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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's are better than the Power Rangers

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Started: 9/20/2011 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Voting Period
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In this argument we will argue the age old question who is a better hero the ninja Turtles or the Power Rangers. I will be arguing for the pro side that the ninja turtles are indeed better than the power rangers while my opponent argues against me. I witty but logical comments are excepted and I look forward to a fun and interesting debate.

My opponent can start the argument however by doing so I ask that they forfeit round 4 and make round 3 there final argument so they do not have the benefit of beginning and ending the argument. If they however wish to have the last word than I ask them just to accept the challenge and I will begin.

I would like to thank my opponent for this debate


Power Rangers are better than the mutant ninja turtles. why?

The power rangers have megazords which is basically power rangers plus gigantic a$$ robots. Its like getting transformers as a bonus. Power Rangers always reinvent themselves also, so they really never get stale, they have a new generation every 2 years or so. I have seen every animal possible zords.

Appeals to both male and female
The simple fact that there are female roles in the power rangers fighting bad guys makes the power rangers more appealing to both the male and female child audiences.

The power rangers costumes with their designe motorcycle helmets have always been classics. Kids just love the costumes, power rangers hide their identities like super heroes.

The simple fact that the power rangers changes themselves up every year makes the power rangers a lot better than the never changing teenage mutant ninja turtles.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank my opponent for engaging me in this friendly debate. I do agree that the power rangers

Megazord is a cool concept, and have found that most individuals when asked why they think the power rangers are

better do not hesitate to bring up the mighty Megazord. I would like to take this time to submit into evidence this

video . While watching this video one will notice how the power

rangers do not hesitate to call upon their clumsy zords to defend Angle Groove (the fictional town in this episode of the

power rangers). One should also take note that the battle is taking place in the city of Angle Groove. I feel a scenario

is required to illustrate how the power ranger's reckless behavior is not very heroic. It is a brand new Monday for

Johnny he is excited to go to his new school in Angle Groove. Just yesterday his family moved there after his father

receives a new high paying job at Angle Groove National Bank. Johnny's mother is also settling in her new job as a

doctor at Angle Groove Hospital. It was just another day Johnny thought until 1:30 came by… Johnny during recess

feels the ground under his feet begin to rumble, he fears it is an earthquake and runs for cover. Then out of the

corner of his eye he spots something that begins to block out the sun.

It is what he comes later to know as the Megazord. He screams in terror as it clumsily strolls through his school

destroying buses, buildings, and worst of all squashing some of his peer's before his very eyes. He watches it as it

does battle with a monster in the not so distant busy city. One of his teachers grabs him and drags him into a

building, where he and his peers anxiously watch the news trying to figure out what is going on. On the news it is like

a war zone as riots form across the city feeding off the chaos, and people flee from the giant's carelessly battling

around them. All of a sudden the Megazord shoots it rockets and fires begin to spread across the city. The news

takes them to the hospital where his mother is working her hardest to keep the hundreds of individuals severely

injured alive only to have the heel of the Megazord knock into the hospital as it backs into the building. Killing some of

the patients and injuring some of the doctors. Eventually the battle comes to an end and you find Johnny shuffling

through the rubble of Angle Groove national bank with his injured mother, trying to find his father. Think of the

damage the power rangers have contributed to in their battle with the monsters, think of all the destruction and

death. I think it would be safe to speculate that a citizen in Angle Groove would not be so relieved to hear the

Megazord coming to do battle. People should not be afraid when a hero is coming to their rescue but relieved.

Second I would like to point out that even though the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are smaller than a Megazord they

still could be resourceful enough to take it down. I will submit two videos for evidence .

And the second video I would like to submit should be skipped to the time 5:08 for the main point

. Both videos have the Ninja turtles fighting

individuals larger than themselves.

The Ninja Turtles are seemed to be outright better fighters than the power rangers. I picked two videos in which both

the Power Rangers and the Ninja Turtles first meet a large amount of their adversary's henchmen.

power ranger's first big battle

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles first big battle

In both battles our heroes have lost their first encounter. However the ninja turtles appeared to put up a better fight

against a larger group of better prepared enemies.

What makes the Ninja Turtles unique as a Hero is the only way they can hide their identity is through disguises and

staying in the shadows. This is easy for the ninja turtles because they are trained to be stealthy. However, the ninja

turtles for the most part stay true to themselves and don't have to mask who they are. They are and always will be

the ninja turtles.

