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Team rap battle: Truth_Seeker and lannan13 vs. JasperFrancisShickadance and RevL8ion

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Started: 10/10/2014 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Each pro and con will have their teammates write raps for them and submit both raps at once.

Voting by judges based on the following criteria


no forfeits

Spelling and grammar:

No slip ups except when using slang or other literary devices.


1) Bar length - In my opinion, every line should be the same length. Were each rappers too short or too long to your distaste?

2) Aggression - If you favor aggression, Was it aggressive? How aggressive? What was aggressive about either rapper's lyrics (ex. death threats, boasting, etc.)

3) Originality - Were their verses original? What did you like? What was original about it?

4) Rhyme schemes - What kinds of rhymes did you like (ex. multis, slant, internal, etc.)?

5) Personals - What bars did you find devastating on each rapper's reputation or character?

6) Disses - What jokes (ex. yo momma jokes, appearance jokes, personality jokes, etc.) did you like?

7) Rebuttals - Rebuttals are when a rapper addresses a bar, flips it, and disses you back. How effective were they? Why?

8) Imagery - How detailed is the imagery presented? What's unique? What did you like? What metaphors and similes as well as other literary devices stood out to you?

9) Word-play - What word puns did you find most clever? What did you like about them?

10) Complexity - How creative were their lyrics? What stood out to you? What ideas and/or thoughts did you find most appealing and entertaining?

Sources can be used to enhance meaning

First round acceptance


We accept

Also, for voters when writing your RFD, it would be fun to decide which rapper you liked best overall out of us four.

Ya'll goin DOOWWWWWNN!!!!!!!
Debate Round No. 1



Good God Jasper! Girl, what just happened to your hair?!?
One minute we see your face, next minute, it's not there!
You went from being a sheep to looking like one!
Never expected you to literally mimic God's son!

But now you changed your picture of Lecrae n' Drake
Cuz sticking with one face is what you just can't take
I'm about to show Jasper that she can't run complexity
It's because she's a phony rapper with no dexterity

What you know about droppin' toys for tots on hot blocks with hot shots n' pots in a dropbox?
What you know about robots that get shocked with a thousand watts and cops with red dots
Tryna to cast lots in these spots where crime's got plots,Jasper you a flop, you not solving no knots
Fillin' up no slots, your intellect stops like blood clots, cuz even Thoughts (1) has thoughts in thoughts

You all are lyrically incompetent to the one whom heaven sent
While i am purely self confident that your life has been spent

Right now, you are about to get dematerialized by my sophisticated lyrical blades
Cuttin' you with such advanced precision as you spit up weak bars, typical babes
Stop tryna create a realistically schematic as you fantasize about mythical raids
Me and lannan13 are a triple man team the way we murder you in biblical glades




In the name of the father, son, and Holly Spirit,
You want me in a rap battle then so be it.
Saving souls like a Crusifix.
Damin' you like my number is six-six-six.

Let me give you a Reading from Revalations,
It shows the winner of this battle with no hesitations.
It shows Jasper getting Sodomized and Rev gettin' Gamora.
Unleshing my wrath like Pandora.

Shockin' the audience like like Zeus.
Your murder will be on the frontline news.
Call me Legion, cuz your defeats are many.
Here to end your Satanic Tryanny.

Your about to be put back on the shelf,
Do like Robin Williams and hang yourself.
Handing you a loss of every selection.
Your bars are gayer than 1 Direction.

Rev ain't got skill, all I hear is your croak.
Be like your grandpa and die from a stroke.
You're a disgrace and killed all your friends with your villigente,
Another win for the mafia, Dente.

You stole a story, bet your raps are plagerized too! [1]
So funny we should lock you in a zoo.
Better turn that smile upside down.
Cuz it's time for Rev to recieve his Freshmen beatdown.

From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli,
I can school both yo a$$es from Africa to Hawaii,
You think this is poker, I'm about to raise the stakes,
This is Seek and Destroy, Marines do whatever it takes.

I'm gonna leave you hanging like we did Sadam.
Droppin' the bombs, just like we did in Vietnam. [2]
Your in too deep now, you took the bate.
Damn, I guess you should have had a V8.

Stakin' the claim here like I did on Iwo Jima.
Wipin' you out like it's Hiroshima.
You two rappin' on DDO is a joke.
Just like Porky Pig said, "That's all folks."

