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Team War

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Started: 3/14/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
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Alright, here is Team War, based off these other Ultimate Team Wars I've seen on DDO.

This battle takes place in a cube with side length and height of ten miles. Half of the cube is the prairie, an open field of low grass with several trees, and the other half consists of a sea/ocean that is 10000 feet deep.


1. Each side must pick four characters for the debate.
2. Each side can not pick characters that are way too godly and can not be beaten
Ex. Arceus.
3. One side wins when all of the other's team members are dead, continually unconscious, or essentially unusable.
4. In the first round, Pro reveals two of his team members, and Con reveals all four members. Pro reveals his remaining two members in Round 2. This is so that Con does not make a team that is a complete counter to Pro's team.
5. Characters that step out or forced out of the cube are automatically rendered defeated.
6. For this debate, characters will be unaware of each other's abilities.
7. Each side can't use the same character. For example, me and my opponent can not have Mario at the same time.

Here are my first two characters:


Tobi is a genius and the true mastermind of the Akatsuki. He has the ultimate form of Spacial Ninjutsu.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader, once Anakin Skywalker, is a master of the force and the Chosen One, and also a sith lord. The Darth Vader I will use will be the one that first fought Obi Wan Kenobi on Mustafar (Darth Vader without the suit).

Alas, that is all for now. I look forward to this debating this with you.
I renistate the debate since I personally know my opponent, and he has requested I restart it.


I accept the terms and conditions. I will now post my characters.


An everlasting and possibly perfect vampire who works for the Hellsing organization to rid the world of unneeded vampires. (He will be able to use all of his abilities without being commanded by Integra Hellsing.)

Rias Gremory

"The female protagonist of the series. She is a third-year student at Kuoh Academy and is the Academy's number one idol. Known as the "Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess" and the "Princess of Destruction" , she is the heir to one of the highest ranking and famous Devil families, the Gremory Family." (She will be able to use all of her abilities.)

Moka Akashiya (Inner form)

A teenage fighting vampire with superhuman abilities. (In this match she will have already fed before the match.)

Anko Mitarashi

A female ninja of The Hidden Leaf village that has the power to release snakes. (In this match she will be able to release her curse seal and all of her jutsu.)

I await my opponents last set of characters.
Debate Round No. 1


I thank my opponent for accepting this debate, and I look forward to the fun this debate will bring.

Here are my remaining two characters:


A pokemon of legend, it is a mythical bird who wields the power of Ice. (Articuno is not too godly, since Ash's Charizard was able to defeat one.)


Toph is Aang's earthbending tutor, and is perhaps the world's best earthbender, who has the ability to use metal bending.

In sum, my four characters are: Tobi, Darth Vader, Articuno, and Toph.

With that, let the debate begin!

Darth Vader will jump onto Articuno's back, and Articuno will fly high up. Since Team Con has no way of flying, Articuno and Darth Vader will be relatively safe. This will leave Tobi and Toph on the ground. Let it be known, as stated before, that both sides will be unaware of each other's abilities until they have seen it in battle.

Tobi will be completely impervious to any attacks his opponent's throw at him ( Meanwhile, once Anko tries to attack Tobi but misses him, Toph can quickly use her earthbending techniques to trap Anko in a prison of earth. Anko, of course, could get out quickly, but Tobi will suddenly appear. Anko won't be able to hit Tobi at all due to his Space-Time migration. Tobi can then proceed to suck Anko into his eyes and transport her outside of the battle arena, instantly disqualifying here ( Should Alucard try to interfere by passing through the earth walls and attacking Tobi, Articuno can quickly descent and use it's Ice Beam to cover the surrounding area of the earth prison in ice ( This will momentarily distract Alucard, but Tobi only needs about 5 seconds to absorb somebody, seen in his fight against Tu and Forune ( look at 1:47). Once Tobi and Toph are done taking care of Anko, Tobi can grab Toph, and teleport both of them onto Articuno's backs, while Articuno proceeds to fly away from Team Con, and towards the part of the stage that has land.

