoking a joint."R01;"

Read the whole article. Clearly, this instance of smoking is why the movie is a masterpiece. (1)

Second Movie: BAM!

(Number 9 loving way to love a cat!)
You may be saying: "What does this have to do with the debate?"
I will so you friends! Observe the following picture:

That's right. All cat's love to smoke. It cools them off after a hard day of work. Furthermore, it can be established that Godfather was a good movie because it had a cat, which almost certainly smoked.

Third Movie: BAM!

This one is obvious! Look at the cover. Woah! She is smoking! That's why the movie is a masterpiece.

My opponents Mr. Banks example is ridiculous. The movie is PG-13 and not a masterpiece because it has Tom Hanks. The movie isn't a masterpiece because he isn't even human! That's right, and here's my proof:


! Alarming isn't it?

Now, to address another aspect of my opponent's argument. He makes outrageous claims about the temperatures of the coals of cigarettes while smoking. He is wrong! A credible source I have aquired makes claims to the exact opposite (1). "The temperature of coals while smoking is actually about 50 degrees Fahrenheit." That is pretty clear and concise. Make sure to read the source, it is stunning. Thanks for the shout-out, Jesus.

Smoking is definitly Sci-Fi by the way. Observe:
C1: Morgan Freeman is Sci-Fi
C2: Morgan Freeman smokes
C3: Smoking is Sci-Fi

Conclusion: I have now proven beyond a doubt that smoking is indeed, cool. Still not convinced? Well....

This debate is over.

Debate Round No. 2


Jesus is cool...?
Jesus liked to relax while smoking cigarettes?

My opponent has made many poorly constructed arguments. For one, Jesus was more hot than cool. Of course, he had the coolness enough to fit into the video of 2:29, but he had the hotness to even non-homosexual men following him around.

(See the GLOW? ORANGE GLOW?? Orange Glow=HOT!!! NOT COOL)

Jesus is so hot he emits light/radiation like a light bulb.

Now, moving on to the movies...
1. Boyhood's smoking joints
The dude on the movie poster is definitely not doing anything of the sort. He is just lying down, happy.

2. The mighty Godfather has a cat who smokes
"Furthermore, it can be established that Godfather was a good movie because it had a cat, which almost certainly smoked."

Note that my opponent said ALMOST CERTAINLY. Not even he can determine whether the cat is 100% smoke-cat. The cat is definitely not smoking. Being under the influence of his owner, The Godfather, he secretly does the same thing, organizing a mafia crime scene with cats. And he's too busy to smoke with all his important things to do.

And note due to the amazing disguising abilities, it's almost impossible to tell who The Godfather's cat is. But--I saw it sneak into a secret hideout to hold a meeting, even hearing some of its epic words. Therefore, we can see that The Godfather has a cat here who is way too busy to smoke. Smoke is just not cool enough for The Godfather's cat.

Furthermore, I already mentioned within the third movie that she was merely holding the cigarette, not smoking. There is a crucial difference.

Mr. Banks is not a masterpiece because Tom Hanks is not an human:
The cat is also not a human within The Godfather, yet it smokes and you claim it's cool. One of these points is self-refuted. Choose the point yourself.
Also, if you chose this point to NOT refute, then it can be easily rebutted by the fact that not even Tom Hanks, the amazing lizard-koala-bear-shape-shifter, can make smoking look cool. If not even the super cool shape-shifter can make smoking cool/the movie a masterpiece, then nothing can make smoking look cool.

Smoking is 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
I'll infer that means that the ride has now been modified to be easier to take on, at a 50-degree drop rather than 90-degree drop.

(For joke reference please read:
That will definitely not be a cool ride at all. Think about it. A 50-degree drop in comparison to the 90-degree drop is absolutely horrendous. Not cool, 50-degrees, definitely not cool.

Morgan Freeman is Science fiction and he smokes.
Incorrect. He did not actually smoke, it was a campaign for his ad.

See? No smoke, just promotion of his science channel program.