2. Operation Rolling Thunder


JFS @ T_s:

Ya freakin Faker, you're just lucky dat God's gracious!!
Just the look on your face is flirtatious, omagoodness!
Then we see your hair, it looks like a wig dats spacious
Your wars n' arguments are suspiciously too fallacious!

Ya self-contious is unnecessary for my innocence but it's not too much for me to handle!
Your sandals don't hold ya feet an' you rely on your helpless gf like a candle on a mantle!
About this battle, I had to pop your laughable spiritual bubble just so cuz you wouldn't go
Darn ya hair full of bull and your pics that look sick, you can't even sing let alone rap "let it snow"! [9]

Yea, like Ima drop toys for tots in the Salvation Army box, well right but it'll be for a better charity [1]
Seekah don't even know what a hot shot is cuz he too busy gettin fat eatin crap, he raps for clarity [6]
Dude the unoriginal aroma of your arrogance doesn't beat my belligerence, haven't you heard of a parody?!?
Thoughts don't rhyme with thoughts and thoughts, but your too caillou to realize dey da same word tyranny! [2]

RevNge @ Both:

Takin' the Lord's name in vain, you two are exactly like Abel and Cain
These wannabes are goddamn skanks, my lines have more flow than Mark Twain
You're Spidey I'm Bruce Wayne, I'll make your minds go completely insane
Watch as I swoop out with your Mary Jane, hell, yo voice sounds thick with fresh cocaine
We be like Justin TIMBERlake and Paul Bunyan, ya'll be laid out ripped in half and slain
DDO's best rap writers right here BEATing you and RAPeing you dead in cemetery lane!

The ignorance is unexplainable, your ugliness indescribable, nothing you do makes sense
Your just douchebags with anything except brilliance, nobody understands your defense
We got strategy and the luck's on our side, at least we pretty so you can't dis our face
My malice for you is a death threat, man your visage makes me puke all over the place!

JFS @ both Pros:

Caffeine keeps me up all night, I have 63 cups of coffee and I don't gotta pay no fee
My money keeps coming like I'm Kim Kardashian, I got cupboards full of rap rhymes [3]
Nobody plays Adam better than my bud RevL8tion, the prince who's extremely beastly [4]
I'm the Beauty but he's so manly he's an army, he makes the headlines for the NY Times! [5]

Lucy in the sky with diamonds is what it sounds like yall singin
Literally it's as dumb as the Beatles tryna do a dubstep thing [7]
So stop pretending to be queens and wake up from your dream
Cuz at the end of this yall be shipped to Beijing for your obsequies! [8]

JFS @ L13:

Lanaan got no beats, his raps are off rhythm
He lacks disses cuz he neva heard of precision
Thirteen is what he named his spleen incision!
Hes atheist, dats why his life got no supervision!

What the fhuck is this splat of dat bad rap combat?
I'm reading your words but aloud it's just bullcrap
Are you copying your ally or you just utterly lazy?
Oh $hit, after this, I'll miss your nice praise to me!!

[6] A hot shot won't be eatin junk food like T_s, man, Lanaan's never seen an admirable shot in basketball cuz he's a nerd introvert who don't play sports!!
[7] (LOL!)
Debate Round No. 2


until Sunday night.
I'm from Amerca, cuz it's number 1,
You're a Contra [1], don't make me beat yo a$$ son,
The stake I planted in your body is the Star Spangled Bannor.
Before you die, you give me a 21 gun salute. [2].
Imma burn you up, you gonna hit the floor.
Your cooled off, prepare for a Cold War.
Just face it, you can't beat a Marine.
Now Imma light you up with an M16.
I'm taking this like I look Iraq,
You're just a sad soul that can't rap worth jack.
I'm droppin' bombs like my name is Nixon.
Your mental stability needs a fixin'.
The sh*t's hitting the fan cuz, you've got Ebolla.
Blowing you away like a Spuernova.
Absorbing all this energy like a Black Hole.
I'm a ginger and I'm stealing your soul.
I'm going up just like a 90 degree vector. [3]
Just like a bee I'm taking the nector.
You have no chance of coming to Earth, your Apothis. [4].
You have lost and that's not just a hypothesis.
I'm the greatst mind since Tesla,
My knowledge is forever like Nebula.
Just so I clear up some of the confusion,
I just comenced a rap atomic fusion.
Con I'm the king of this site, I even schooled STALIN, [5]
I'm set set for life with free schooling, housing, and retirement. Hell I'm ballin',
Speaking of school Cuz your skills are lackin'.
You better back out Cuz you know that I'm packin'.