I can agree with my opponent that it can appeal to both males and females. However I think the ninja turtles

especially the live action movies appeal to a larger age range than the power rangers. If we choose to accept my

opponents logic that one thing that makes the power rangers better is because it appeals more to all genders as

opposed to one. Than that would make a lot of superhero's who generally appeal to the male audience more inferior.

I feel that the power rangers costume choice is not one of the factors that make them better than the Ninja Turtles. I

think their costume choice is designed for kids and is not intimidating or majestic at all. To me the power rangers kind

of look silly with their over sized helmets placed on top of their skinny little bodies. However, would agree that one

could find the idea of a giant turtle person amusing, but I feel the Turtles have made it work.

I agree with my opponent the power ranger's do change characters and themes a lot. My opponent pointed out that

this keeps it from getting stale. However it also makes the power rangers unidentifiable. What I mean by this is when I

say who is batman most people think Bruce Wayne. Who is superman that would be Clark Kent. Who are the Ninja

turtles? They are Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael. Who are the power rangers???? Uh? The power

ranger change so much it would seem hard to stay faithful to them and it is harder to get attached to a character

when you know they are gone next season. As opposed to a hero who has been there for a while. I also think the

overall plot of the power rangers is stale and it is wise for them to change themes and pretend to be different form

the last

I disagree with my opponent that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles never change.

Numerous comic books these comic books create

have different multi-verses. In fact during one of the animated series they bring this up.

if you watch this video you will notice different turtles popping up in the boxes and can be found within a comic book

or other animated series. Here is another example of turtle different turtles time 1:17

They also had an animated series in 2003 that had a more serious feel to it like the live action movies. That is different than the 1980's animated series.

The Ninja turtles in the 1980's series have the ability to freely travel through different dimensions. They have all the

cool factors that a both a ninja and a turtle have. They are more adaptable because they are trained to be aware

and utilize there environment. In the process of saving a city they don't destroy it. In the words of a famous turtle



That was a very amusing argument.

First I would just like to address the fact that if the power rangers do not call upon their giant megazords, the evil demons, mutants, space pirates, time traveling future villains, and many other villians would have easily taken over the world. I would take a few collateral damage over being completely taken over, destroyed, or enslaved by these villains. So all the stuff about little children being scared by a giant megazord and running for their lives get that out of the way cause without those megazords in the angel grove world there would be no more angel grove or world.

Even to this day I have a hard time remembering who the real identities of all the super heroes that I have seen from my past. I highly doubt I would be the only one. I don't remember Bruce Wayne I'm sorry but I remember a Batman. I don't remember Clark Kent but I remember a Superman. Their identities do not matter and to be honest to say that the ninja turtles names are more recognizable and memorable is a statement that is unfounded. If my opponent can remember the ninja turtles, I can just easily say well they are not as recognizable because i still remember the names of all the power rangers. The idea of what is more recognizable depends on each individual person. The power rangers from my era I will always remember. I incredible mighty morphin power rangers where the chinese girl was the Yellow Ranger, The black guy was the Black ranger, the nerd was the blue Ranger, the cute girl was the pink ranger, and the team were led by two white guys the Red and White Ranger. I remember all their names though Tommy, Jason, Kimberly, Zack, Billy, and Trinny.

The Power Rangers appeals to both the male and female audiences. The Power Rangers shows both men and women taking on a role of power, strength, and courage. The Ninja turtles stars 4 ninja turtles on the team both men, and their main opponent Shredder is also a man. The entire show is mainly to appeal to the male adolescent audiences. I remember there being one female role on that show and those movie, but her role was not big I can't even remember her name.

I would also like to point out the evidence my opposing debater has shown is clearly an unfair clip. Look at the video of the first fight that he points out, please everyone watch it. Do any of you see a single power ranger? The clip my opponent took was the first episode of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, and none of them at the time of their first battle were actually power rangers. The power rangers fight Demon puddies the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles struggle against a bunch of last minute trained teenagers. Demon puddies Vs poorly trained teenagers. I would also like to point out in that fight the TMNT had the advantage of their turtle bodies, they were bigger, their shells allows them have constant protection and they still lost. My power rangers might have lost but their were unarmed, unprotected, and of average human size. TMNT are not better fighters they fight humans while they are mutated animals and still lose. Let me fight a teenager over an unknown demon puddie thing anyday.

