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Teens shouln't have curfew.

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Started: 3/20/2015 Category: People
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I believe teens should have a curfew.

No foul words.
No expert debaters.
Pro may argue first.


Curfews keep teens out of trouble. If teens stay out all night they will more likely to get kidnapped or caused to do or sell drugs. Teens walking out at night could only cause trouble. Curfew is protecting kids from making mistakes that they would do without curfew.
Debate Round No. 1


I stated above that I believe teens SHOULD have curfew.


Oh sorry double negatives.

Children shouldn't have a curfew because it shows that the parent doesn't trust the child. The child could be just hanging out with friends and when they say it is time for them to go the friend may feel left out. Kids that are more troublesome nay need a curfew but regular teenagers should not need one if keeps them from spending time with friends or studying a last chapter at the library. Curfews only hold kids back from adventures. Kids are not automatically going to do drugs. They can be watching a movie or waiting at midnight for the release of a movie, video game or book. The teenage years are those to explore. Curfews are only keeping kids from having fun or spending time with friends or socializing.
Debate Round No. 2


Wow. I thought we were just gonna forfeit but since you debated I will too.

Curfew is there to keep them safe!
They need sleep for school, they wouldn't get in and have enough sleep if they could do what they want.
A curfew installs discipline, which a child needs in order to understand right from wrong and not turn out spoilt etc.
At night, you get a lot of weird people out. Druggies, Drunks from the pubs, and overall troublemakers. And this is that. Stage they start wondering about the opposite sex.


Abou that thing about the opposite sex just be thankful you kid isn't gay lol.

When kids have curfews it keeps them from thinking for themselves. If you keep your child on a leash but let them away then they learn better then if they were your purse dog.

"Kids need to get to sleep"
Most of the time they won't be out for long or won't be far on school nights. As I said before kids need to learn so once they come home late once and are super tired in the morning they will never do it again. This is how to teach them by letting them learn by themselves. Like if a child is coming down in a slide. The kid that gets spoiled and is depedent on the parents is the one that gets caught at the bottom of the slide. The one that turns out independent and thinks for themselves not others (will prevent them from doing drugs) is the one that has to fall and scrape their knee to learn not to cone down the slide to fast.

"Children need discipline so they don't become spoilt"
When kids get the freedom to be curfewless then they learn not to take it for granted. They are more likely to be nicer or get better grades just so you don't take the privelege away. Kids are more likely to be troublesome if you keep them to closely. They just want to get away. If you let your kids know that you think they are mature enough to be without a curfew then they will most likely respect you more. Keeping them as a purse dog makes them feel like a child and will end causing more trouble. Whether you think they are a child or not they need to know that you think they are mature.

Hope this isn't to "serious debate" for you. Lol. ;)
Debate Round No. 3


1. Chemical filled brain.
Teens have sex hormones now and want a piece of another man's\woman's body regardless of gender preference.

2. Curfew time.
Curfews start late or nearly late so kids out late will sleep late.

3. Discipline.
Kids are more curious and rebellious so don't let them be.


Though their brains are filled with hormones they are more likely to have sex if you tell them not to.

Children are rebellious so they will do the opposite of what you want them to do that is why reverse psychology works so well.

Kids will end up becoming more rebellious and likely to sneak out if you were to give them a curfew.

It is better for kids to be able to explore their surroundings and become independent.

Kids need air to breathe and curfews prevent them from reaching their full potential.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by ClashnBoom 3 years ago
@Niltiac Why did you award ThatLezchick the conduct point?
Posted by brea789q 3 years ago
I go for curfew. They should learn to keep track of time. They'll be late for jobs or job interviews. What adults will they become? We are shaped into mature adults for rules.
Posted by purpleduck 3 years ago
define "expert debater"
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