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Teen pregnancy,

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Started: 3/9/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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Teenage pregnancies are the parents fault.
Most people consider teen pregnancy to be a tragedy, because a pregnant teenage girl inevitably feels lonely and condemned by the whole world. Actually, this poor girl had been lonely and had lacked mutual understanding with her parents long before she got pregnant. Teen pregnancy does cause problems, but the pregnancy itself is a consequence of problems a girl suffers from!

The only way parents today believe the child needs to be taken care of is being able to provide for the child financially. The majority of parents today concentrate on the financial needs of the child, rather than the emotional and sex educational needs.

Parents are constantly leaving their children at home with little to no supervision, setting them up for failure.

Many parents today simply ignore their responsibility of educating the child sexually.


First off, this is my first debate, so fair warning for any confusion on how this works. Looking forward to this!

I will be arguing that it is not the parents fault, but the teen who is pregnant and the partner responsible for impregnating her.

The basis of my argument will be that every person is responsible for their own actions no matter what circumstances pushed them to those actions. More specifically, someone who desires to 'rebel' against their parents for attention or give in to social pressures, are still doing it on their own action.

Now to clarify, I agree that a parent can take action to reduce the likelihood of their child going out and having sex (unprotected/without understanding of consequences) , however I think someone who has parents lacking that virtue are also capable of saying 'no'.

Premise 1, Someone who makes a choice is at fault for the outcome of events caused by that choice.
Premise 2, Having sex is a choice. (outside of rape)
Premise 3, The person who made the choice to have sex is at fault for the outcome.

To disprove my theory you must find one of those to be untrue.

Best of luck to you!
Debate Round No. 1


Awesome, this is my first as well. I understand what you're saying but children cant make big decisions like pregnancy on their own without guidance because their brains aren't fully developed.
Majority of the girls today that are pregnant have some form of mental illness.
For instance, when raped these girls are told "if you love me you will do this" Therefore the only way they know how to express their love is through sex.

Realistically, 90 percent of teen pregnancies either didn't have parents around or were raped growing up. So like i said before, they had little to no guidance.

Premise 2, good point. Having sex is a choice. But when you are mentally ill and never knew anything but doing what people told you to do to make them happy- what do you expect?
If you sit down with your kids and explain the consequences of pregnancy and what they are capable of achieving and being in the future then why would they desire to run around and have sex?

Sure you could blame this on the influence of friends as well. But if the parents were involved they would explain to their children that these people they are hanging around with are no good.
When a teenager ends up pregnant who is the first person strangers look down upon? The parents.

If you want to blame it on the teen having sex then so be it. But what could have helped avoid the entire situation? Birth control. Why do most teens not have birth control? Because their parents said no. So whose really in fault here?


I still believe that if someone makes a choice they are responsible, even if they are making that choice because someone is telling them its the only way. Unfortunately that's what every single person has to fight through at some point- We don't get to choose which parents we get or if we get any at all. We roll the dice and are born into 'our' family, and we can't change that. We can ignore it or embrace it but we are still stuck. You will either make good choices and go above and beyond to be a 'good' person, or a successful person, or whatever it is you want to do, or you will be crushed by your burden and give into those pressures. Are the cards stacked against your favor? sure sounds like it, but we don't get a free pass because we are mentally ill.

The 'Mental Illness' argument.
Can you cite a source for this? Or even give me the name of the disorder. I had a very hard time finding anything of substance related to this. If you are talking about 'the human condition' that doesn't count. Also, if there is something to this, I would like to bring up that an insane man who commits murder is still held responsible, he will simply serve his time in a psychiatric facility.
Now I'm not saying teens who get pregnant are insane. What I mean is that if you have a mental illness, the state still holds you responsible, I see no reason why this would change for any other action- murder or otherwise. All in all, I don't believe 'mental illness' is a get out of jail(responsibility) free card.

On the topic of the parent encouraging the teen to end bad relationships.... I think this is highly misplaced. In what world do teens listen to their parents about which friends they hang out with. Moreover, teens who respect their parents enough to avoid those relationships are probably not going to have them in the first place.

I would like to remind you that the argument is not, "who do the people blame" but rather, "who is at fault".
Also, birth control is not always going to work. The only way to avoid getting pregnant is to avoid having sex.
Debate Round No. 2


ThatChickMaya forfeited this round.



Premise 1, Someone who makes a choice is at fault for the outcome of events caused by that choice.
Premise 2, Having sex is a choice. (outside of rape)
Premise 3, The person who made the choice to have sex is at fault for the outcome.

I see no reason to further my argument. Nice debating with you- shame you didn't get that last round posted!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ThatChickMaya 3 years ago
You obviously have never met someone will trauma. Dont confuse youth with stupid? You cant speak for ALL teen moms. Just like i cant as well. Sure maybe some of them make "stupid" decisions when it comes to sex but what about those who didn't? Look at the statistics. One in ten girls are forced to have sex.

Im not making excuses for anyone. Its OBVIOUSLY the teens fault for having sex but what if that's all they knew, you cant hold them accountable for something they had no control over. If they were never told they could change their way of life how do you expect them to?

Asking a mentally ill teenager with trauma (most of teenagers today), to change their life without the knowledge, guidance, and capability to is like asking a fish to climb a tree because other creatures with different abilities can.
Posted by Times 3 years ago
Again, teen moms are all over television, social media, they see each other all over the place including seeing the other girls walking around pregnant or with their babies and not being able to go hang out and party because of it.

Do not confuse youth with stupid. These kids know what is going on and they know about what comes next, the real issue is we have a permissive society that has been teaching our kids that mistakes are not their fault, and to give a great example let's look at this debate where you are saying it is the parent's fault yourself and never holding the teens responsible for their own behavior.

They know most people will never see them as being at fault, we have set the bar incredibly low and then we act shocked when they fail.
Posted by ThatChickMaya 3 years ago
I'm not sure that i agree with that last statement. They might know what you have to do to get pregnant but they don't know what happens after. The responsibilities, the life change, the loss of friends. A lot of teens don't know the consequences of having a child.
Posted by Times 3 years ago
Lack of supervision is certainly an element of teen pregnancy, but lack of sex education is not. Most kids today know a lot more about sex than generations past. Raw knowledge of sex and what causes pregnancy is not the issue, idle hands and a general loss of moral fiber in society is the main issue.
Posted by ThatChickMaya 3 years ago
I apologize for the confusion. I am for the fact that parents are the reason for their teens to be pregnant. So you would be arguing that its not the parents fault.
Posted by Axelthane 3 years ago
I am confused. I would like to accept this debate, but would like to know what this debate entails. What you are saying is that you are "pro" teen pregnancy, which would mean that you are okay with teens being pregnant. I assume from the way that you are presenting your argument that you are actually "con" teen pregnancy. Am I correct?
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