The power rangers are more memorable another fact I want to point out is the memorable theme song. If you have been in high school before and told me nobody at your school had the classic power rangers ring when they receive texts messages I would call you a liar. The power rangers are more memorable and better than the teenage mutant ninja turtles. They are better fighters, and they have proved it by fighting a much more difficult group of opponents.

Power Rangers also have a more extended group of weapons. Swords, Axes, Sais, daggers, talking swords, and guns. All their weapons that are not guns can combine into a super gun, that is ridiculously cool if I say so myself.

Classic theme songs, strong male female leads, better weapons, stronger opponents, and giant robots, the ninja turtles cannot compete with the power rangers.
Debate Round No. 2


Let's go over the typical power ranger fight (1) the henchmen come out (which don't pose much of a threat) and the power rangers make quick work of them. (2) Main bad guy comes out fight the power rangers and kicks the power rangers butt. (3) Power rangers figure out a way to overcome the main bad guy and beat him up. (4) The main bad guy gets big and then the power rangers call on Megazords to fight him. My opponent points out that if the power rangers did not call on these zords the bad guys would surely take over. However if the Power Rangers have such wonderful technology like their suits and zords why could they not figure out away to prevent these bad guys from growing? I have yet to see an episode were the power rangers are thinking of ways to prevent the bad guys from growing. Or at the very least lure the bad guys away from the city. Maybe this is why they kept changing themes is because of the receptiveness of the show would eventually get stale.

There are 16 different power rangers seasons according to the official power ranger website ( ), and not everyone from the first season that my opponent has listed is in every season. My first video will show the history of the power rangers . As you can see there are many different power rangers and the black ranger is not always a African American, the yellow ranger is not always an Asian, the stereotypical nerd is not always blue…. So The white Ranger Tommy in one generation of people who watched it is not the white ranger for another generation. But no matter what generation you are if you see a TMNT show you know that there are four ninja and their names are Leonardo (wears a blue mask and wields two katana), Raphael (wears a red mask and wields a pair of sai), Donatello (wears a purple mask and wields the bo staff), and Michelangelo (wears an orange mask and wields a pair of nunchaku).

I have already agreed that the power rangers can be seen as more appealing to male and female audiences. However the ninja turtles have various female characters that have strong roles like April O'Neil (best friend of the ninja turtles and is a scientist and new reporter), Karai (leader of the foot after Shedder is killed), Mona Lisa (girl mutant lizard that helps the ninja turtles), Venus de Milo (girl ninja turtle), Ninjara (a fox character that helps the ninja turtles) and there are other female that play a role. Yes these people are not as major as the ninja turtles but they still play roles where they demonstrate power, strength, and courage.

The ninja turtles main enemy is the Shredder like the Batman's is the Joker. However that does not mean that is there only enemy. For example the ninja turtles fight Triceratons which are big dinosaur like creatures from space that carry laser guns ( here is picture ( They have also fought aliens, mutants, robots, humans, individuals with magical powers, and etc. The fight gangs with guns only with the weapons they have and there ninja skills. Why don't I ever see the power rangers fighting small crime are they to good for that? The Ninja turtles fight any thing that threatens the safety of other like true heroes.

My opponent has criticized my clips of the power ranger saying they were not power rangers at this time. Yet there are episodes where the power rangers are not in their suits and easily defeat the puddies as demonstrated in this video . The power rangers didn't even need the suits this time which leads me to wonder what the suits even do.

My opponent points out that the Power Rangers have a more memorable theme song yet with the 16 different
sessions a new theme song came along. What theme song is my opponent talking about??? I suppose I am a liar as well because I have not heard a power ranger ring at my high school. Maybe this is because when I went to high school we were not allowed to have phones in the class rooms.

My opponent says the weapons are cooler for the power rangers. I think they are very futuristic and that can be cool. However, I admire the TMNT for living by a code in which they use the weapons they view as most honorable. The ninja turtles don't need the futuristic guns even though they have fought those with them, and instead resort to more tactical fighting. They are trained to be adaptable and therefore are ready for most situations.
This is theme song from the movie is far better than any power ranger song . It reflects the TMNT because it has adapted to pop culture much like the TMNT adapt the environment. Power ranger are nothing more than a bling, over exaggerated, flashy, and ridicules when you look at the core idea of the power rangers. The TMNT is the real deal and have core components that most super hero's have.

