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Temporariness-Alas! Thy name is democracy

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Started: 1/29/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Temporariness-Alas! Thy name is Democracy
Democracy is hailed as a great political system to govern people in nations on the basis of peoples" choices. Democracy was defined as a system that is by the people, of the people and for the people by Mr. Abraham Lincoln of USA. People elect their representatives, in a democracy, for a limited period of 4-5 years. We find that in the present set up, only people with bad antecedents get elected as representatives. Those who can allure commoners with their oratorical skills are able to garner peoples" support. False promises galore in all elections! Enticing the masses by all sorts of allurements goes well with the electorates of lower strata of society which usually decides the outcome of the elections.
Electoral polity can deliver the goods only when the society is civilised and elite. Elitism will be a far cry in countries where poverty is rampant. People who go hungry and shelter less are taken for a ride. Their predicament is well utilised (misused) to garner support by the misguided and corrupt politicians.
Representatives, who feel that they can wield power only for a limited period of 4-5 years and that their job is not permanent, develop a temporary mindset. Therefore they try all their tricks to make use of the opportunity to grab whatever they can during their tenure. In the present scenario this misuse cannot be avoided. At least the elected representatives are being paid for their work. But, in the party based electoral process, the ordinary party workers are not having any normal means of earning. Naturally they are forced to indulge in corrupt practices to earn their livelihood and in the process they misuse the machinery by using their clout with the bigger politicians or elected representatives to amass wealth. MLAs and MPs have to meet the demands of the party workers who have worked for their success in the Hastings. The temporary mindset of MLAs and MPs and the party workers is the main reason for their dishonest behaviour. Some kind of permanency has to be brought in so that they will behave more decently.
Education of the people on moral values is the urgent need of the hour to change the present undesirable antipeople scenario in the democratic political system. Only a civilised society can elect its right representatives in a democracy. Society plagued by pseudo social values such as casteism, communalism and religious fundamentalism, language chauvinism, capitalism and communism will not and cannot be a civilised society. The crux of the problem seen in the society lies in the pseudo social values that dictate the very functioning of the society. As long as the true human values such as humanism, honesty and integrity are neglected the society will remain an uncivilised one and therefore the malady will continue.


When I saw this argument I was intrigued. When you described Democracy as "temporariness", you reeled me in. However, after I read you argument I have come to the conclusion that I completely disagree.

Democracy is solidarity. Solidarity is defined as "unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group: factory workers voiced solidarity with the striking students." Democracy is the only governmental system that is by, for, and of the people. You are mistaken on what defines a democracy, and since you pointed out the United States, I will use them as an example.

This government and this system you decry is not based on the politicians in DC. IT never was. The United States of America is here because the people of the United States have placed the faith in themselves and each other to choose who will be their leaders. We have climbed mountains, risen to the occasion, and changed the world all on this fundamental belief. The society I live in is civilized. You have said that the people are uneducated, and that they need enlightenment for a democratic society to function. The people of this nation have been able to progress without needing your narrow definition of the right "values". Integrity is great, but integrity in what? You mention humanism, but what do you define as humanism?

I think the one unifying characteristic of our society is the ability to believe in themselves or ourselves. They believed in their children, so they decided to tax themselves to create a school system so their children could go places and do things they could never fathom. In California, we decided to build a college system, to enlighten our children, so they could grasp the future. We decided to create a Social Security system because we believed that our seniors deserved a life that was not defined by poverty and endless misery.

I know that you will rebut with an endless tirade of my nation's maladies, especially President Trump. However, what you see as a sign of impending doom, I see a rebirth. I see a rebirth of America underway. A rebirth where introspection and reflect discover the true values that have allowed this society to become what it is today.

I await your response.

Debate Round No. 1


You have not rebutted any of my arguments but posted your own opinions. With so much of crimes against fellow humans on the basis of race, religion and many such pseudo social values any society cannot be considered as civilized. What we see now in democracies is not solidarity but some kind of tolerance for survival. Any system or country which spends sizable budget on military while the civil society lacks the basic necessities cannot be called an ideal form of governance. The gun culture even in schools is a pointer to the rotten social situation.
The temporary mind set of the so called leaders and the people alike is certainly the basic cause for the problems that the societies face in today's world
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Debate Round No. 3
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