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Team jacob: In both of their entirety's the wolfs are better than the vampires

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Started: 11/17/2012 Category: Entertainment
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I think that the werewolfs from twilight (movies only) are better than the vampires. not just in who will win in a fight but everything about them. if you think not then please say why


The vampires from Twilight are better than the werewolves.

These are 7 reasons why:

1. Looks - In appearance, just ignore the abomination that is Robert Pattinson, the vampires are equal, if not superior, to the werewolves. Though the wolves have their tans and their bulging muscles, the vampires have a very refined, cultured and sexy look to them. Pale skin was once and, in many cases, is still prized as very beautiful, they all have an "aphrodisiac" appeal on humans that the wolves lack, and sparkles are visually appealing (if nothing else).

2. The Sparkles - Though many have scoffed at the sparkles of the Twilight vampires and said that it makes them "not cool", the sparkles are a distinct advantage over the alternative (Bursting into flames while "cool" is not very practical). Though in combustible cases this would give the wolves a distinct advantage, in this case it evens the playing ground.

3. The Size - Out of the gutter perverts, I mean the number of creatures in their species. The wolves of Twilight are limited to the Quileute packs which only consist of about 20 wolves. In Breaking Dawn Part 2 (BD2) the Cullens are able to gather an additional 18 vamps to their pack of 8 leaving them with more man power than the wolves already, and the Volturi brought to the "battle" a number that looked to be almost twice that size. This leaves the number of 100% certain vampires at a minimum of 60, and there are hundreds more implied vampires across the entire world. Their influence gives the vampires an obvious advantage.

4. Who would win? - In physical strength the vampires and the werewolves are almost even. The one advantage the vampires have is when they are newborns. As shown by Bella's actions at the beginning of BD2 young vampires are much stronger than even the most skilled wolves, she's able to take on two at a time and best both. After the vampires have matured, though their strength has faded to equal the wolves, their immortality has given them more time to hone their skills and strategically best the wolves. In an all out fight the vampires would win, not only because of their superior skills, but also because of their venom. It was said in Twilight that vampire venom will automatically kill any werewolf and the wolves do not have an advantage like that over the vamps.

5. Life Span - Vampires are immortal; werewolves are not.

6. Detection - Werewolves choose to spend their entire lives in one location even though they age at a decelerated rate; this makes them vulnerable to detection. Their body heat and fast healing also makes them easy to detect.

7. Physical Advantages - Both werewolves and vampires have heightened senses, but if on the scale of abilities humans are at a 1 then wolves are at a 4 and vampires are at a 10 as shown by Bella's vision at the beginning of BD2. Though the actual acuteness of the wolf's abilities is uncertain, it can be inferred that it is less than that of the vampire's. The skin of a vampire is harder and more protective than that of a wolf, and vampires are not subjected to the "pack mind" like wolves are.

I would love to hear your rebuttal to these points and any others you feel necessary to bring up. :)

Debate Round No. 1


Wow i'm impressed i'm still relativity new to this website. but i will try to give it my all. thank you for excepting my argument

1 looks- well that may be true. but the wolfs can just throw on some nice cloths and look just as refined. since vampires are mystical as you can see by there various powers, i find the aphrodisiac appeal not a fair tactic in this. the same way the Greek goddess of love would make any man bow to her feet because she is mystical. not comparing gods to vamps here but just saying

2 the sparkles- lol im part of the scoffed group. also vampires are cold while werewolfs are warm. on a nice cold winters day u wouldnt wanna cuddle with a vampire.

3 the size- lmao XD well i have not seen breaking dawn part 2 yet so i should have waited a while. and that is also kind of unfair because anyone can be a vampire. werewolfs has to be passed down. similar to a saiyan. that gives it a more unique and traditional flavor to them. and even though there are less of them they still can do damage. as u can see the vampires dont take them lightly

4- who would win. and besides the new born thing which is only a special condition for the fight. the wolfs as i said before would be a problem. imagine a regular human trying to fight a wolf. it would be extremely difficult. but not impossible because wolfs are relativity small. now since they are basically even in physical strength. the wolfs also have a size advantage. i am a wrestler and we face people our own weight and sometimes strength. in my case i was a lot bigger then my opponents because i was mostly muscle. my size advantage benefited my greatly. kinda somewhat same situation here. also the wolfs where now taught how to fight vampires so that helps lol

5. life Span- werewolf's can die peacefully and not have to move from place to place and change their identity also they can pass there legacy to there children. that is somewhat better

6-Detection- detected by who? and in any case if they are detected then they will have no problem fighting then it would go back to #4

7-Ability's - once again vampires have powers to do that kinda thing so.... hmm well ok u still make a good point. but in the trailer i have seen- Edward throws Jacob at a wall. im pretty sure Jacob is gonna eat that.

hmmmmm well i think im losing but personally warm tanned fast healing athletic social werewolfs are better.

thats one point right there they are social and good companions. due to there wolf like traits and will protect you no matter what


I'm glad to debate with someone willing to take it seriously. :) I'm new to the site too; I'm probably getting way too into this, but it's fun. :)

1 - We are talking about mythical beings here. Though the advantage of an aphrodisiac may not seem "fair" it is still a power they possess and can't be discounted on the account of being fair or not. Similarly it's not fair that humans have opposable thumbs when in a banana peeling contest with a bear, but, fair or not, when looking at how fast each can peel a banana the human is obviously the winner.

