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Television is harmful

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Started: 12/8/2010 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I thank anyone who accepts this.

Let's start!

1. Definitions

No need to define the words. We know what they mean.

2. The physical harms of TV

An average person watches 26- 28 hours of television a week! This means that they watch an average of 4 hours a day! This causes addiction to television. This also causes people to be near-sighted, far-sighted, and more.

Okay. For round 1, just start short and easy. Good luck!


I would like to put a fact out there - your first web resource has a major flaw. It does not have accurate studies. You claim that television will cause increased violence, increased horror, and a lack of empathy in children and/or adults as mentioned in the online article, but who is the primary target of these studies? There are many - thousands of factors in addition to television watching that contribute to these effects.

These television programs, as claimed in the same article, do NOT encourage bad habits or uncivil speech and conduct. "6. Modeling of Uncivil Speech and Conduct...For the sake of supposed humor, the media frequently show children acting naughty. Staged or cartoon-mediated disobedience, bullying, yelling, whining, rowdiness, hyperactivity—all set an example for children in the viewing audience. Research has shown that the more a child watches television, the more likely he will bully his peers (23)." To refute this argument, I will state the obvious. It is meant simply for humor and entertainment. If it is a well-made cartoon, which it most likely will be if it is aired on popular television networks, it will have a moral behind it, thus putting the question of bullying children out of the pile.

As far as alcohol and drug use, along with violence and disturbing graphic images go, at the start of a more adult-based television program, a short segment is inserted warning parents that the material that follows may be harmful to their children. It then becomes the parents' mishap of allowing their children to watch these programs. Many kids have played games, watched cartoons, and seen others acting strangely and not repeated the acts of violence portrayed in them. The Three Stooges was one of the most popular television programs of the 1950's, yet you don't see many older folks going around bopping eachother on the head or speaking crudely to their peers.

I plan to discuss the positive effects of television in later posts.
Debate Round No. 1


Great! This will be a wonderful debate, Con!

Okay. Let's begin:

1. Elaborate, please, on your first paragraph.

2. Paragraph 2 Counter Argument

Thank you. You have agreed to my point. I agree with the humor and entertainment part, but kids are not mature yet to know about the "wrongs and the rights." They will use the TV show or advertisement as a role model. Example: Tom and Jerry. Does it have a moral to it? No, at least, not really.

3. Paragraph 3 Counter Argument

"A short segment is inserted..." False. Have you watched Gossip Girl of like Two and a Half Men? They are like "adult- based" but they do not insert a short segment. Many parents will just let the kids watch TV for a certain amount of time and then lead them back to do other things. Many parents simply do not have the time to watch a cartoon with the child, so, this is not the parent's mishap. The Three Stooges. I've even seen my cousins, after watching the cartoons, tackle each other, slam someone in the face with a sleeping bag, and push someone of the bed and onto the hard, wooden floor.

Now, onto my contention:

The mental harms of television

There are many mental harms on television, so I will just pick a few of the important ones. Television has fashion models, correct? Now, many teenagers will consider themselves ugly, because they think that the fashion models are beautiful and that they are "ugly." This leads to self- hatred. Self- hatred could lead to depression and, sadly, suicide.


Basically, television is a harm to the youth and the teenagers. I await my opponent's response.


MP519Rovin forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Okay. Hmm... Let's begin.

1. Forfeit

My opponent forfeited.

I will give my opponent this round to catch up.


I apologize for the last round, it seems that time was an important factor that should have been carefully watched and remembered during this debate.

Continuing on, my first paragraph states that obviously violent behaviours in children cannot be measured simply by analyzing their media intake. There are so many other factors that contribute to these acts of aggression. For example, what kind of society/neighborhood they were born into, the mindset of their parents, as well as the education available to them in their hometowns.

These television shows do have meaning to them. You say, "Does it have a moral to it? No, at least, not really." Even the slightest moral can be applied to a child's mind. Children would not watch Tom and Jerry and immediately adapt the behaviours seen in the program to their own lives; they see that there is a distinct line between the animated world and the real world. Even something as realistic as a game like Call of Duty has that line. In real life, you cannot re-spawn, hide behind walls and regenerate your health, or leave combat whenever you like. Part of the child's brain sees the connection between the game and real life, but is able to distinguish the two.

In the case of these programs that do not include the discretionary warning, the content may be to complex for a young mind to understand. I know that when I was young, I never understood a single one of the more "sophisticated" jokes. I realize that arguments placed in my own perspective, such as, "I watched bad TV shows and I'm not a bad person," are less significant than arguable points, but in this case, I believe it applies to most younger children.

You say there are many mental harms, and you will name a few, yet you only name one. Teenage envy. However, you cannot find a single case of depression or suicide that has been the result of only seeing fashion models on television. Again, there are many other factors that play into the mind of a teenager. A teenage girl seeing them would understand that it is their "job" to be beautiful. If any of these teenagers had a sense of what goes on in the world as well, they would know that most of the beauty they see is achieved by heavy doses of makeup and plastic surgery.

My simple pros of television include stress relief, understanding of different cultures and social aspects, increases memory, and gives opportunities for family and friends to bond ("Top 10 Benefits of Watching Television n.pag.).

"Top 10 Benefits of Watching Television." Connect with your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology, 16 Aug. 2009. Web. 12 Dec. 2010.
Debate Round No. 3


I understand. Time is always a factor.

Okay... You're still not saying why television is not harmful. You stated that television is also a factor of this aggression. Thank you for agreeing with me.

False. Many kids just let the show become a role model. Many kids think that if something is on TV, it's like a role model and they want to be funny, even if it harms other people. They think that it's on TV, and it's famous, so that they should be like them.

False. My cousins, age 7-9, watch "Two-and-a-Half-Men" (for some odd reason), and they get most of the jokes. They laugh and laugh.

I will give you an example of suicide because of television. Please read With fashion models, this causes jealousy, but yes, there has not been a case of suicide yet. "The women's job is to be beautiful." False. They do no have to be "beautiful." Some girls are just ugly and they get through life.

I negate the fact that television gives opportunities families to bond. The adults and the kids would just be staring at the TV screen. Television does not increase memory.

In the Guinness World Records, someone watched 87 hours! I urge a Pro vote.

Merry Christimas!


MP519Rovin forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Koopin 7 years ago
"No need to define the words. We know what they mean."

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