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Tennis is better than your sport.

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Started: 10/26/2013 Category: Sports
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You can chose any sport you want to compare to tennis. I just have a few rules.

1. Be respectful.
2. This is fun debate. Because I like to argue :D
3. We can't say anything negative about the other persons sport. For example, your sport sucks, etc. We can however compare each others sports. For example Tennis is more physically demanding than your sport.

I believe tennis is the best sport in the world. I enjoy all sports but tennis is the most exhilarating and requires the highest level of skill and physical fitness.


I will not argue for any particular sport, but simply state that tennis i snot better than many sports in many ways.

1. It is NOT the most physically demanding sport.

2. It does not generate or pay its athletes the more money than any other sport.

3. It is not the cheapest sport to play and so very few children around the world can play it (relatively to sports like soccer).

4. Unlike soccer and american football, it is not possible to play tennis in any kind of weather. Tennis matches are often stopped due to rain.

5. It is not the safest sport in the world. Tennis players get injured all the time and many great players have been unable to live up to their true potential due to the dangerous and injury-prone nature of the game.

6. Drug-testing in tennis is just as bad or as good as many other sports.

7. Female tennis players are too beautiful and sexy and it is difficult to concentrate on the sport itself for me personally. Looking at those thighs makes me want to forget about points, games and sets.

8. don't bother trying to argue against me unless you like getting pwned. (just kidding)

9. game, set match.
Debate Round No. 1


First of all I believe that tennis played at a provincial to national level (I'm from Canada) is more physically demanding than any other sport at the same level. Because in soccer anyone can run around and kick a ball in tennis because of the skill required to play at a decent level if your picking up a racket for the first time and your hitting ground strokes at 20mph and missing every 2 balls your obviously not going to burn as many calories. But when guys are crushing rally balls at 80mph and serves at 120 mph. Your rate of burning calories is going to be a lot higher.

It does generate a lot of money for players Roger Federer is the second highest paid athlete in the world. There are also several more tennis players on this list.

Admittedly tennis is not the cheapest sport. I will even testify to that especially since I break stings every few days. Luckily I have a sponsor to keep costs. But I am not sure how relevant that is in terms of being the best sport.

That's why we have indoor courts it is just as fun as playing outside just rallies are a bit faster and you don't need to deal with extreme heat or cold and there is no wind or sun in your eyes.

In the history of tennis no professional player has ever tested positive for steroids. Although Victor Trocki is currently under investigation with the ITF for not providing blood because he was feeling ill. He however did provide urine which tested negative.

Yes I agree female tennis players are beautiful but would they are fierce athletes and competitors. They wouldn't have such great bodies if it weren't for tennis. Also, I'm glad that they are proving that not all good female athletes have to look like men. It makes women's tennis a lot easier to watch.

Also Tennis is the best sport because it requires the most skill. This is also how it makes haters out of people who don't possess that skill. It is also extremely exciting to watch, especially if your watching guys like Roger Federer I will cite tomorrow's Basel Final as an example. Watch how amazingly he moves on the court and the amazing shots he can produce he is the most talented man you will ever see. Also the different surfaces and conditions that effect the outcome of a match are amazing it adds new elements to what are already fierce and thrilling rivalries. For example Nadal vs Federer, They are tied on hard court Nadal dominates on clay and Federer dominates on indoor hard courts and grass. If there was only one surface like all other sports one would always beat the other.


first of all thanks for admitting that roger federer is not the highest paid athlete in the world and that the top paid athlete is not a tennis player. this is actually a point against your argument, not for your argument.

Also, thanks for admitting that tennis is not the cheapest sport in the world. this is relevant because it makes tennis less accessible to the masses. who knows how many tennis stars are out there who are too poor to afford to play the game and will never be able to play it. are the best players in the world really the best players if not everyone gets a chance to even play tennis in most parts of the world? so many street kids become soccer gods, how many famous tennis players can claim that they came from nothing?

Also I was arguing about drug testing procedures not athletes getting caught. everyone knows people can get away with doping without getting caught. happens all the time.

