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Technology is more than a friend

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Started: 10/21/2015 Category: Science
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Technology, nowadays, has turned out to be one of the talk of the topics. It has also become very much influential in our day to day life. It has gradually started to replace some things which were supposed to be indispensable to us once. With that being said, a question usually arises if it can take the position of a real life friend. Like many other things, friends have always been something to be must had for us. Without them, it is really unthinkable to do. Again, it is true too that technology, today, is helping us to have something which your friend can never provide you with. On that motion, the question before this debate is whether or why a friend should be considered something more than a friend or not.


Well, hello there! Let us commence the debate about this wonderful subject.

Friends are a complement to our life. As previously said by my opponent, they are very important to the common people. It is with them that we can share details about our lives, laugh and be happy together. When some people find it difficult to make friendship bonds or simply do not like to have (many) friends, may it be for illnesses such as autism or not, they opt for other means of satisfying themselves. They usually get to meet the Internet, games, movies, songs, books, etc., i.e. technology. Although great part of the people around the world have friends, this is something to be decided by the individual itself. It may be of their will to do so, and a right they have, as not everybody in the world is much into interpersonal communication.

For example, the social network Tumblr has been completing the lives of many anti-social teenagers who live in the most different situations, be these problematic or not. They post images and texts related to what they think and feel so others can appreciate, while some teenagers just post to release the feelings they carry, independently of how many persons view it.

What I mean with this message is that individuals are different, and even having the majority of the world population as social beings, technology may successfully be employed to compensate and become more than a friend for those who choose a different path.
Debate Round No. 1



Thank you, my dear opponent, for accepting this debate challenge. Well, first of all, I am going to present a definition, to make the concept a bit clearer. Then, with a yardstick and burden of proof for the proposition, let me start the debate.


To define formally, it is the use of science in industry, engineering, etc., to invent things or to solve problems. In this debate, we have to consider a fact that, technology has both uses and abuses. So, when the use is good, the credit will go to technology itself, and when it is bad, we will blame the user, the thing should not be like this. Both the uses and abuses have to be considered in the perspective of technology, not the users.

Friends are usually persons attached to one another by feelings of affection or personal regard. As it has been defined like this, you cannot really say that a technology will be able to be connected with you in a hearty way. I don’t know if such kind of technology has been invented yet or not. You are going to show something like this.

More than:
By this term, I have actually meant the concept that technology is able to do something which cannot be done by our real life friends. Here, we won’t consider the fact of some machinery activities or something like that. Even friends often do us harms, so the fact will be, in order to be more than a friend, technology or something else has to be harmless. If the proposition can show technology to be harmless, the debate will be resolved. In addition to that, in order to be more than a friend, something has to fulfill all the qualities a friend has. So, for being more than a friend, something has to have:

(1) All the qualities that a friend usually has &

(2) Be harmless.


I believe I have mostly been able to show my standpoint in the definition portion. In this debate, I would like to say that technology cannot even be our friends, let alone something more than a friend. Today, the debate will have to be carried on using 6 parameters:

(1) Health

(2) Education

(3) Real life communication

(4) Economy

(5) Moral degradation

(6) World peace and conflict.


(1) Some people finding difficult to make friendship bonds:

Well, there is a "when" factor. That is, its dependency on the fact that the person himself/herself has to be not used to having friendships, very rare. You have talked about autism. Around the world, 1% of the entire population is suffering from ASD. Now, technology cannot be a solution to it, can it? It will just add something more to the isolation problem. Instead of that, if you provide them with real life friendships, the situation will be lot better.

(2) Anti-social teenagers using Tumblr:

Now, these social networking websites just do the job of making people narcissistic. This sense grows upon the person, and that cannot make him a social fellow, can it? "Never" should be the answer. Because of the fact, these appreciations are given superficially, not initially. And that is why we cannot accept this virtual-based social communication.

(3) Miscellaneous:

Well, even if I admit all your words, then technology is mere a friend to us. What’s the logic for which we have to consider it more than a friend? Please clarify.


Now, I am going to talk about the first and one of the most important topics, that is health.

A friend will not harm you at least in terms of health. So, in order to be more than a friend, as I said before, it cannot do any harm to me. Let us see-

1. Smartphone stress: Scientists have found[01] an association between smartphones and stress, as people constantly check messages and alerts (why hasn’t he/she texted me back?!). This is the fact nowadays.

2. Acne caused by cell phones:Cell phones can be covered in bacteria, causing oils to collect[02] when placed against the face. The result is unwanted pimples on cheeks and chins!

3. BlackBerry thumb: That magic little scrolling ball BBMers worship can actually cause stress injuries to the thumb, which can cause tendonitis. And while a thumb injury may derail texting habits, it can be quite painful.

4. Radiation from cell phones: Cell phones emit some radiation[03] that can be absorbed by the user. However, it has become a slight concern as more and more people are using cellular devices.

5. Cell phone sickness: Researchers have found[04] mobile phones can be contaminated with various types of microorganisms that could lead to infection.

6. Cell phones and car accidents: Chatting on the phone while driving is more than just distracting— it can actually reduce activity[05] in the brain and draw our focus away from the road.

7. Allergies and cell phones: Pollen, dog fur, peanuts and… cell phones? Yep, when phones come into contact with faces, a facial allergic reaction, a.k.a. dermatitis[06] can harm.

8. Crazy phones: Okay, so this may be a bit sensationalist, but in one study, 68 percent of cell-phone users experience "phantom vibrations," or thinking they felt a phone vibrate in a pocket or purse, only to realize there was nothing there.

9. Computers causing wrist pain: Carpel tunnel, one cause of wrist pain[07], can occur from excessive typing.

10. Computers causing back and neck pain: A recent study[08] found leaning in to read the small print on a tablet screen can strain the neck. Other research suggests hunching over that laptop (or desktop!) can cause pain in the neck and back.

11. Laptop headaches: Hangover[09] headaches are so last year. Straining eyes by staring at the computer screen for too long can cause headaches and blurred vision.

12. Sleeping problems from laptops:The artificial light from laptop screens can suppress[10]the release of melatonin, which helps us sleep.

13. Decreased attention span from using Facebook: Sure, it gives us virtual friends. But scientists have also suggested Facebook may affect brain activity[11] (damn that constantly moving news feed!), potentially leading to attention-deficient disorder.

14. The Internet causing anxiety: Over 60 percent[12] of Americans turn to The Internet to help diagnose their aches and pains. But WebMD is no personal doctor, and relying on Dr. Google may lead to cyberchondria[13]— excessive health anxiety caused by online searches.

15. Headphone use leading to accidents: In the past eight years, 116 pedestrians have died[14] while wearing headphones.

16. Hearing loss from headphones: Blasting tunes through our headphones can lead to hearing impairment[15], unless one keeps the noise at a safe listening level— around 80 decibels[16] .

17. Death from social networking: Some researchers have suggested that spending all day on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr (and so on) can have negative biological effects[17] on the body as people substitute real social interaction with online interaction, as I said before.

That's all from here now.





Imperiah forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I thereby extend all my arguments for the next round.................
The resolution is negated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Imperiah forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Sadat_Hossain forfeited this round.


Imperiah forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


All my arguments are remaining unchallanged!!! Therefore, I should easily make the both ends of this debate.........


Imperiah forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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