Team Con, with now only three members, will be falling slightly behind if they give pursuit.
In the forest area where there are several trees, Team Pro can set up a trap. Toph and Tobi can both build an underground burrow, since Tobi has the Earth Change in Chakra Nature, and Toph has her excellent Earth-Bending techniques ( In the burrow, Tobi can easily set up bombs using his Explosive Landmines (, meaning whoever falls into this burrow will be close to dead. Articuno and Darth Vader will be standing guard while Tobi and Toph do this. By the time the trap is set up, Team Con will have arrived at the scene. Tobi and Toph will come up and face the three members of Team Con. All of Team Pro are aware of the underground trap, while Team Con won't have a way to know about it, unless Con shows me so in the next round.

Strange as it might seems, Articuno can use Rain Dance ( Looking at Moka's weakness to water, she will, due to water's purifying properties, "suffer adverse affects on her body, rendering her immobile and removing energy from her body in a painful fashion." (

Of course, Moka will not be able to fight if her energy and she is immobile. Moka is still alive, but right now unable to fight. This leaves Rias and Alucard left to fight. Now, the battle will begin in the rain.

Articuno can use Mind Reader (See wiki page of Articuno) on Alucard, allowing Articuno to accurately predict Alucard's movements. This will prevent Alucard from using his speed to try and trick Articuno. Even if Articuno doesn't see it coming, Toph will, since she can use her Seismic Sense ( to detect enemies. Toph can then make a wall of earth. Even if Alucard passes through it, Articuno will hear the wall come up, alerting it to the fact that an attack is coming in this direction. Articuno can then dodge Alucard's attack. Articuno, using Mind Reader, can then Ice Beam on Alucard when he misses, and trap Alucard in Ice. Alucard can of course pass through, but Darth Vader will use his Force Choke to strangulate Alucard. My opponent will likely say that Alucard can not be killed by being decapitated, but Vader will cut off Alucard's airflow, suffocating him to death. Moka is still paralyzed by the rain.

With Alucard dead, Moka paralyzed, and Anko out of the match, Rias is all that is left of Team Con. Darth Vader can simply grab her with her force choke and strangulate her. If that doesn't work, Articuno can use Mind Reader to pinpoint Rias's location, and then hit her with an Ice beam and trap her in Ice. While this happens, Tobi can teleport an encased Rias into the pit of bombs that were earlier set, dealing massive damage to Rias. At last, if Rias is not dead from that, she will be very weakened, and the ice will be smashed. Tobi can then come down, dodge any of Rias's futile attacks, and then absorb her into his eyes, and then teleport her out of the arena. Darth Vader can come down and cut off her neck with his lightsaber if she proves to be too much trouble.

Moka is the only one really left in the match. Nonetheless, if the rain runs out by then, Articuno can easily use another Rain Dance and once again paralyze Moka. Darth Vader can then strangulate her to death, cut off her head with his light saber, or Tobi can simply teleport her out of the match.

With that, Team Pro wins.


I have shown a plan that Team Pro can employ to effectively take down Team Con. It is up to Team Con to show flaws in this plan and make a strategy of their own.


It appears it is my turn and so I shall show you an alternate plan.

Battle Plan
In my plan, Using Alucards infinite range of speed and strength, he could simply teleport/run straight at Articuno. Using his transformation abilities he can transform himself into a giant blob of heat resulting in the melting of Articuno or in its series case. Fainting due to its incredibly intense heat. After that, Using Mokas speed she can, as she does in all of her fights, Roundhouse kick Toph into oblivion. As she can virtually move so fast that she can fly, thus allowing Toph to never see her coming. Once Moka is finished she could run back to her original point allowing her and Rias to team up. Allowing them to be the ultimate female team. With Moka's super human senses and abilities and Rias powers of the dark destruction they could obliterate anyone that they desire. Last but not least Anko Mitarashi. As I cannot at the moment think of anything for her, I will simply allow her to move about the battle field, slithering and dodging any move she needs to. Using this techneich, Both Toph and Articuno should already be knocked out if not Toph should be sent out of the ring due to Mokas infinite power and strength.
Debate Round No. 2


I thank my opponent for providing a well thought-out battle plan. However, I will go ahead and try to rebut them.