My opponent is being preposterous! Jesus was way more cool than hot! Did he even listen to the song? Jesus was way cool. People followed him around because he rose from the dead and stuff. That's so cool. Jesus was so cool.

My opponent actually made a pretty common mistake here. The gold outlining isn't a hot orange glow. It's a halo....

Just kidding! It is actually a protective golden barricade. You see, because people were so jealous of Jesus, because he was so cool, they often tried to shoot arrows at him. His apostles laid out golden barricades in order to go on with their normal lives without having to dodge arrows all the time. Here is another example.

See? And look at the apostles who don't have the special protection. They are ducking behind the table to aviod harm. This point by my opponent is clearly stricken down.

My opponent also misunderstood this picture. The light/radiation is not coming from Jesus, but from God. We all know that Jesus' dad is a pretty cool guy as well, and he is doing his best to look out for his son. Jesus is so cool that God is shining light and heat down on him in an effort to keep him warm. Unfortunately, Jesus is just too cool to keep warm. (Is this proof that God isn't omnipotent? Yes, I think it may be!)

I will also now address the movies.

1. That kid doesn't smoke? Are you kidding me? Just look at him...

He just finished smoking a huge joint, and now he is laying down on the grass, baked harder than a holiday chicken.

2. My oponent's point about the Godfather Cat is interesting and creative, but completely untrue. Smoking doesn't impede your ability to accomplish tasks, it heightens it. Pretty much everyone in the mafia, cat or human, smokes.

Take Al Capone for example. He got things done, we all know that. He also smoked! Woah.

Now look at the three ring leaders of the cat mafia. Two of them are smoking in the picture, and the other one probably prefers weed and doesn't live in Colorado. Too bad for him. However, the picture still proves my point.

Aside from just mafia members, anyone who has to get a lot of stuff done smokes. Like this guy.

I'm not sure exactly who this is, but doesn't he just look like a busybody? I would imagine his day is filled with all sorts of interesting stuff to do.

3. Oh come on! I know this is a troll debate, but let's not be silly! The only reasonable assumption to make would be that she is holding the cigarette because it is in use.

My opponent is a bit hasty here in trying to force me to give up a point. This I will not do. The reason that Tom Hanks ruined Mr. Banks is because he is a creepy shape-shifter, which is abominable! (did you see the lizard pic?) He is also evil. Look at this evidence:

Oh my god! Is that Thett? Tom Hanks just drugged Thett! Who knows what terrible things he is going to do to him! I don't even want to imagine. What an evil, evil man.

(I read opponent's source and totally don't get the joke. If you don't mind 9space, make it a little more clear and I will rebute it next round.)

My opponents point on Morgan Freeman and his "ad" is pure poppycock! It is "science fiction" if you will.

See this? Look at all that smoke! What do you suppose caused that smoke? A fire? A huge dragon landing on the dusty ground? No. It was Morgan Freeman smoking that boss cigar you see in that picture. Oh yeah, he smokes.

So what have I produced to support my claim?

-textual support from both Jesus and Albert Einstein in my source
-picture and video evidence proving Jesus to be cool
-explanations for all of the movies
-proof of mafia members smoking and getting things done
-picture evidence showing Thett being drugged by Tom Hanks
-evidence of Morgan Freeman smoking

The Res is affirmed.
Debate Round No. 3


Hilarious turn-over. I almost thought I'd auto-win from my rebuttals. Looks like I have to try harder.

What an unexpected turnover! My opponent has found out Jesus's secretive force field and attempted to put this as one of Jesus's cool traits. The big problem is that all golden barricades are "hot".
And fiery.
Just look at the picture below...

In fact, even a Chinese quote proves this...

You see? The fire above is obviously gold, and it even proves gold, as those Chinese people claim.

Now, as for the kid from Boyhood smoking....he doesn't. Trust me. No movie footage is found of him smoking.

Now, about the cat mafia leader smoking, I have to say, you're right to some degree. However, you see, they are gangsters, not a mafia team. Mafias are greatly organized, intellegent targeting groups, not a mob of random people who shoot everywhere.