Got a 9mm, an AR, and an AK 47.
Make one false move I'll blow a hole through the Stairway to heaven.
You ain't nobody, not skilled just someone who works at a 7-11.
You shouldn't have challenged me Cuz now it's Armageddon.

I'm the Creator,
I'll take you down like Arnold Schwarzenegger,
It's time for me to end you, call me Terminator,
Unforunately you won't be back, I won't see yah later.
1. (
2. (
3. (
4. (
5. (

Truth_Seeker :


Yeah my face is flirtatious, what about it? Least I bought your attention
Cuz my looks are priceless, it made Jasper develop a cheap affection
I am secure in my manliness, you on the other hand need hair extension
People love my face, you change yours non stop to avoid harsh correction

Lil Jasper tryna be grown, feelin up on me n Shadow, lyrical killer
You be messing with man online because you lack a father figure
Your right, I cannot sing the song linked to us called "let it snow"
But this hillbilly cracker tom boyish twerp can't sing frozen "let it go" (1)

Lannan is a street soldier bussin em guns, you convulsin ' from tons of tongues
Cuz im a lyrical assassin jus blastin' those weaklings askin' for sons n' funds
Why is it that you cling to this natural state of existence? Keep in vigilance
Rhythms of my lyrics will be sonic violence destroying violins, i'm riotous

I'm a lyrical warrior with metaphorical blades, blastin' fiery winds from my lyrics
Dissolvin bodies to the molecular level as they become victims of quantum physics
Ya'll are mythical, so i won't do the minimal, got ridiculous transferable heat waves
This is the ritual, a slaughter of the syllable, oblivious to the pain of these beat slaves

I move past lannan's canon as it bursts, my punchlines so explosive, they break the law of thermodynamics
I smash plate tectonics the way i intellectually use Ebonics, phonics, sonics n' tonics, this is lyrical mechanics
My tactics are vicious, no, malicious, i'm the wickedest, sickest lyricist, as lannan's fires heat seekin' missiles
I am the warrior bishop judicious when i use instruments in diligence to dismember you in thorns' n' thistles
I don't need advanced weaponry to be the best of me when i can telepathically burst an enemy into bristles




JasperFrancisShickadance forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3



I'm taking over like the Queen of the night, Luna,
You coulda had a chance, shoulda responded soona.
Ruling this site and Equestria,
Taking you out just like I did to Celestria.

I tod to debate me and rap fair,
But it's too late and I'm gonna make you my mare.
In this world I control the night,
It seems your skills are nowhere in site.

Betta watch out, because I'm your worst nightmare.
I'm not gonna give you a terrible scare.
Your skills here are both worth sh*t,
You had a chance at winning, but like a hooker you blew it.


You can waste lines n' great minds with basic rhymes, but do not waste my time
Cuz i killed yours, now i gotta Audamer on my list, turn more emcees to chyme (1)
RevL8ion should just use a glock round the clock, speech impaired when he talk
JFS swingin' at ya jock for gettin' caught trippin, not on writers, but a stumblin block

Jasper's not Scriptually advanced, talkin' bout the pain that ripped the rebel
My punch smash your face as i crash land like the train that filled the Temple (2)
You couldn't handle the beast because you were munching on small chicken
You are a coward for being silent, there's no day of reckoning for the wicked

You ate too much than you could chew, you just had too much on your plate
Never considered what's at stake, cuz you were choking on your lunch break (3)


2. Paraphrase of a Bible verse;




Jasper @ T_s

You two dyslexics are in a vulgaris fantasy abyss
T_s can't fit the pieces together, can't even dis
Y'all crack pimps fail every time you try-a play Tetris
Rev reminisces, my cat hisses at yo hallucinogenics

I know what your thinking, what's going on in Truth seeker's head!
It's obvious he can't write raps cuz o his past, yea that's what he said!
There once was a user of DDO, she friended fabrication-noncandidate
GCL is still a part of his heart, just not of his life, his flirts were too late!

Mister Crap you don't know the difference between jack and queen
Who's your wife? Or are ya gay, with a two dolla transgender spleen?
You fhucking don't know what you said, that my mate is an attractive male!?!!
Your hair is so ugly and curly they'd sell it at Arby's and make a great sale! [1]

So get yo shitt together and move along, annoying a$s
An' if you don't, Ima fill you up with Sars and deadly gas [10]
God loves yall but not as much as me, Ima sinner past
My righteousness holds accountable for a Heaven pass!