You did not address the point that sexy sexy girls distract me too much to appreciate the game. you just said that it's a good thing. maybe it's a good thing for my mojo, but not for the sport itself. it's a distraction. i end up watching tennis for those incredible, succulent, majestic, spine-tinglingly alluring thunder thighs and not for watching a little green ball being smashed around. it's a very... yummy.... distraction. mmmmmmmm... i need to change my pants brb.....

... ok.... back... and please don't talk about candian tennis. i am canadian and i don't care what you say about canadian tennis at the provincial level, it cannot be more intense than even five minutes in the gym with george saint pierre, or even a minute in the speedos of michael phelps.

speaking of being canadian, how can you be canadian and be fond of tennis? i am always depressed after watching raonic come close but never truly reach greatness. how can tennis not depress you as a canadian especially?

tennis is not the only sport that can be played on different surfaces. cricket can be played on a much wider variety of surfaces and its rivalries are far more intense than nadal vs federer or sampras vs agassi. heck even boston vs la during the larry bird era in basketball is more intense. don't even get me started on soccer rivalries. they reach the level of civil wars sometimes.

also you admit that most "haters" don't have the skill to crush rally balls. if that's the case then tennis cannot be very good exercise for most people who attempt to play it. better to burn calories while you run after a soccer ball or bounce a basketball then getting tennis elbow playing a sport that you don't have the skill to play.
Debate Round No. 2


I'm not sure if Roger Federer being the second highest paid athlete go's against my argument. If tennis is second best in everything that one would take into consideration when determining the best sport it's most likely that it is the best overall sport. But being second is not how tennis will be undisputedly named the worlds best sport.

And judging a sport by its affordability is like saying a Honda Civic is better than a Lamborghini. So I'm still confused as to how this point is relevant. Also usually the governments fund the national training centers and pays for the equipment.

The ITF is punishing Victor Troicki for being too ill to provide blood. That's the closest thing to a steroids scandal as tennis has ever had. Also one is innocent until proven otherwise many athletes in many other sports have done steroids and got caught. There is no evidence to prove that any tennis player has ever done drugs while there is solid evidence that drug abuse is present in many other sports. So I don't know how you can make an argument about drug abuse against the cleanest sport.

I also admit that tennis in general has a lot of good looking people including me. That makes my life a lot better because I can have a wife that shares the same passion as me and still look at her without bringing up. Also, I'm sure that will convince more people to watch more Maria Sharapova matches rather than voting for you. If you still want to claim that female tennis players being straight is a bad thing than fine, I don't know how it will work out for you in the voting though. Them being straight is good for me and many other male tennis players. By the way I would suggest that you go down to your local club and pick yourself up a nice female tennis player, Sadly she probably will not agree with you here though.

You also seem to be very naive towards the quality of tennis in Canada. In fact you seem very naive about tennis. You said that the tennis ball was green, uh it's YELLOW. You obviously have never seen a competitive match and no the two guys playing in jeans with dead balls and broken strings on the school wall doesn't count. Tennis at the provincial level especially in Ontario is extremely intense try training with GSP and Michael Phelps for 3 hours at 30 Celsius. These are two guys who are arguably the best in their respective sport in any other sport besides their sports I would easily take Novak Djokovic or Roger Federer over them. Why because they are better athletes. Take any one in the top ten and I bet they are twice as fit than any other elite athlete.

While, Canadian tennis isn't as grim as it may seem. Raonic is 22 he doesn't need to achieve greatness yet he is so young and had already spent some time in the top ten and been to a masters 1000 series final which is pretty great in its self. Vasek Pospisil is on the rise he just played a solid match against Roger Federer and could be in the top 30 by the end of this year, and last but not least the guy that I am meeting in my profile pic Filip Peliwo. I got to even hit a few balls with him through my sponsor and he is a superb ball striker. He also put together arguably the best junior career ever the sky is truly the limit for him. Also, I'm a Roger Federer fan

There are many people that would agree with me that tennis has the best rivalries. Just because fans don't kill each other in the stands doesn't mean the rivalries are any less fierce it just means that people in tennis have a lot more class.

