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Teletubbies is a better kids show than Clifford.

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Started: 4/20/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
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This round is for me to introduce me to my opponent. DO NOT DEBATE ON THIS ROUND.


ok every one knows the cute friendly kid show Clifford and the other only adorable and creepy delightful. Clifford is a show that you can understand with a good narrator delightful you cant tell its random noise. and that sun baby is scarring the hell out of me I men come on think Clifford is better just look at a picture compared to delightful.
Debate Round No. 1


You weren't supposed to debate that round... It's fine, I will post my debate, and you just post: Hello. Here is my argument:

Yes, you are right. But Clifford also has its dark sides. Clifford is a cannibalistic murderer. In one of the episodes, the narrator has some pretty dark things hidden in his message. In that episode, you can see bloody.... things in the background. It is sort of blurry, but you can tell someone, if not the developers, tried to hide something...
Debate Round No. 2


Here is a proof that Clifford.... Is DEAD:

I'm sure you all know about the classic book series "Clifford the Big Red Dog" by Norman Bridwell. You know, the books consisting of a girl named Emily Elizabeth who loved a tiny red dog so much he grew into a big red dog, yeah that one. The book series was originally published in 1963, it was written by Norman Bridwell and also was turned into a cartoon series, consisting of the same plot.

My little sister, actually liked this particular book, she had every book of the series, exactly up to date, or so I thought... her birthday was coming up in two weeks time. I knew not of what I wanted to get her, I wanted to get her a brand new Clifford book, but, she had them all so far. There was not one she didn't have, she even possessed the very first, original Clifford The Big Red Dog, one of the original copies too. Talk about spoiled rotten.

I preceded to speak to my guardian. She told me generally, that Aunt Clare was an anonymous novel writer who specialized in children's books. She went by the name of Dren Cooper. "Dren, what a strange name... but what does this have to do with your sister's birthday? I only have two weeks left."

She then spoke about how Aunt Clare had been driven to insanity. "Your Aunt Clare was a possessive child. If Aunt Clare owned something, she wouldn't let it go.

Clare was not only possessive and protective, but she was the extremely jealous type. If she felt left out, she'd let them know about it." my guardian began. "However, Aunt Clare never knew when to shut her mouth or leave well enough alone..." She paused for a second and spoke in a lower and more quiet tone of voice. "Your Aunt Clare was driven insane by my affection for your mother. Clare couldn't stand me and my love for your mum, and became jealous of her."

"Remember how your mother was attacked that night of mid-August last year?" she questioned me. Flashes of that day flickered in my brain faster than light. The brakes stopped working one night while we were riding in the car on an evening drive, mum panicked, desperate for the car to stop.

After a tumble in the car, crashing the car on it's side, a stranger broke into the car's broken and exposed window and held a knife to my mother's neck. The person holding the knife to mum's neck, wore a hoodie and a Richard Nixon mask underneath it.

The gashes covered mine and my mother's bodies ached like hell, but not as much as my chest did. Seeing that knife by mum's neck caused my heart to pound at a painful speed. A few moments later however, a police cruiser had arrived at the scene, finding a wrecked sedan crumbled into some pine trees, and alerted an ambulance. Lucky us, we made our great escape.

But I was never told who that was. I nodded slowly, trying to re-block that painful memory from my brain. "That was your Aunt Clare... she was taken away to a mental institution shortly after being questioned by the police." My guardian spoke harshly and lowly. I was baffled, what could I say? She forced a smile again. "Dren Cooper had good intentions however, she dedicated herself to writing cute novels. Anyway, what was it you asked deary? I must've forgotten already, you know me!" she giggled at her own forgetfulness, bless her soul.

"I-I was inquiring about a present for Anya's birthday..." I spoke, although Nana didn't seem to think so, the word's she's spoken had caused the environment to become awkward and slightly uncomfortable. "Ah yes, sorry deary!" She said with a smile upon her aging face. She slowly got up and walked out of the room, leaving me alone with my thoughts. No more than seconds later, Nana entered the room again, holding a thin, yet rather large book.

"Take this Dear, Dren Cooper wrote it. She was inspired by the concept of Clifford and wanted to recreate her own version of the story. This was the only one she'd ever made, make sure little Anya takes care of this with pride and care. It could be worth a lot of money one day..." she babbled on. "I will, umm... Nana? Have you read this book before?" Nana looked back at me with a puzzled look. "I haven't, but it seems okay... it's only a children's short novel after all." "...Right..." I said, a little concerned, but I smiled anyway and thanked her greatly. "No problem!"

Upon arriving home, I opened my bag containing the Clifford book I'd had to hide from my daughter. I looked at the cover, it worried me a little. The cover consisted of Clifford lying down in his kennel asleep, it was grey in the background, or at least a stone grey hue. It appeared to be raining, a red outline was drawn on all the characters, and full red for the dog, which appeared to be sleeping. A few people were surrounding it. Each of them with a sad expression on their face.