Yeah, see? Random gangster shoots everywhere, even random people who don't harm the plan at all. On the other hand mafia people are far more organized and better. They simply are too intelligent and spend too much time planning to smoke.
s://; alt="Boardroom Meeting Suggestion Meme | MAFIA TEAM, LET'S COME UP WITH A PLAN OKAY IF WE USE OCCAM'S RAZOR, WE CAN GET THEM.... I NEED SOME CIGARETTES. | image tagged in memes,boardroom meeting suggestion | made w/ Imgflip meme maker" width="490" height="636" />
As you can clearly see here, smoking is prohibited, especially during a mafia's planning session.

3. The woman is holding the cigarette because it is in use.
As if. She's not smoking. You can tell she loves to torture people with that cigarette butt facing towards you and the sly look on her face. Which means the cigarette is hot. And burns people.

Tom Hanks being evil and drugging Thett3...
You can clearly tell that because Tom Hanks is evil, and he smokes, therefore smoking is not cool because Tom Hanks isn't cool at all for drugging Thett3. You defeated you own argument.

The Fahrenheit joke:
It has a 90-degree drop. You said smoking is only 40 degrees. But 40 degrees is so not cool compared to 90-degrees. Therefore the coal in the cigarette is still not cool.

Morgan Freeman awesomely smoking:
Yes, he smoked that one time. Not only did he smoke, he set off an explosion. Many can verify that it was an explosion (see:, which is HOT, as the picture below can clearly verify....

See? Much too hot for you.

-Smoking is romantic tragedy
-The orange glow/force-field is still quite hot
-The cool mafia cat does not smoke, and neither does the cool mafia
-40-degrees is not cool at all, only 90-degree-drops and aboveare cool
-Tom Hanks is not cool. He smokes. Therefore smoking isn't cool.
-The picture above can definitely justify the hotness of the explosion caused by Morgan Freeman's smoking

As you judges can clearly see, I have shown the hotness of smoking. Let it be known that smoking isn't cool at all. It's incredibly hot.


Haha! I have got my opponent right where I want him! Despite your talent, you can't disprove fact 9space, smoking if irrefutably cool!

Golden barricades are not hot. That is a crazy idea. Just look at my opponent's own source. The "Gold" fireman likes to put out fiery, hot fires. What a cool guy, just like Jesus. He also must have some pretty intense coolness to put out hot fires like that. So, the "Gold" fireman is cool in all meanings of the word, therfore gold must be pretty cool too. Plus, all you judges should know the normal temperature of gold. I mean, all you judges for this debate are so awesome you must be making fat stacks. Before you vote, reach over and touch your gold statuete of a minx and tell me if it feels nice and cool or not.

As far as this Chinese quote, I mean, come on. Why does Con expect us to trust this quote by the Chinese of all people. Just look at their type of government, it's not even cool like ours! And do they have cool guys that play basketball? No. Do they have any cool HBO shows like Game of Thrones? Probably not. How bouts we get us a good ol' Merican quote up in here.

Oh yeah. Works for me.

No movie footage? No problem! According to my previous souce, he obviously gets high on the marijuana. And just look at that picture? Do you see how incrdibly buzzed he is? It's pretty clear-cut.

Look at that kid. Do you see how high he is? He is trying to look at his dad with a magnifying glass when he's that close up. What a weird and most certainly weed-induced thing to do.

What is my opponent getting at with this point? Is he saying that the cat-mafia is not actually a mafia at all? Preposterous! The cat mafia is everything the human mafia is. Just look at my opponent's previous rounds. Just listen to my opponent's own words. "I saw it sneak into a secret hideout to hold a meeting, even hearing some of its epic words." And, "organizing a mafia crime scene with cats." That sure sounds like a cat mafia to me. Plus, why is 9space being prejudiced against cats? That is a pretty cruel thing to do. If any of the judges like cats in any way, I advise them to vote against 9space for his insolence against cats.

The Pulp Fiction girl is so smoking. Come on! Do I really need to provide more proof? Alright, if you insist.

Conclusive evidence. The point is mine!