For additional amusement I would like those to look at the funny yet inaccurate urban dictionary.


The racial joke I made about the 1st generation was supposed to be a joke... But still very humorous how you tried to make it seem like I meant every generation. Back to the argument though about how the power rangers never try top stop the bad guys from growing. These bad guys are on a entirely different level of difficulty than that of the TMNT. To my knowledge from watching the TMNT movies the shredder is just a thug who recruits teenagers and trains them in basic martial arts till they are good enough to be his henchman. They possess no powers, no demonic or supernatural abilities. What I am trying to say is, Shredder is just a mere human who somehow finds it easy to break into high tech government agencies and steal viles of ooze without being shotdown by mountains of high government security. Power Rangers are not the only story here who has flaws in logic. This is just a kids show there would be no story or interest for that matter if there was no action.

The Power Rangers are a better show because they offer a lot more action, they offer a different kind of action each year, with a different theme. They offer a much better technological weapons, they offer giant robots, they offer a larger repertoire of super villains and they offer the martial arts fighting style. Considering most actors on the power rangers have a martial arts or athletic background.

My opponent has already conceded to the fact that power ranges are more appealing to the male and female audiences. I don't understand why we are still arguing then. A larger audience appeal means more people are interested in the show, with more interest it should automatically mean that people view the power rangers as much better than the Turtles TMNT has females but they are not the front line fighters, they are the behind the scenes stereotypical women who worries about the heroes. That is not as powerful as women who are in the power rangers who are able to do everything the male rangers are able to do which are fight, and call on big robots.

The power rangers do not fight small crime because they have to deal with a constant threat from other worldly monsters who has the technological capabilities of summoning gigantic monsters at any moment. So when an old lady has her purse stolen should we automatically halt the Navy, the Air Force, and the Marines to pursue this purse snatcher? No, because they have matters much more precedent than small crimes like that. The ninja turtles who have time to pursue small gangs and robbers means their situation in their world is not as dire.

I have criticized your video because during your evidence presentation the stipulations for comparisons were not fair. The power rangers after long periods of experience and training as power rangers were able to fight puddies without power. The power rangers are signs of real humans, they have room to grow and improve, unlike your turtles who remain the same.

So nobody in your school broke the rules? Your school is that one in a million schools who never had a phone ring in class or even at lunch. Look at least there is a theme that is used by school kid's cell phones. The TMNT has nothing memorable about them. Or nothing that resembles something like that being remembered. There are many generations of power rangers but we remember the suits and the symbol of the power rangers. We remember Batman has a symbol of justice and hardly remember that his real identity is Bruce Wayne. Batman is yet still memorable for being batman. Even though there has been continuation stories like batman beyond.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have outdated weapons that are unappealing. The power rangers are more aesthetically pleasing to eye. I don't understand what is this core components of a super hero you are talking about. Many super heroes have out worldly powers that they are only remembered for. The fact that nobody notices the teenage mutant ninja turtles whether they are disguised are not is ridiculous they have a gigantic hump on their back, and when they fight is there really any point to the masks? Who the hell actually knows who the TMNT are in their world? Do they have a life to conceal after fighting? NO. The power rangers are real people who lead real lives, and when they are done being rangers they have to protect their identities to preserve their second identities, that is a main concept of a super hero they share with the likes of batman, superman, and etc. TMNT are more super hero ish than the power rangers, they don't have super powers because their current world situation doesn't need them to have it cause just like them their opponents are not impressive at all either.

Matter of flashy and bling concept is still matter of opinion I don't see that when I see the power rangers. I see super heroes just like any other who fight for justice, but they fight for justice in a way that is100x more impressive and appealing than the turtles. Who appeals to a larger audience? Power Rangers. Who has a more complicated villain base? Power Rangers. Who offers a lot more for your time? Power Rangers. Who is can be more easily imitable? Real life humans fighting or radioactive turtles? Power Rangers again. You actually made the point of TMNT changing their theme songs to be appeal to pop culture yet they won't restructure their show to have a more appealing look for their audiences? they stick to the same weapons and same concept. The fact that power rangers change means they are trying to adapt to the new cultures constantly.

With all these pluses Power Rangers are far superior to the outdated and unrealistic TMNT.
Debate Round No. 3


Stimple forfeited this round.


begin the voting
Debate Round No. 4
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