Battle Plan

My opponent says that Alucard will try and attack Articuno straight off the bat. However, if Alucard runs straight at Articuno, Articuno can use Mind Reader, followed immediately by Ice Beam to freeze Alucard. Before he can try to escape, Vader can grab him by Force Choke and strangulate him to death. Now, Alucard can not use his heat method to kill Articuno: Even if he did, Articuno could counter with Rain Dance. Now, my opponent says Moka can use her speed to destroy Toph. My opponent says Toph won't see her coming. My opponent is right, Toph won't. However, Toph will feel her coming through her Seismic Sense, allowing her to pinpoint any incoming attacks. Toph can then cover herself in Metal if she sees a massive Roundhouse kick coming. Once Moka kicks the hard metal and fails to destroy it, Toph can then counter with a hard punch. Or, Articuno can use rain dance and paralyze Moka right off the bat, as I showed in the previous round. Now, with Moka paralyzed, my opponent can not make the "ULTIMATE FEMALE TEAM" he desires. Moka will be left paralyzed for the time being, since she is now at the mercy of being killed by anybody. Now all that are left is Rias and Anko. Vader can grab Rias and kill her through strangulation. Now all that is really left is Anko. Vader can kill Moka right now and finish her off. Anko will try and attack one of the four members, now that all the others are dead.

My opponent has completely neglected Tobi in his argument. Now I will show what Tobi can do. Tobi could have easily gone underground in the fight, and now come back up. It Anko tries to attack Tobi, I will show how she will lose in my above argument. If she tries to attack Articuno, he can use Ice Beam and freeze the ground, making her slip, and putting her at mercy to be killed by a Force Choke. If she attacks Vader, Vader can just Force Choke her. And, if she attacks Toph, Toph can trap Anko in an earth prison, where Tobi can come in, and then suck her into his eyes and out of the match.

With that, Team Pro wins.

Conclusion of Round two argument: I have shown how Team Pro can still counter Team Con with Team Con's own plan. Now, Con must find a way to stop the counter I have proposed.


Rebuttal to Battle Plan

Alucard, like many vampires are trained in the art of the mind. All of the Vampires that I have seen have been able to both: Protect their mind from being read and read others minds. Thus, He would be able to read Articuno's mind and easily dodge the Ice Beam. The same principle can go with Darth Vader, He can read his mind, knowing he will use force choke and immediately use his speed to escape before Vader has a chance. Even if Articuno uses rain dance, it will not effect Alucards transformation because he is immune to water, thus he can transform into his strongest being, a giant blob of heat and force Articuno into it, thus blazing it and suffocating it to death. Though Toph can "Feel" Moka coming, she can only feel what's on the ground as said by the popular Television show she revealed it herself. Thus, Moka can travel as such a fast pace that she is practically levitating. Though Toph can bend metal at her will, my opponent has yet to see a face that is mauled by Moka, Because she has super human strength, she is 100X Stronger than the strongest being in the world, thus, obtaining the ability to break anything, even metal. Now though Vader can choke people, he has yet to meet an opponent like Rias. She has the ability to bend space at will, Once she is being choked, all she has to do is teleport right behind Vader and destroy him with one flick of a wrist. Now though Anko "could" attack Articuno, she cant because as I have said earlier, Articuno would have died due to Alucards transformation. Vader too dead by Rias leaves it too Toph and Tobi. Though Toph is already sent out of the ring due to Moka's Kick, resulting in her being sent farther than the limit. Now all that is left it Tobi. Though my opponent says Tobi can suck people into his eyes, Rias as I said before can bend space at her will. Because of this, once any of my characters enters Tobi's eyes, she could simply teleport into Tobi's world, in fact she doesn't even have to enter Tobi. All she has to do is leave a magic circle next to her allies and they are sent back to the battlefield. Thus, Tobi's distorted world power is out of use.

Battle Plan

This battle plan will be a One-on-One plan. I will use these brackets.
Alucard V.S Tobi
Anko V.S Toph
Moka V.S Vader
Rias V.S Articuno

Alucard V.S Tobi

Now as said before, Tobi does have an eye in which he can send others into his dimension. If that ever has to occur for Alucard, since he is the ultimate vampire, he is immune and never dies no matter what you do to him. He is immune to holy water, a steak in his heart etc. And when you suspect him of dying he instantly comes back to life, better than before as if a reincarnation. Because of that, Alucard can be restored and continue to find a way out even if he has to destroy everything in his path. Once he does, he will then transform into his ultimate glob form, sucking Tobi into his own world of suffocation, sending Tobi's own worst nightmares at him. Thus, Tobi has died due to fear and suffocation.