My opponent's Tom Hanks Rebuttal is too simple. Tom Hanks doesn't actually smoke, he isn't cool enough to smoke regularly. He is only doing that for the character. Plus, even if Tom Hanks did regularly smoke, that wouldn't be enough to bring down the collective coolness of smoking. That is perhaps just a testament to how cool smoking really is.

Now don't start thinking that this can be linked back to my original rebuttal on the Mr. Banks movie. You see, because Tom Hanks is so evil, he was able to ruin Mr. Banks despite the smoking scene. Too bad, that was a pretty good smoking scene.

Seriously? Con doesn't think that 40 degrees is cool? Oh no, he couldn't be more wrong. If you type in '40 degrees' to search look at one of the things that comes up in the very first page.

These guys are so cool! I wan't to be just like them. Obviously 40 degrees is cool. And their underwear! 2wink! Oh my goodness! So cool.

HAHA! My opponent has admitted that Morgan Freeman smokes. It is undoubtable that Morgan Freeman is the coolest guy on the planet, I don't even need proof for that. And it seems obvious that, according to my opponent's own source, the cause of the explosions was the woman in the picture. Morgan Freeman simply caused all of the smoke, which is not inherently hot.

Smoking is romantic tragedy: I have linked smoking with Morgan Freeman. And that man is too cool to be completely real. He is therefore almost certainly science fiction.

The orange glow is hot: Preposterous. It is made of gold. Which, as my judges know, is quite cool.

The Cool Mafia Cat does not smoke. I have shown that he does indeed smoke. And also that my opponent is cruel to cats.

40 degrees isn't cool: Um, it definitly is. Did you see those cool guys?

Tom Hanks makes smoking uncool: Tom Hanks alone can't make smoking uncool. It is too powerful of a force to subdue. Plus, Tom Hanks doesn't smoke, only his character does.

The Picture Above is Proof: The explosions are clearly caused by the woman in the picture, not Morgan Freeman.


1.Jesus and Albert Einstein both agree that smoking is very cool.

2. Gold is cool, and therfore Jesus is cool.

3. Smoking helps people get things done, that's pretty cool.

4. The movie the Godfather is cool because the cat smokes.

5. The movie Pulp Fiction is cool because the girl smokes.

6. The movie Boyhood is cool because Mason smokes.

7. Morgan Freeman is ultra-cool and he smokes.

8. I might of even missed a few because I had so many great arguments!


The outcome is clear. I have obviously triumphed. I made better arguments, I refuted all of Con's arguments, and I used more capitalized headings. Don't be foolish. VOTE PRO.

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Malacoda 3 years ago
It's cool. Thanks for taking the time to read it!
Posted by Ragnar 3 years ago
Good read, sorry I missed the vote window.
Posted by hamo94 3 years ago
omfg this is hilarious
Posted by 9spaceking 3 years ago
Posted by Malacoda 3 years ago
It's from a video game actually. Pheonix Wright.
Posted by 9spaceking 3 years ago
BTW, what show is that from?
Posted by Malacoda 3 years ago
I suppose not always.
Posted by 9spaceking 3 years ago
Doesn't matter. You don't always have to say "that is all".
Posted by Malacoda 3 years ago
I'm glad I convinced you to take up smoking Uchiha! Good for you.
Posted by Malacoda 3 years ago
Ah, I'm sorry! I realized that after I posted my last round too!
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Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
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Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: The coolness argument was a good try, but at the end, pro succesfully refuted the point on the movies and convinced me that in those great movies, they where smoking. All in all, pro refuted all the points that con made, and made more substantial and convincing arguments.
Vote Placed by UchihaMadara 3 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:Vote Checkmark--0 points
Agreed with after the debate:-Vote Checkmark-0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:-Vote Checkmark-2 points
Total points awarded:05 
Reasons for voting decision: Pro successfully showed that Jesus, Albert Einstein, and Morgan Freeman agree that smoking is cool. Is there really any question left as to who won thisl? I don't think so. This debate has completely changed my stance on smoking; seems that all the teachers were lying to me during Red Ribbon week :(