2 - In contrast to your opinion, what if it's a hot day in arizona? I bet nobody's going to want the heated werewolf then, and that a chilled vampire would be the best solution. It all depends on situation and both have their detriments.

3 - Again weather it is fair on not is not the question. There are distinct advantages for the vampires as far as numbers go. If the Cullens were ever in a fight with the werewolves then they could just call their friends to the north for reinforcements and best the werewolves. The wolves could not accomplish this and could also be wiped out if anyone wanted them gone.

4 - Wolves are larger. This is true, and this would be an advantage if the only fighting style allowed was wrestling. The vampires are faster and stronger than the werewolves and this is essential and more helpful than size in other styles of fighting. Kungfu and karate are examples of speed and skill over brute force and size. This is where the video is helpful. Though the werewolves do get trained to fight, the vampires go through similar training and are able to spend more time mastering multiple fighting techniques because of their immortality.

5 - Though I disagree I will let our voters decide what is better. immortality or peaceful death/

6 - Detection by humans was what I was going for here.
Debate Round No. 2


as do I =)
i think 1 is just a matter of opinion which cant be stated as a fact
and with 2well its not like the werewolf is gunna burn you. if your with the vampire in the cold u can get even more cold causing namonia and frostbite. u can lose calories is Ur sweating cuddling with a werewolf also u cant say u can get a heat stroke cuz that would require like 80 plus temperatures. and nobody in their right minds would go outside and cuddle they will be inside where its cooler
with 3 the title of the argument was that the wolfs are better than the vampires. not whether the vampires could get more people. because lets say nobody fighting...just because you have more of them doesn't make them better. and as everyone knows too much of a good thing is bad. so yea no need to bring other vampires into this there still all vampires. we are trying to see who is better lol XD
4- im pretty sure that the wolfs had more physical raw power. and the tactics that each of them could use in a fight could be debated about forever so lets just negate that

5-if ur immortal u can still die. and it doesn't make u better just cuz ur immortal especially if the werewolf dies. then the immortal has no one to compete on who is better with XD

6-if they are detected by humans. so what nothing bad is gunna happen. they are more human than the vampires and can hide amongst humans easier due to they can go out in the sunlight and dont show any signs that they are wolfs unless they transform
7- since u said the accuteness of the werewolfs sences are not clear u cant just say that the vampires sences are better


2 - That's exactly what I was trying to say in my last post. Both have slight detriments when it comes to temperature, so neither is a clear winner.

3 - The title says "in both of their entirety's" entirety includes every single thing about them; I was just bringing up something where the vampire was the clear winner. If you want to pick and choose which traits can be brought up in determining the better you should have specified that at the beginning, and if you have a different trait you would like to discuss you are free to do so. If you were having a Edward/Jacob debate I never would have entered in the first place, but your title does say "the wolves" as in all of the werewolves of the Twilight verses the vampires.

4 - If they have more physical power, how was Edward able to overtake Jacob like he did? Saying "Lets just negate that" is like throwing in the towel, and on this point I would if I were you. When it comes to fighting the vampires are obviously better.

5 - If the werewolves die I guess we can just admit that the vampires are better. Also if we look at the way a werewolf can die compared to a vampire, the only way to kill a vampire is to tear it's diamond strength skin, decapitate it, set it on fire, and spread the ashes, but the easiest, among many, way to kill a werewolf is for a vampire to bite him. One seems a lot easier than another.

6 - I'll assume that you've never seen a movie like E.T. because it talks a lot about what would probably happen if a supernatural being was discovered, so I'll explain it. If a supernatural thing was found, especially one as powerful and potentially dangerous as a werewolf or a vampire, it is predicted that humans would react by trying to either wipe out that species or safely contain it away from human harm. It is my argument that it is easier for vampires to stay out of detection than vampires. If a werewolf was taken to a doctor by accident after an injury the doctor would discover that he could heal super fast and then the secret would be blown, but that is of course purely speculation.

7 - Though it is not verifiable I believe that the signs point to werewolves having less acute senses than the vampires.

These are 7 main points that I believe show how vampires are better than werewolves. If you think you have some that prove werewolves to be superior then I'd love to hear them. :)
Debate Round No. 3


lol damit your too beast i cant win :/ buuuuuuut

5- has it been proven that there skin is as hard as diamonds or are u just saying that because there skin is unusually tough and sparkles? because if it was diamond tough then burning them makes no sense because u cant burn diamonds or anything near diamonds hardness density and blaa blaa blaa

6- but u cant just say that werewolfs cant relocate because they can. and jacob had to heal on the couch for like a while after the vampire fight so its not CRAZY fast healing that doctors would be like hmmmm

7- idk i just dont think its fair that u can win number 7 if its not factually proven their vamps senses are better


ThePrincesska25 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4




ThePrincesska25 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by vmpire321 5 years ago
lol i wanted to take this debate
Posted by darkcity 5 years ago
the vampire suck blood and take souls, where as the wolves go 'woof woof'.
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