Tennis is by far the best sport in the world when played at a decent level. Knowing that wouldn't that make you want to practice to get to that level. Once someone is at that level they will know why tennis is the best sport in the world. Also, the reason someone will get tennis elbow is most likely from the dead balls the haters use. Don't be cheap buy new balls. With decent balls and natural gut, synthetic gut or multifilament string its almost impossible to get tennis elbow. By the way the crappy rackets that come with string already have synthetic gut in them. You would have to be crushing rally balls with poor technique 7-9 hours today to get tennis elbow. And yes there are many people who practice that much all the decent juniors in Ontario do.

The fact that you said that tennis balls are green leads me to believe that you have never seen one which means you have never picked up a racket either. So if you have never tried it how do you know it's not the best sport.


OH... OHHHHHHH.. Oh no you didn't. Oh no he didn't. I don't even know where to get started with this. You are SOOOO going down my friend.

Let's start from the last point that you made. You said that since I have never played tennis I should not be able to determine whether or not it is the best sport in the world. Let's think about the logic here. Let's THINK about this. By your logic, unless you have played a sport you cannot determine whether or not it is the best sport in the world. Based on this logic, you should not be able to say that tennis is the best sport in the world because you haven't played every sport in the world that can possibly be played.

Now let me explain, for the third time, why the affordability of a sport is relevant. the more affordable a sport is the more accessible it is to the masses. if more people can play it, it becomes a sport that gives more people an opportunity to become good at it. don't compare sports to cars. a lambroghini may be a better car until you get into into an accident. good luck finding spare parts then. we'll see how much you love your lambo then. the honda civic is more affordable, reliable, less likely to get you mugged, decreases your insurance rates significantly, and i would choose a honda over a lambo any day of the week, twice on sunday. owning a honda would keep your happiness levels higher overall.

but i digress.

anyway, let's be serious for a minute now. you would take djokovic over GSP in boxing? yould take federer over phelps in a triathlon? you would take nadal over lebron in wrestling? you would take agassi over usain bolt in cycling? ridculous. you can't fool the people who are reading this my friend. tennis players are not even close to the best athletes in the world. I can just imagine federer trying to go against cristiano ronaldo in a 100 metre sprint. it would be funny watching federer getting owned. i would urinate in my pants watching federer try to keep up. lol, federer with his cute little baby girls. what good father..... anyway....

i wish you would not talk about maria sharapova. that's not fair. i shouldn't have to keep changing my pants during this debate. no more talking about women with thunder thighs. i can't think straight when you do that. oh dear, i am going to faint.. she is so.... sexy. i just drooled.

about the drugs issue. all i am saying is that drug testing procedures in tennis are not superior to those in any other sport. i am not saying tennis is not clean. all i am saying is that tennis hasn't gone out of its way to be the best in drug testing. that said, please be serious, you cannot convince me that nadal is full natty bra. sure his biceps are still smaller than mine and less women have a crush on him than me, but everyone knows something is going on there. i am not saying that i am jealous of his good looks and that he probably slept with shakira. but if any of your tennis connections have a tape of that, please hook me up.

now we come to the point about money. Tennis players are not the best paid athletes in the world. tennis events do not generate more money from tickets or ad revenue than events such as the superbowl and many other sports events in the world. tennis matches can get cancelled due to a little drizzle of rain and that causes money to be lost. all these factors make tennis inferior to many other sports. how can it be the best sport in the world when:
1. it doesn't generate the most money (we agree on this)
2. it does not have the fittest athletes (don't try too fool the people, federer doesn't even have a six pack)
3. very few children in the world can play it compared to other sports because it is so expensive
4. soccer is a $2 lambroghini and tennis is a $50,000 honda civic
5. do you have any hot pics of female tennis players to share with us? any links would be appreciated.
6. oh god, i need a minute.... yeah.. a minute.. don't judge
Debate Round No. 3


TyTennis forfeited this round.


So... no pics?
Debate Round No. 4


TyTennis forfeited this round.


hurray for sexy beautiful tennis girl! yayyy. sharapova, petrova, mista lova lova.
tennis is still not the best sport in the world.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by pensfan 3 years ago
no. you have to start another debate.
Posted by muslimnomore 3 years ago
can't you join? i thought it was possible.
Posted by pensfan 3 years ago
I wish I could argue this. I would choose hockey. its definitely better then tennis and way more physically demanding.
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