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Teachers should have their students go to the restroom.

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Started: 4/26/2015 Category: Education
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"Mrs. Yates? Can I go to the restroom? It's an emergency!"
"No. You have like 5 minutes to get to class, you could've went to the restroom".
"5 minutes isn't enough".
"Yes it is!"

Most students have dealt with this at least once every day in school. Drank too much water and KABLAM! They need to go down to Bathroom Lane, asap. But that isn't an option. Teachers won't allow students to go because either they had "5 minutes before class" or "you can hold it". Which isn't a good thing to do. Little do teachers know, holding in urine or waste is not good at all.

An average bladder can hold about 15 ounces of liquid. Which is eight glasses of water which, is 64 ounces). Holding in your urine for a long periods of time can stretch your bladder. The automatic feedback mechanism in the bladder sends a signal to the brain when it's full, giving the signal that it's time to use the bathroom. NOW. Resisting the urge to pee, could have your body lose the ability to know when it's time to go.

"The longer you hold your urine, the bladder can become a breeding ground for bacteria to grow," Dr. Bali says. This bacteria can lead to infections, which can spread to kidneys and cause greater damage to the body.

School teachers and crane operators are two professions who disagree with allowing students to use the restroom which is not in any way the right thing to do. Bacteria can de deadly and dangerous. If a child needs to go, then they need to go. Simple as that.

Norma urination is 8 to 10 times a day. If you aren't using the restroom 8 to 10 times a day, something isn't right. It might be you're not hydrating yourself enough.

But still, bacteria is the last thing that any student would want to have just for holding in urine. It's a heck of pain to go through and no one would want to go through it. But teachers will never understand.


Hello, Pro. Interesting topic you have chosen. This is definitely a common occurrence in schools, and I'm here to debate the other side.

Let's jump right in.
Firstly, I will acknowledge that holding urine for extended periods of time can, in fact, cause complications such as harmful bacterial growth. This, however, is not going to happen during the course of a class. The average person can generally go from 4-5 hours before needing to pee. The high school I attended had 50 minute and 90 minute periods, well within the safe time. With entire school days usually not surpassing 8 hours, this provides 5-7 opportunities for students to use the restroom. This leads me to my next point,

My research found that the average person urinates 4-7 times a day as opposed to 8-10. I am a healthy person, and personally, I usually urinate 4 times a day leading me to believe this is fairly accurate. With 5-7 class breaks, students should be able to fulfill their urinary needs. Similarly, you can also train yourself to pee on a schedule. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a source, but I remember in school we read the stories of Holocaust survivors. A common element they shared was that they always seemed to pee at the same time everyday. The officers would only allow them to use the bathroom at specific times, meaning they had to hold it until one of those times arrived. Years of doing that trained their bodies to the point where they have the urge to urinate at those exact times to this day. In a much less extreme case, going to school with consistently scheduled breaks can have a similar result on students. Spend enough days going at the same schedule, and they should be able to train themselves when to go.

Debate Round No. 1


It doesn't matter how long you hold it. What matters is how much is taken in. So you're somewhat correct. The more water someone drinks the more the have the urge to use the bathroom. Yes, you can use the bathroom on a schedule. But what if someone doesn't drink 8 cups of water like they usually do for the next two days? It messes up your schedule to go use the bathroom and you have a more of an urge to urine. Just because you didn't drink enough water the past two days.

The average person urinates 8 - 10 times a day. That is the usual amount for those who drink 8 cups of water. 4 -7 is someone who drinks 5 or 6 cups of water each day.

Also, teachers use the bathroom during class, especially in my school. Of course, their is a student teacher in training that has been teaching us for the past 49 days of this semester. I am not saying it isn't fair. But, if a teacher is allowed to use the restroom, the students should. The teacher leaving to go to the restroom isn't any different than the student going to the restroom. Also, many students, during school, don't usually drink water. When the snack bar is open, they go to buy a soda, Gatorade, propel, Hawaiin punch, etc. Sugary drinks lead to excessive urination. Which is the majority of students needing to use the bathroom. With sugar, effects of holding the urine in are much more dangerous than water. Forget about holding it in for hours. That isn't even part of the issue. Once again, majority of students tend to be walking around, playing football, etc, which is essentially working out the body that also leads to excessive urination.

Yeah, and about the 5 - 7 breaks try going to the bathroom in under 4 minutes with 10 kids already on the urinals and half of them in the stalls. There's no way someone will make it on time in class in 4 minutes when they have a full bladder.



Interesting that you have a teacher that uses the restroom during class. I have never seen or met anyone who has had a teacher go in the middle of class. This case seems pretty atypical.

As for drink choices, that is the students' fault. No one is making the students drink the sugary drinks, if they want to drink them, they need to accept any consequences. Even if high sugar content is causing a more frequent urge to pee, it is not permanent. High sugar content increases the urge partially as a result of the body trying to discard the excess sugar. Once a person stops consuming sugar and it has been used up by the body, urinary habits should go back to normal. The more frequent urination is just a side effect from the poor choices made by the students, choices that the teachers are not responsible for.

When it comes to exercise, this is actually beneficial to the reduction of urination. When you exercise, you secrete fluids, such as through sweat, actually decreasing the need to urinate rather than increase it. With more than 55% of students partaking in some form of sport, the majority, as you said, the urination frequency shouldn't be above normal.

Four minutes should be plenty of time to do your business and move on. It takes on average, 21 seconds to urinate. Even with a line, you should still be in and out fairly quick. Students should make it to class, provided they don't doddle in the hall, another choice made by students that teachers are not responsible for.

Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Lumberjay85 2 years ago
Next time, MightySnyder. Just fro the record, now that this is over, I would like to say I do personally believe teachers should allow students to go to the restroom. I accepted the con side as I felt I could make a strong case, even though I didn't fully believe in it.
Posted by MightySnyder 2 years ago
A tie? Oh well. Thought i'd win this round. Lol
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