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Ted Cruz doesn't brush his teeth

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Started: 4/2/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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To anyone who accepts this debate, thank you, I'm looking forward to watching the blowout of a debate this will be. It seems quite clear, to the evidence I have gathered that states that Mr. Cruz doesn't brush his teeth.
In this youtube video, Mr. Supreme, a big advocate for toothbrushing worldwide encounters Mr. Cruz, and in the start, Mr Cruz clearly is avoiding the toothbrush in which is in Mr. Supreme's hands and starts shying away. He claims that the government shouldn't be your "nanny" telling you to brush your teeth, but if he brushed his teeth in the first place, why would he care?

Has he something against his own, and all of American's dental health? If he did brush his teeth regularly, why does he shy away from such a serious issue?

More evidence:

Here, during a republican debate, Mr. Cruz actually loses a tooth mid debate, which is most likely due to his poor dental hygiene and lack of toothbrushing. This basically proves that this man is nothing but a whitening strip scammer and not a toothbrushing politician!


I am most grateful to TeaPartyBijesse for a truly revolutionary topic.

It would be my pleasure to defend Ted Cruz who I believe is more than just a man. (read citations to understand fully)

I would first like to refer to my first source [1]. Here we have a complete Wikipedia page on who Ted Cruz really is [2].
Through this we can start to make certain assertions on the true nature of Ted Cruz and thus prove indefinitely that he does truly brush his teeth. In source [3] we can see that Ted Cruz is actually eating broccoli in this picture. Not only that with the angle that he is eating and the forcefulness he is eating it with means that broccoli would have to be caught in his teeth.
In the two videos that PRO himself has shown us, you can see no pieces of broccoli in his mouth. Furthermore, pro might say it was near the back however then his voice would be affected eventually. It's through this process of deduction that my first point of Ted Cruz brushing his teeth becomes evident as how else would broccoli come out?

However, there is more evidence. We can also see that Ted Cruz has another alias [4]. In this way we can determine how his other alias also brushes his teeth and therefore prove that he himself brushes his teeth as they are the same person.

This 2nd alias has a picture of him wearing glasses. This shows that he has a certain intellect but more importantly it means he had parents. What does that mean if he had parents, well his parents would have taught him to brush his teeth and this definitively proves that Ted Cruz also brushes his teeth.

It is clear that after the end of round 1 we have a PRO who is heavily biased and ignorant to the truth but also to the fact that if he does not understand two of Ted Cruz's many alias' he would never have the logic to understand if he brushes his teeth or not.

For these reasons I beg you to oppose.

[1] =
[2] =
[3] =
[4] =
Debate Round No. 1


Definitely some very good points on dental health put up in your response. Thanks for accepting debate. The issue on toothbrushing is very widespread between politicians, and Mr. Cruz hasn't been up to snuff. He has turned down the opportunity to defend mandatory toothbrushing and many other dental reforms. To me, this is a clear flashing red light that to Mr. Cruz, the dental health of the American people, especially his own, doesn't truly matter to him.

Back to the broccoli... If he does eat broccoli, that is a win for Pro because it is a very dental- friendly choice, while the youtube video posted says a different story. Broccoli is green, and the object in his mouth was white. And also, if the piece of broccoli was lodged in Senator Cruz's teeth, from all the debate talking it would have fallen out earlier. Also, the size of the tooth that fell out was in relation to the rest of his teeth.

Noting that Ted Cruz would have brushed his teeth because of his parents, that statement is dead false because his father didn't even have adequate teeth. Quoting Ted Cruz's book, "They bashed in (Ted's Dad's) front teeth until they dangled from his mouth." Therefore, Ted never had proper dental role modeling.

Also, many people with intellect brush their teeth, but more of them use WHITENING STRIPS which would perfectly defend the dark truth of Ted's dental health on the campaign trail.

And sometimes, the truth is quite bias.


MangoInABottle forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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