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Teachers sharing political opinions

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Started: 10/20/2014 Category: Education
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Public school teachers should keep their political views private so as not to influence their students in either direction.


Teachers should be sharing their political opinions, especially if their reason for doing so is to cause a debate and have a student express their opinions too. Whether that will be for or against the teachers political preference. Teachers are there for the sole purpose of making students use their own heads as express their thoughts. How can a teacher do this if they can not do it themselves because it is not allowed?

Politics needs to take larger roles in schools, it's what every civalized society is based on. I for one would be more than happy if my children came home and began to talk politics and begin sharing their views and explaining why they have them. If that then made them follow politics on their own in future then great! The majority of teenagers for example will say they support the political party their parents do or friends have mentioned without any real though of their own. Then most would not be able to explain in detail why it is and what policies the other parties have they chose to oppose.

There are also many people who will not express their own political views through fear of what others may say. A teacher standing up in front of a class and saying what he supports will only encourage more to do the same.
Debate Round No. 1


I agree that the complacency of youth and our society in general needs to change. Any interest in critical issues is positive. But...just as children tend to follow lock-step with their parents, do you not fear that they will adopt the teachers view? Good teachers can present both sides of an issue, but it may be a slippery slope to give their opinion especially if they have strongly held beliefs.


A teacher is there to teach. If they bring up the topic of politics I assume it would be open to discussion. I see no reason why a teacher would just stand in front of a class and just start lecturing on about their personal political preference and not letting anyone oppose them or their views.

A teacher would have a certain amount of influence over their students of course. But if it's not the teacher it will be their parents, friends, neighbours, the party with a large advertising budget or the news etc. So throughout life they are always going to be hearing other people's political views and they're going to have influence on them. So surely it must be better for them to be encouraged in a school to look into politics and decide for themselves. It's the perfect place and time for them to start hearing other people views and expressing their own.

A teacher should be leading by example by sharing their views too and why they have them. There isn't as much as a connection if they just show both sides especially when there could be multiple parties and people involved. They may as well not bring it up and just tell them to go look at each parties own website and see what they stand for. Would be rather boring.

If a teacher can't openly discuss their political views because it may influence their students choices what's next? People have opinions on everything in life so why try shield them away from reality? They're at school to learn real life skills too not just to be able to sit tests well. If they can't handle someone else's option and be able to form one of their own then they have already been failed. As long as it's a fair debate and both sides get a fair say there can be no negatives from it. It's exactly like we and everyone else on this website are doing, having free and open debates that are fair and allow people in the end to come to their own conclusion.

If we stop the teacher from speaking because he has influence then who else? Should the most intelligent, the most popular or the most knowledgeable student on the subject being discussed all be stopped from speaking out and expressing their views too? Because surely they will also have a higher than average influence over their fellow students.
Debate Round No. 2


darcibusk forfeited this round.


Due to Cons failure to reply I have nothing further to add.
Debate Round No. 3
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