Emily Elizabeth, the young girl known as his owner, was hugging the dog's nose that was bigger than her, she had a tear streaming down her face. The two dogs, Cleo and T-Bone also appeared saddened. "What kind of book is this?" I thought aloud. "What kind of book is what?" I heard Anya's high pitched voice squeal in my doorway. I gasped and quickly shoved the book into my bag before she's seen it.

"Oh, erm, nothing. Don't worry 'bout it, m'kay?" I smiled gleefully at her, trying my best to hide my concern of the strange novel I'd just been given. Anya cocked her head slightly to the side with a confused expression, but quickly faded into a cheery smile. "m'kay!" she yelled happily as she skipped away happily. I got up and locked the door as I stared back at the bag containing the novel by Dren Cooper. Dren was an odd name, so before reading into the book I looked it up, just to out of curiosity as to whether it was a valid name or not.

I didn't find much on it except a few characters in some shows were named Dren, one being Tokyo mew mew, but I didn't care much of the name Clare had given herself, nor it's origin. I only cared about the contents of this book. I pulled the book back out of my bag and stared intently at the cover. It had some dead pixels in the background and I swear they made out a picture, of what, I couldn't figure out.

I opened the book to it's first page. It looked happy and normal, I gave a sigh of relief at the thought of it maybe, just maybe being a normal and happy book. The first page consisted of Clifford being hugged by Emily, it had some writing on the bottom of the page. As it was a picture book, it didn't have many words, about a sentence or two per page really. "Clifford, you're the best big red dog in the whole wide world! We're so lucky we have you to protect us! I love you!"

This was cute, and normal for this type of book. The second page had a picture of a stormy night and some writing explaining it was a stormy night. Simple enough, no? The third page was also okay, it just said how Clifford was trying to sleep during the storm and had become frightened at the lightening and thunder. The picture was of Clifford covering his eyes with his overly large, red ears. The fourth page showed the morning sun. It was gleaming brightly on the page and almost hurt my eyes, strange huh?

It showed Clifford with a not-so happy look upon his face, but more of a face covered in paranoia and scares. It said 'Clifford woke up that morning, still scared of the noise and flashing lights from that night. He sat by Emily's window and waited for her to wake up.' The fifth page showed Emily yawning and the bottom described how she giggled at Clifford's face and how worried he looked. "Don't worry boy, the thunder storm has gone now, look how nice it is!" Clifford didn't seem secure still, but tried to brush it off.

The next page consisted of two local dogs, Cleo and T-Bone, smiling up at Clifford, telling him to come and play in a big wooden house they'd found. Page seven showed the three dogs in a large wood surrounded area, it looked like an empty room.

"Clifford, Emily said how she was worried about how scared you were, how about sleeping here for the night? It's big, and you fit in and your nose won't get wet at all like in your kennel. You'll be okay in here I'm sure!" The little purple dog had said. The writing was in purple to represent who was speaking. Page eight consisted of Clifford lying down in the large wooden building with his eyes closed peacefully. It simply said 'Clifford slept well that night...' I was reluctant to turn the next page, a bad feeling in my gut arose and I got worried about what was coming up next.

Curiosity killed the cat as I turned the next page to see the building on a slight angle with tears of lightening in the air behind it. At the bottom it said 'The lightening was close to Birdwell island...'. Now I was really getting worried. "Get a grip you moron, it's just a stupid children's book!" I cursed at myself for being childish. "...written by a ...psycho and..."

I shook my head at the thought of who wrote it and turned the next page "This book's not half bad anyway, considering what I was expecting..."quot; My thoughts of it being an ordinary book were shattered when I saw the large wooden shed like building being struck by lightening, it no longer was a cartoon novel. Either Dren stepped up her game in those drawings and colours of hers, or that was a real photograph. "I-I...What?!" I questioned aloud to myself. "What the bloody hell is this?!"

Page ten was an image of the shed in pieces and a large red paw hanging from under the rubble. 'Clifford got hurt that night in his new home..' was all the text said. The next page showed some police officer Pete standing by what was no longer rubble, but the lying body of a large red creature. It didn't show what happened, it just had a large silhouette of the man attempting to hide the body of the unfortunate soul. Page twelve almost had me vomit as it showed a life like body of a dog's body cut open. It was in black and white and extremely realistic, as though it was an actual dog. "no, no, no, no, no, no, no!"


In the years since I stopped watching television I've never forgotten the Teletubbies. Something there hung with me. A foreboding. Something that the digitally enhanced colors, lilty childlike music and fluffy, impish dancing couldn't wipe away. Something dark. Darker than most expect.

