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Taxpayer funded abortion

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Started: 10/11/2016 Category: Politics
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Taxpayers money going to fund abortion clinics is unfair to the people who personally oppose abortion. I am pro life and do not want my money going to a cause I do not believe in. I believe that abortion clinics should not be government funded or taxpayer funded. Abortion clinics should fund themselves, they should not rely on taxpayers money. Americans have a right to choose where there money is going, and what there money is benefiting.


I would first like to start by saying thank you for allowing me the opportunity to present a counter argument.

Please note that the views expressed throughout this debate on my behalf are not solely representative of my personal views and are solely for the purpose of this debate.

CON: "Taxpayers money going to fund abortion clinics is unfair to the people who personally oppose abortion."
"I believe that abortion clinics should not be government funded or taxpayer funded."

[1] According to the Hyde Amendment, it is illegal to fund abortion using federal funds unless in the case of rape, pregnancy due to incest and saving the life of a mother in which life-endangering complications have arisen as a result of the pregnancy. In which case, the question is raised whether it is a person's right to abortion in order to save their own life? Should a woman or young girl who is raped have to live with the consequences and reminder of what has happened for the rest of her life?

It all boils down to personal choice whether an abortion should even be committed but at the end of the day, money is being used in various branches of the economy that not everyone agrees to such as the death penalty, housing inmates, nuclear bombs and military service [2]. Statistics show that abortion rates are higher for poor women than for rich or middle class women [3]. Women who have limited access to funds rely heavily on government funding to support them. If a woman suffers an unforeseen circumstance that she has no control over, she should have the option of help from the government should there be any in place.

Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for your great response. I wasnt aware of the "hyde agreement". I want to move on to the general topic of abortion. In the case of a mistaken pregnency ( excluding rape ) why is abortion a choice. Instead of abortion, adoption is more reasonable solution, than ending a life.


I agree that adoption is a better choice however, adoption entails actually having the baby. This includes check ups and appointments, dealing with all that comes with being pregnant such as cravings, sickness etc. A lot of this costs money and looking at it realistically, it's costing them money for someone they are going to give up.

In a lot of cases, women are too afraid of people finding out that they're pregnant, namely their parents or other family members but also from the general public who they feel would persecute them for their action. Aborting a baby at an early stage of the pregnancy makes it easier when there is hardly any "baby bump."

Having said that, abortion seems like the easiest option in the eyes of young or poor women.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Applesaucy 1 year ago
Personally I don't support war but I don't think it isn't "fair" when I pay my taxes and know it goes to war. Taxes isn't about an individual want/need, it isn't about what YOU believe it is about what would be better for the country which over all has been proven to be supporting abortions. Anytime you feel as though you aren't getting what you want based on your beliefs remember the separation of church and state.
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