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Technological progress will probably destroy our planet

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Started: 8/30/2011 Category: Technology
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Voting Period
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First of all, I realize importance of technological progress, but I really concerned about damages that it did. Technology evolves too rapidly, it is really dangerous because there are a lot of process which scientist can`t control, a little mistake could lead to disaster. Huge amount of woods cut off for our needs, factories throw toxic substances into the air and to the ground. Just remember Chernobyl and Fukushima, this disaster destroyed ecosystem on the whole territory around them (40km). Technology becomes more complex, next mistake could destroy ecosystem of whole planet.


Technological progress is our future. And we cannot deny this thing. It is part of our life. Why technology is good for us? I have three reasons. People should understand that progress in technology is not bad because it gives to us communication, surgery and good economical position.

First of all technology gives fast communication with people, who are sitting in the other side of the Earth, there are a lot of chat rooms which can help people to connect with each other. And all of us have experience of using this benefit.

Second of all technological progress gives chance to people who have serious illness to have good consequences after operation. And nowadays all serious operations do with technical equipment. People are not so accurate like machines. Robots do not think they do things which are in their program.

Third of all this progress give to country good economical positions. And country which has good informational technologies always will win than country which has only weapons.
Debate Round No. 1


Firstly, you did say anything about ecology and damages, which progress did, but it was my strongest argument against rapid progress.
Now about communications, of course it really great, but for now it becomes much more than just communications. There are huge amount of different social networks, which are really dangerous. It leads to very serious obsession, after few years of using this networks, person can`t live without it, this problem usual for users of Twitter. This persons don`t need anything just to take some notes in their blog, they don`t want to play with their friends, Twitter of Facebook much more interesting for them than real life and it is really sad, technology not only destroys our surrounding, it is also kills our mind. Also ecological damage influence on human health and leads to disability.
Of course, progress is process of our evolution, but now we can`t control it, so it could just kill us.


If you want ecological reasons you will have it. What means ecology to people nowadays? It is big problem which can cause global warming or apocalypses. But technological progress can decide this problem. For example in Northway near 99% of electricity came from energy of falling water. It is technological progress solution. We try to improve our machines not to cause such problems and without this progress we cannot do this.

Progress means improving and improving in technology gives to us more safe machines which will not cause bad effect to our nature. I can give another example. It is using of solar energy. It is very safe way of taking energy from the nature. Technological progress made it. If something create problem, it can solve it. And if this progress made a lot of problem, it will be solved by technology.
Debate Round No. 2
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Reasons for voting decision: Spelling tied as it was hard to really decipher what each debater was attempting to communicate exactly. However, arguments go to Con as he properly refuted Pro's main point which was ecological collapse. He showed that Pro was representing technological progress in only one way while techno progress can actually be the tool which fixes many of the world-wide ecological problems we face. Green energy was a fine example of this.