And no, I'm not haunted by the alleged "liberal agenda" of the show. I don"t care that a bunch of right wing folks feel threatened by some puffy, dancing TV people. No, it was something else that I couldn"t put my finger on. What was it that resonated so deep in the core of me about Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala and Po?

I woke one night in a sweat. The Revelation came to me and it shook me to my marrow. It's so much more complex than any child can grasp. So thick is the subtext that it could be misinterpreted or missed completely by the adults that are watching. Maybe, those that feared the "Agenda" only had it partly right. It's not a liberal agenda... it is simply a warning.

Teletubbies is a dark, Orwellian nightmare about a genetically engineered slave class creatures being systematically trained to become part of our society.

In order for you to see what I mean, you need to Tivo or tape an episode. Just check the listings of your local PBS station. Just watch one and you will see exactly what I am talking about. Then perhaps the words that follow and the evidence I provide will resonate within you as they do in me.

While no backstory has ever been provided on the show about where the Tubbies are or even where they come from, one thing is clear - they are not in control of their own destiny.

Three things control their day to day lives. First there is "The Voice", a tinny female voice that tells them when to eat, when to sleep and when to say goodbye. The robotic, maternal voice blasts from a speaker implanted in the ground - hinting that something larger lies underneath and is constantly vigilant. The second is "Nu Nu", a harmless looking anthropomorphic vacuum cleaner robot who wanders after them, cleaning up their messes that they made and passively scolding them for bad decisions. NuNu is the watchdog, the controlling tool of the powers that have placed the Tubbies here. The third in the Triumvirate is the iconic, menacing Pinwheel.

The Pinwheel is the true power in Tubbyland, a mystical godhead that the simple minded Tubbies worship. When the pinwheel spins, the Tubbies stop whatever they are doing and run to the top of a hill. Here they perform a ritual for the gods in the sky, trying to curry favor. They gestate and roll around, like puppies having their bellies rubbed, trying to win the ultimate prize... and only one is favored. Only one can be chosen. When that one is chosen, they are blessed by having the genetically implanted bioelectric "television" screen in their abdomen activated. The Tubby is rewarded, not only by being the Pinwheel's messenger to the other Tubbies (a mouthpiece if you will), but also apparently by a physical orgasm of joy at the activation of the screen.

And what does the screen show? It shows an indoctrination film. "Here is the world of man and one of its customs. Learn for you will soon join us, live among us and serve us." A message from The Pinwheel God (I call it Revnoku... just because it sounds cool). When the ritual of the indoctrination is done, the Tubbies return to their day, child-like and innocent.

Finally, watching over it all is the Sun-Baby. The innocent, benevolent soul of humankind hangs over it all, illuminating Tubbyland. You see, we are guiltless in this. We have chosen for ourselves the form of a child, an infant. What could be more guilt-free and benevolent than a cooing baby? It is a form that the childlike Tubbies will understand and not fear, a form used to hide the watchful, totalitarian eyes that peer out from the darkness.

The powers that control Tubbyland have made it beautiful. Green and colorful... temperature controlled... I have not determined yet if it is an island or another planet. I lean toward planet because their underground bunker they live in seems to resemble some sort of buried space craft. Wherever they are, they are cut off from outside influence. Anyone who has ever watched "The Prisoner" can make the connection quickly. Like the Eloi from "The Time Machine", they are kept simple, stupid, sated and enslaved in a place of vibrant beauty. Lambs to the slaughter. The better to devour you with, my dear.

I beg you to watch and decide for yourself. It's all there on the screen and finally, for me, all the pieces fit. Children enjoy it, as they should, for the colors and the nonsense... for adults it should be a chilling warning of times to come in future. It is a morality tale about the potential dangers of cloning and genetic manipulation abuse by those who think themselves benevolent. The Tubbies are alerting us to a future where genetically crafted, androgynous worker beings (with entertainment centers built into them) will serve us. Slaves who will stumble and babble their way through our world, pleasing us... for we are Revnoku!! We are the soulless, immoral God of their world. We demand their obedience. We demand that they perform and dance and work for us.

Teletubbies is simply a warning about the encroaching darkness. The decay of the human spirit as it ages - fat, bloated and raping not only the natural world, but the world in future(possibly).

Teletubbies is about the end of the world. this is a crppy passta not by me
Debate Round No. 3


Well played.... One last thing before this debate ends, and the voting sequence opens. Clifford. Is. Satan. Yes, the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, whatever you would like to call him. The Teletubbies may be about slavery and the will of man having creatures do our biding, but Clifford, oh man, is about what will happen to the "Sinners" of this world, the big dead dog, the cannibalistic murderer, everything connects, and Clifford is the Devil.


nice on did i tell you that telatubies closly resemble victums from ww2. ya they resemple natzie experements so think about that satin or harmed and merderd jews whats worse. aso the blak one is rely new and is also satin himmself. so chew on that.
Debate Round No. 4
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