Anko V.S Toph

Now though Anko cannot fly, or glide to avoid being caught from Toph, she can still dodge all of her straight on attacks due to her flexibility. Once she gets close enough, she can do two main actions.
1. She can summon a giant snake with her jutsu sucking in Toph from existence.
2. She can unleash her curse seal of heaven, allowing her to direct an all out attack on Toph.
In the Airbender series, The benders are nothing without their movements, such as their hands. Because of this, Anko can turn herself or even just summon a giant snake to wrap it around Toph disabling her from using any bending thus, Anko can destroy her bit by bit until she has lost.

Moka V.S Darth Vader

Now though Darth Vader has abilities of the force, Moka is of an elite Vampire race. An S-Class Vampire, the most elite race of monsters. Because she is in inner Moka she has heightened senses and abilities. She is thus and unable to be lifted up due to her strength, unable to be slashed with a light saber due to her fast reflexes and sight. Without these actions, Darth Vader is meaningless and would die immediately after Moka delivers a kick to Darth Vader's face. Thus, Darth Vader has died due to a direct hit. If that is not enough for Vader, the strength of Moka would send him flying threw the field losing due to out of bounds.

Rias V.S Articuno

Now I know my opponent will add in the Mind Reader ability once again. But putting into consideration Rias teleportation, Destructive powers able to destroy Articuno in one blast and Articuno's weakness to fire, Articuno would be an ice cube in a volcano. It would melt almost instantly. Because she is the Princess of Destruction, she could instantly blow Articuno to bits with her powers. Thus, turning Articuno into a pile of ash.

Because of the explanations I have shown you.

Con Wins
Debate Round No. 3


I thank my opponent for bringing up good rebuttals to the case. Nonetheless, I will go ahead and try and rebut them.

Rebuttal to Battle Plan

My opponent states that Alucard can prevent his mind from being read because of the fact that most vampires my opponent has seen can resist. This does not prove that Alucard has the power to do so. In fact, looking at my opponent's own source of Alucard, it does not mention ANYTHING about his mind reading resistance. Therefore, Alucard can not protect his mind from being read. As stated before, Articuno can use Mind Reader to ensure it doesn't miss and allow it to easily read his movements. I will go ahead and counter the rest of what my opponent says below.

Battle Plan

My opponent creates brackets of one-on-one battles. However, please note that this is team war, meaning any other members of the team can intervene anytime they want to. Don't forget, there is always a chance that these one-on-one battles won't happen. Nonetheless, I will go ahead and rebut my opponent's arguments.

Alucard V.S Tobi

My opponent says that Alucard can not die. However, Alucard is going against Tobi. Tobi will not kill Alucard, but teleport him out of the match. This is not killing Alucard, but just "defeating him", if my opponent was to look at the rules above. Alucard has no way of hurting Tobi due to Tobi's space time migration. Besides, since characters are unaware of each other's abilities, Alucard will miss Tobi when he attacks. Tobi will not attack first since he rarely attacks first, and depends more on countering his opponent's attacks. Tobi can then use his nano sized venomous insects as Alucard misses. My opponent would see this if he watches the video above. Alucard will have his body infested with these insects, as they inject poison into his bodies. These are nano-sized insects, so there is no way any other members can get this off of Alucard. Alucard will be unable to function with this happening. My opponent says Alucard can send Tobi to a world of pain. I'm not sure if this is true, but Toph can then easily trap Alucard in a stone prison, capturing his various body parts. Vader can then proceed to cut off parts of Alucard. This won't kill Alucard, but Alucard will be unable to fight with his body fragmented. I have not destroyed nor killed Alucard, but simply rendered him unable to fight.

Anko V.S. Toph

My opponent states that Anko can use her flexibility to dodge Toph's straight on attacks. However, Toph can simply make an earth prison around Anko. Anko can't summon her giant snake inside a small earth prison. Tobi can then come in, and my opponent can look at my first argument to see how Anko will effectively be rendered defeated. However, should this fail, I will adress my opponent's two arguments.
1. I'm not sure how Anko's giant snake can suck Toph out of existance.

Toph can easily defeat the snake. If not, Tobi can grab it from behind, teleport it to the edge of the battle arena, and then easily teleport back to the battle. The snake, not knowing where to go, will simply leave.

2. Cursed Seal of Heaven.

Toph can deal with this two. She can burrow her way underground. Now, Toph is at a real advantage. Anko won't know where Toph is. Toph can bend the earth right below Anko, pinpointing her location with Sesmic Sense, and create hard metal that traps Anko. Tobi can appear and inject the nano sized venomous insects on Anko. These insects are lethally poisonous unless treated, essentially leading to Anko's death.

