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TV rap battle tournament round 2

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Started: 6/24/2011 Category: Arts
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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How very droll, it seems I'm battlin' a troll
I'll distill sick disses, get you p1ssed like alcohol
You're an unfunny bastard, ain't sh1t that you've mastered
If you even had a brain then you know it would be plastered
All across this page, from the left to right border
It's gonna be a slaughter, don't say I didn't warn ya
Your 2nd rate, 2nd place rhymes get the fade out
While mine are on top like the way this page is laid out

Face it, your nothin' but a ignorant racist
Plus the way you spit don't even qualify as basic
Fake like a face lift, unable to create sh1t
Disconnect the cable, unplug from the matrix
Why you here anyway? You ain't a debater
Everybody hates ya and nobody rates ya
Your posts couldn't be crappier, you simply stink at mafia
If you left the site then everyone would be much happier

Let me take the time to educate you a little bit
You're racist but your rappin', so that makes you a hypocrite
I doubt you'll understand, cos you're practically illiterate
I'm just lettin' you know, because I'm so considerate
No physical threats cos I'm not a child abuser
But your spirit gets wrecked by the rhymes from my computer
My lyrics got depth like SCUBA, sick like a tumor
Now let's see if you still got a sense of humour


Well it's nice to hear you bust a rhyme
Go ahead and challenge me, take your time
It's not even funny you challenge me
I will win this so you should flee

Bitch my rhyme's slick as an axolotl
Hoes suck my dick at every brothel
I'll burn you and yo homies in fire
You should be careful not to gain my ire

When it comes to rappin' I'm God
See my drive around in my hotrod
You suck so bad Cee Lo Green would forget ya
I control your mind and make you do the chacha

You can't rap you're too white and pasty
You dare challenge me? I wouldn't be so hasty
It's a mafia game and you're the jester
Your cheap clothes are made of worn polyester

You shouldn't diss off me it might piss off me
Your rap doesn't even sting like a bee
Maybe your brain should go in for a check
Your rap is a total wreck

Why'd you even join? You were dead already
Your rap is like an RNG- completely unsteady
My rap is like a wolf- quick and deadly
You're never ready for this one Freddie

Debate Round No. 1


It's somewhat embarassing to commence the dismantling
And trampling of this weak clown getting beat down
I'll damage this amateur and any other challenger
That wanna step up, it's a set up, now you're wet up

Not with blood, but sweat and tears that leak from every orifice
Your name is mud, I'll tell your peers you're weak and they'll acknowledge this
Your rap, you need to polish it, I'll demolish and abolish it
I can't guess what possessed you to come up with such a crock of sh1t

Why you braggin that you pay for sex? You're obviously a virgin
Though it makes sense; that's the only way your knob would get a slurpin'
Yes I'm white and pasty but my style is tasty, people rate me
You shoot yourself in the foot, like you left your gun off safety

Got green fingers like I do botany, Cee-Lo Green might have forgotten me
But he did to you what he talked about on the album version properly
I'm sly like Sylvester, but no, I don't rock no polyester
I'm rockin' strictly cotton, while your rotten @ss rhymes hit rock bottom

I bring the pain faster, to injure Brainmaster
Raps impact like natural disasters, breaking backs and causing fractures
It seems your head got twisted, like dreadlocks on a rasta
Or maybe like spaghetti (that's my favourite type of pasta)

You speak nothing but inane chatter, I make your guts and brains splatter
What type of name is that for you, when you ain't got no grey matter
I switch it up and call you Mainbasterd, little b1tch, you're lame and @sshurt
Feverish just demonstrated how to make your fvcking raps work


Your raps, what the f*ck?
They're like glue, your rhymes are stuck
Your rap is just so goddamn long
But it's still a close second to my dong

Bitch I can crush a car with my bare hands
I move around more than a travelin' band
And it's done in a Ferrari in style
I'll organize your corpse pieces into a neat pile

You can't rap, but you can fap
Your rap is crap, it's a mishap
What's wrong with you, you cannot win
To rap against me is a mortal sin

I deal the crack like no mortal man
You gotta admit, my raps are like "HOT DAMN!"
I know where you live now
Imma do like a mower to your raps and plow

What's your problem noob
Just cause I have free boob?
I can get any prostitute
Feverish, he's destitute

I'll wipe you blank as applied detergent
No longer is your sister a virgin
Fap fap fap, that's Feverish's hobby
He has no right to act so snobby

This is MC Brain from back in the ghetto
I'll kick your asss from here to space, yo!
Behold, for the time is close at hand
A blood sacrifice do I demand...

and that is you...
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by tvellalott 6 years ago
You know, Brainmaster isn't so bad at this. I thought feverish would absolutely pump him but it wasn't as one-sided as I expected, however!
"It seems your head got twisted, like dreadlocks on a rasta
Or maybe like spaghetti (that's my favourite type of pasta)"
This line literally made me spit my coffee out at work; kind of embarrassing when I'm supposed to be working. o.O;
feverish's experience won this one; Brain, I'd like to battle you once this tourney is over.
Posted by David-Duke 6 years ago
These kind of "debates" are the somewhat disgusting kind of debates I see on this website. Who gets the "Who had the better spelling and grammer?"?

Posted by feverish 6 years ago
If only it were that easy badg. I've been writing them for myself for quite a whle and no millions yet.
Posted by el-badgero 6 years ago
feverish you should write raps for me and we'll make millions!
Posted by Brainmaster 6 years ago
Posted by feverish 6 years ago
Should give you plenty of time to get on those internet rhyming dictionaries you like to use.
Posted by Brainmaster 6 years ago
This won't be so hard, I have a full 72 hours to write up something.
Posted by tvellalott 6 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: RFD in comments
Vote Placed by GMDebater 6 years ago
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Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: "I'll kick your asss from here to space, yo!" That was hilareous. con's wrap made me lol!