Yo, we all know you are out of your minds completely
Did I literally just hear ya call me a tomboyish hillbilly?
Sure, I like country music, fact I can sing Sunshine n Whiskey
But I rap like I can't stop and Pop culture is what creates me
I mean c'mon, I sing Let It Go from the box office beautifully
You know I like princesses yet you laughably call me a tomboy!

RevNge @ Lanaan

Your verse is so crappy, stick to fighting Iraqi
All I can tell is that you're triggerhappy
I attack you decay, now get on your knees and pray
You got raped in the army on your first day

Jasper @ Both Pros

You stay away from the heat we bring
Cuz you might catch the Ebola we sing
That's why ya be dead before this ends
People scared o us cuz of our rear ends

Truth-plus-thirteen means you are lame n' superstitious!
Nobody likes ya illusory, suspicious, religious business!
When it comes to November fourth Obama'll be impeached
Ima take the throne like the queen in Esther 1:11 preached! [2]

I sting harder than a million bees on ya
RevNge sings "Russian" like it's nuthin awe! [3]
I rap with percussion, there's no damm flaw
You get convulsion from my discussion and maw! [4]

But in all serious, free will gets us caught
If we all used crack we'd be sold n' bought
Y'all don't know what it's like a be sought
My daddy is a King and he's who you daunt!

Rev @ T_S

You think you can rap while you're just a false prophet
Your skill's are lower than a damn Aniston's profit
Like your battle versus Mikal it might be better to forfeit!
Now shut up and listen and come out of the closet!

Jasper @ L13

I look you up Lanaan, Google ya images cuz your eyes are like cannons [9]
They bug out of your skin dat's white, I give you breathes in tiny rations
You cuss at RevNge, I choke your throat and breath fire like we dragons
My homie and I tackle yall asses at different angles, feed you acids in gallons!

I can see through your bone head too, so-called Sargent of Costa Rica [5]
You're defenseless, shittty, ya embarrass, a pity infectious amoeba! [6]
I know the secrets of attack, the itinerary of pouncing like a cheetah
Lucky for you nobody knows you in real life, if I were T_s I'd rebel 'gainst ya!

You say you're the Creator, thanks for the info
It's obvious you created the Qing Dynasty Fresco! [7]
We figured out easily that you're secretly Soulja Boy [8]
Lanaan, you and T_s are gon be incinerated and destroy(ed)

Yeah I googled you on the Internet
I was told you "terminated" n' that's set
I google myself and that's not what I get!
Man, I always win moola from your bet(s)!

I'll take your rotten hat and hang it on your wart-filled nose
That will make you dead pretty as you lay in your casket pose
That stutter of yours explain why you've never had a friend!
Nobody appreciates your way of talk our your fat faggot end!

[1] and
Debate Round No. 4


Truth_seeker forfeited this round.


JasperFrancisShickadance forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by JasperFrancisShickadance 2 years ago
DARNIT!! I had some bada$$ raps but I took a lunch break and I had forfeited! >>>>>>lllll:0
Posted by RevNge 2 years ago
SIgh...we're going to forfeit, aren't we... e.e
Posted by lannan13 3 years ago
The Until Sunday Part was me telling him that I won't be able to post anything until Sunday and apparently my computer failed epically at spacing as it's suppose to be 4 lines a bar.
Posted by TrollGod 3 years ago
That's a good point ShadowKingStudios. However, I do have songs out there and live shows.
Posted by RichardCypher 3 years ago
yeah, true. rap debates are taken longer than they use to
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 3 years ago
Correct: i thought I would have to choose between ts and lannan, but it's open debate. Why spaceking? because he's clever with wordplay.
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 3 years ago
i thought you have to choose between t-s and lannan. why spaceking?
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 3 years ago
Pro= Me, ESB, Rev (I already have a win with Jasper)
Con= Me, ESB, SpaceKing
Posted by RichardCypher 3 years ago
so if truth seeker wins shadow who will be your third person? jasper or rev? If jasper wins who will you take t-s or lannan?
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 3 years ago
If they steal your bars, challenge them to a rap battle, expose them. They'll have little to no cred after that if done right. Otherwise if you ain't making real world dollars off your lyrics, it doesn't matter how many some recycles your work--you can't file copyright infringement.
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