Moka V.S Darth Vader

Please note: Force Choke does not focus on lifting; instead it focuses on strangulating the target. I am not sure how Moka can possibly resist having her trachea being squeezed from the inside, unless she can control her trachea, which she obviously can't.

Rias V.S Articuno

My opponent is right: I will be bringing up Mind Reader once again. Once again, once Articuno uses mind reader, he can easily predict any of Rias's movements, allowing Articuno to block, at the very least. My opponent mentions Rias's ability to control fire. Nonetheless, Articuno can easily dodge these blasts, see any incoming attacks with Mind Reader, and then trap Rias with an Ice Beam or a Sheer Cold. Not only that, but Articuno can blast a frigid blizzard at Rias, effectively freezing her. If all else fails. Articuno can grab Rias with its mouth/beak and fly up two miles (the limit is ten for this Team War). Rias can't survive being high up in this atmospehere. If Rias teleports back down, Tobi can teleport Articuno back down by teleporting to Articuno and teleporting them both back down to the ground. I have shown how Rias can not beat Articuno. Now allow me to demonstrate how Articuno can beat Rias. None of Rias's moves will work against Articuno due to Mind Reader. Articuno can proceed to use Double Team (, making clones of itself. Rias can't tell the real one. The real one can use hail to bring down hail, and Articuno can fight best in hail. Pellets of ice will hit Rias's head, and Articuno won't be hurt at all. Articuno can rest with Roost if needed. Tobi can cover for Articuno during this time. Articuno can use Mind Reader, use TailWind to double its speed, and then hit Rias with a massive Giga Impact. Rias will be massively damaged, allowing her to be easily killed by other members of Team Pro.

Conclusion of Round 4 argument: I have once again countered my opponent's battle strategy. In addition, my opponent has never bothered countering my own. I urge him to do so in the next round.


kyro90 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


It is unfortunate that my opponent was unable to respond in time for Round 4. Nonetheless, I have no points to rebut in this round. My opponent will have to rebut my very first argument and the other argument in Round 3. It is not fair to post an argument, since my opponent has forfeited and this is the last round of the debate. I ask Con not bring up any completely new points to the argument. He can really only rebut what I have posted.

With that, I hand over the final round to my opponent.

I thank my opponent for debating this with me.


Due to my limited time I will make this quick and post my conclusion.


Due to our rounds, I have rebutted almost all of Pros Battle plans with possible come backs. I have also submitted my own battle plans as to how I would win. I thank my opponent for an interesting debate and hope to do this again when the time is right.

Vote Con. Though of course, I know you wont.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by kyro90 6 years ago
Should probobly go against multi. I suck. :/
Posted by Multi_Pyrocytophage 6 years ago
I'll do one with you, Ryozo.
Posted by RyozoTabikashi 6 years ago
dang it. it was close. i want to do a battle like this vs kyro or mulit please.
Posted by Multi_Pyrocytophage 6 years ago
Hopefully, there is more than 1 vote...
Posted by Multi_Pyrocytophage 6 years ago
That's ok. I'll just go ahead and do something for the last round.
Posted by kyro90 6 years ago
Wow darn, I was at my grandmothers this entire time. DANGIT!! >.< Ah whateves, I was gonna lose anyway. :P
Posted by Multi_Pyrocytophage 6 years ago
Concurred with PeacefulChaos. You have to disprove my battle plan and make a plan on your own; I think that's how these work.
Posted by kyro90 6 years ago
Oh ok thanks ill post it tommorow when ive got a lot of time.
Posted by PeacefulChaos 6 years ago
You're supposed to create a battle plan that shows how Multi's battle plan is wrong. Just because Multi says Anko is dead doesn't mean it is true. You have to find a way to refute it.

You're supposed to post the battle plan you come up with and assume that the characters are going to do it; that's how these wars usually work out.
Posted by kyro90 6 years ago
Ok but I dont think that awnsers my question as too if my player is dead or not. Am I allowed to post what WOULD HAVE happened?
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Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:50 
Reasons for voting decision: Con forfeited a round, and in the last round he refused to refute Pro's arguments. Instead, he just said the exact same things he said before, when Pro had already refuted these things. Also, Pro had better S